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Comments Thread For: Saunders Suffered Multiple Fractures To Orbital Area, Will Have Surgery, Says Hearn

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    That was a vicious and perfectly timed uppercut from Canelo. Saunders gave a good effort, and I don't criticise him because multiple fractures on the eye socket is brutal.

    Yes, he shouldn't have criticised Du Bois so harshly but us armchair fans all thought, at the time, that he quit. We now know he suffered a similar injury due to those punches.

    May Billy Joe recover fully. If that's his career, he still had a pretty good one. Canelo is on another level to most other fighters. It makes Mayweather's win all the more impressive.

    Yes, Canelo has improved since then, but not to the point I feel he could ever beat that version of Mayweather.


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      This is what i expected. The announcers were amateur hour not saying anything about the possibility of a broken orbital bone. It looked similiar to other broken orbital bones in the area and also with the swelling and small cut. It wasnt as bad as guys like Margarito's who continued fighting. He only took I think one more punch to that area after the uppercut, it had just started but he could surely feel it. Yes other fighters continued but it was smart to quit when he did. His career is over either way, he saw canelo standing up pacing the ring and said fuk that.


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        Originally posted by Greenfield02 View Post

        Just like your comment means nothing.... Sit the Fu** down hater....
        So general observations suddenly make me a hater? Has Canelo been convicted of PED use in the past? Was Canelo able to put a dent in punch bag Chavez Jr, Daniel Jacobs, Cotto and was Golovkin not walking through his hardest shots? However suddenly in his last two fights he is rupturing biceps and fracturing eye sockets with punches?? Did we not see Canelo COMFORTABLY making 175 but vacate that light heavyweight strap when pressured by fans and media to unify against the real monsters at that weight?

        If you removed yourself from Canelo's crotch area for one second you may for once be able to see reality.


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          Of all the injuries a boxer can sustain, breaking an orbital bone is the worst. This is potentially career ending for BJ Saunders.


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            Originally posted by Patsfan bri View Post
            You ain’t never seeing BJS again in the ring again. Canelo just ended this mans career and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Good riddance and thank you Canelo.
            I hope it’s not true but you might be right.
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              Originally posted by Elastic Rec0il View Post
              If Canelo becomes undisputed at 168 it literally means nothing... let's face it 168 is probably the weakest division in boxing with champions who were not living the life outside the ring, champions who were on the favourable end of judges scores (Callum Smith) and champions who we have already seen hurt in fights (Plant). Not to mention of course that Canelo was gifted the vacant WBC title, meaning he didn't actually beat a champion for it so can't truly be called undisputed.

              He needs to grow some bawlz and move up to 175 already. We all know he walks around at 190 plus - he is a natural light heavyweight. It's funny he didn't have any problem going up to fight Kovalev but faced with the very real prospect of having to fight Beterbiev or Bivol he couldn't move back down quick enough!

              Also, does anyone not find it a bit strange how Canelo's punching power seems to have increased fivefold suddenly? Don't get me wrong Canelo has always had above average power but suddenly his power is detaching biceps from arms and breaking orbital bones?! I really feel as though the No Boxing No Life gloves he uses needs to be examined more carefully. We know Canelo likes to use hard gloves having previously selected horse hair gloves and he often stacks his hand wraps but i really think there's something not right there. Canelo and his team are not the straightest of people and let's not forget this guy is convicted PED user...
              lol which alt Canelo hater account are you? I swear boxing has some of the most ******ed fans in all of sports. Most are high school drop out, former felon illiterates.


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                Canelo ended this punk's career

                Even if he comes back, after this injury he'll never be able to compete at the highest level again

                just look at Kell Brook or Margarito. Fighters will just thump his eye to **** from now on,

                Good riddance Billy Hoe

                You got your face literally broken and forced to swallow your words after talking so much **** (what happened to ¨i'd rather die than take a knee like that ***** Dubois?¨)

                a fitting end for a scumbag who enjoys bullying defenseless people on the street for fun

                Now bring Caleb Plant

                nobody's stopping Bossnelo the #1 P4P from becoming the first undisputed SMW champ in history
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                  Annoys me how BJS “fans” turn into back stabbing b1ches. I didn’t think he quit. He was seriously hurt. He took some great shots throughout the fight and came back hard. I’m a fan now.


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                    Originally posted by MONGOOSE66 View Post
                    Annoys me how BJS “fans” turn into back stabbing b1ches. I didn’t think he quit. He was seriously hurt. He took some great shots throughout the fight and came back hard. I’m a fan now.
                    I guess part of it is all the stuff he said about DDD. I really felt like as soon as it the going got tough he got going.


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                      Originally posted by thack View Post
                      Great finish by elite Canelo but as predicted BJ was up to the point of injury ahead making Canelo miss wildly at times .....Canelo will be glad this one's over.
                      Naw. Carl Froch had it 5-2 for Canelo.