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Comments Thread For: Andy Ruiz Gets More Than He Bargained For In Return Win Over Chris Arreola

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    Originally posted by Sayithowitisuk View Post
    Ruiz looked nothing more than the number 15 ranked heavyweight he was before the Aj fight, against a 40 yr old Arreola that has never beaten anyone of note & if i read up correctly has never even been in the top 10 in the division.

    What is it with these belt holder's & so called contenders of today boxing slow shot old men of the former generation & getting away with it while promoter's preaching we need more 5050 fights & putting this crap on? Whyte and Ruiz could have boxed each other & still could but they won't. They'll roll out Ortiz, Pov, Pulev, Takem, 11 loss or Wach for crying out loud.
    This is the problem, Judging on last events Ruiz and Parker are DONE from being serious contenders. Thier best has come and gone, Why not fight the young guys? I think I know why, Fury and Johsua gotta keep their belts.
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      Originally posted by sidefx996 View Post

      Whoopdee doo, do you want a medal? You act like you're the only one who's ever seen the inside of a gym or the finish line at an Ironman lol... Step off your high horse dude. I never said anything of the kind. For a pro athlete Ruiz is a fat slob. He has an amazing God given engine and skillset, like one of the fat slob driver-engineers at my old FD who used to be able to freedive like 70-80 feet down. I can only imagine what he'd be capable of if he'd ****ing train harder and was more disciplined. It's not like he lost a ton of weight. He just ballooned up over 300 lbs after his last fight but he was only 12 lbs less than in the first fight with Joshua... Retrain for strength? What the **** has he been doing the last 15 years lol?
      someone's pissed


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        Originally posted by sidefx996 View Post

        Once again, I'm curious how exactly packing 50-75 lbs of extra FAT around your body cushions blows to your head? I'm dying to know how having fat rolls under your armpits prevents your brain from crashing around inside your skull. Please connect the dots there for me...

        Well 50-75 pounds of fat takes away defense, speed, footworks, flexibility, and stamina. Ruiz took Arreola seriously, maybe because this was an all Mexican American fight, near a high level. Arreola did the same.

        All that extra weight can help you take a punch of sorts, as you don't move as much when you are hit ( Brian crashing into your skull ) as you put it. Given Arreloa's age and Ruiz struggling with him, you could argue neither belong in the top ten, that is if we had a good one.


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          Arreolla came in and performed better than expected. His age and thus lack of activity caught up with him down the stretch. Andy will always be Andy. FAT but talented nonetheless with very fast hands. He will still be a handful for just about any HW. They just need to keep him as far away from Deontay Wilder as possible. Very far.