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Floyd Mayweather deserves a LOT of credit for rematching Maidana.

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    Maidana beat bum ass Broner who was bad at 147. Broner weight bullied guys at 140 and below but couldn’t do **** at welterweight.
    Before the first fight Floyd pulled that glove BS to make him have more padded gloves. Maidana fought a good fight. I had him up 4-2 after six but Floyd pretty much blanked him after that.
    The rematch they made sure the red stopped any inside work from Maidana and he got frustrated and basically quit the second half of the fight.
    That was an average win against a barely above average fighter.


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      Originally posted by TernceBudCharlo View Post
      That's what true pound for pound greats do. If there is any doubt, they erase it. Nobody who dodges rematches in controversial wins can truly be a pound for pound king.
      he dodged DLH and PAc rematches.


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        Originally posted by Roadblock View Post

        Manny got knocked out by guys that was not as good as Maidaina, Thurman was nearly stopped by Lopez who Maidana stopped, you need to read form not only hype there is so much you dont see.
        lol maidana > marquez? you're a casual.. maidana got plenty of knockdowns against C level fighters.. maidana is a C- level who gave floyd a tough fight..


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          Originally posted by Fists_of_Fury View Post

          Pacquiao was knocked out by bums Torrecampo and Singsurat. He was dropped by a bum Hussein jab. He lost to Morales. JMM out boxed him but got robbed then knocked him flat the **** out(check sig). He has an official loss to Bradley although I felt Manny won. He lost to Jeff Horn, a damn bum. Was a tough fight with tons of fouls and I felt Pacquiao won but Horn still roughed him up. Maidana > Horn, Torrecamp and Singsurat. So stfu you moronic fool. Floyd beat Pacquiao. Floyd > Pacquiao. You are just a dumbass nut hugging #48 clown.
          pac's most loses came from robbery. his legit lose came from his younger years.. don't forget pac is just a donut vendor in the street without any knowledge on boxing compared to floyd who's family of a boxers.. his loss to marquez took 4 fights to land a lucky shot and with the help of memo's juice.. you're a hater we know.. floyd don't want to smoke with real threat fighters.. cherrypicker and a ducker is what you called TBE or ATG? it should be "the best evader" and "A True Gay".


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            Originally posted by War Room View Post

            I know people are going to say I'm crazy because of how Khan turned out, but Khan had the tools to beat Mayweather. Mayweather can be outpointed from the outside by the right fighter. Khans biiggest problem was he took too many chances and did things he wasn't good at. He also tried being faster than he already was which was really fast and in turn opened chiinks in his armour.
            glass hands vs glass chin.. good match up that floyd ducked... he was too scared to fight against a khan's level..


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              Originally posted by hugh grant View Post

              Floyd should give rematches to people who people think learnt more from first fight. Like Pac who beat morales and Bradley in trilogy after losing first fight.
              Pac s true champ.
              pac never lose any rematches and floyd knows that.. so to be exact it's not gonna happen.. he was afraid to lose and instead fight a MMA fighter


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                The Best Eva.


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                  Originally posted by FannonOG View Post
                  The Best EvaDER.
                  lol that's true..


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                    Originally posted by Roadblock View Post

                    The tools for 4 rounds and no substance to go 12 with an ATG, Khan is one of biggest fakes of the last era he had no hope in beating Floyd, it amazes me what you guys see in reading things. .
                    I said it back then and I'm sticking to my story. Like I said before, you can't remember how Khan went out you got to look at how he was at that time. What Ali sucked because Leon Spinks wrecked him when he was toast, know what I mean right?

                    Khan was still a force in 2014 had great wins against Devon Alexander, Collazo, and Algieri. Hell in 2016 I had him winning against Canelo until he got rightfully starched for moving up to a weight he never should have been at. He was on a 5 fight winning streak since losing to Garcia, jury wasn't entirely out on Khan yet so don't sit there and get all wild that Khan sucked in 2014, he didn't.

                    Originally posted by Ray* View Post

                    I think he would have trouble Mayweather early on with his speed, but TBE precision would have got to him afterwards. Shame that we didn’t get to see the trash talk and the fight. Still found it strange that Mayweather picked Maidana over him, when Khan had a win over maidana, speaks English, came from a country that would have generated more money for that fight than the maidana one, and won the poll that Mayweather put up for the fans to choose who he fights next.
                    I think Floyd thought Maidana was the easier fight because those pressure guys, Floyd got their number all day. Because Castillo has some success on a young Mayweather, everybody for years thought that was the blueprint and we saw that it wasn't. I said it then and I'll say it again, you can't beat Floyd with pressure.

                    I know how to beat Floyd, I've seen it done to other greats. There isn't one thing that beats Floyd because he adapts, but one of the ways you beat Floyd is with Floyd. You use his best tools against him. Pretty hard because he's so good at those tools. What was Floyd's best tools, counters!

                    Bruce Lee once said you don't box a boxer, wrong ---> that's exactly what you do you just have to do it better or differently.

                    Look at how Roy Jones got dethroned, counter left hook. What was Roys best punch, counter left hook.

                    In this video.....
                    • At 0:06 and 0:16 Maidana counters Floyd as he's doing a pull counter.
                    • At 1:42 Judah counters Floyd for the knockdown
                    • At 3:11 Mosley counters Floyd's left hook.
                    • At 3:53 Chop counters Floyd with a right hook
                    [Content is Protected, Please Register For Free To Unlock This Content]

                    When i competed, I fell in love with counter punching and was really good at it. It's really hard to counter a counter puncher, but there are other ways to make that happen organically.

                    Set traps, feints, luck, counters, good boxing from the outside, speed.

                    Khan on the outside would have given Floyd big problems and Floyd knew it. The only problem was Khan gets to brave and thinks he can do anything which he can't. But if he was disciplined to fight like Hearns could on the outside, he could have beaten Floyd on points.

                    Another guy that would have given Floyd big big problems was Paul Williams. Floyd was asked about Williams and he wanted no part of it. Pretty much said he was too big.

                    I'm a big fan of Floyd Mayweather in case anybody think's I'm trying to take the piss here. All time top 5 for me.
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                      Originally posted by HitmanTommy View Post

                      Are you talking about the poll I made?
                      Nah, what grade did he get in your poll?