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Comments Thread For: Andrade Wins Highlight Battle, But Loses Impressiveness War

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  • Comments Thread For: Andrade Wins Highlight Battle, But Loses Impressiveness War

    By Lyle Fitzsimmons - The more I watched Demetrius Andrade on Saturday, the more I thought of NFL Films. Sports fans of a certain vintage will recall the company that was founded in the early 1960s, based in southern New Jersey - not too far from Philadelphia - and tasked with producing commercials, TV programs, feature films and documentaries on the National Football League.
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    Williams hardly took a backwards step , he’s a tough sob that’s for sure

    Andrade did what he had to do to win . It wasn’t that pretty and he still got wobbled a few times

    Not a big canelo fan but he wipes the floor with him . Think eubank could do him a mischief too to be honest


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      is 33 year old Andrade still the 'boogeyman' ?
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        While I appreciate the reference to Mount Laurel based NFL films, it took Lyle a bit to get to his comparison with Andrade. I liked it tho.

        Regarding Andrade, maybe he's lost a step at 33. Really I just think he's a physically talented fighter with an awkward style. He starts fast, often drops his opponent and then does enough to win the decision (usually by a decent margin).

        I still think he beats GGG, is 50/50 with Charlo and would present Canelo some problems (in a losing effort).


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          Andrade did what he had to do. he won clearly. It is the last time for him to catch some big fight.


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            Andrade ain't won a impressiveness war in forever. That mfer looks regular & sloppy all the time. It keeps getting him W's so fair play but once he's in with a high level guy it's gonna go south on him.


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              Having only seen the highlights, I can say Andrade threw some nice uppercuts. But, with him having been hurt by a couple of right hands, if that was Canelo, Andrade would be in big trouble. He would have a better chance against Golovkin.


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                30 fights, zero quality wins.

                He barely beat Martirosyan, Culcay, and Sulecki.

                He has never fought another man who was a world champion in any weight division at any point in their careers.

                Old man Golovkin or Charlo would waste him. Easily.


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                  Andrade is unwatchable and has no fans. His fights have no business on television.


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                    “I am ready to show that I am the best and to do that, I want to step in with those champions and they have to do the same thing as well.”

                    "Good on him. But if you're asking me who I'd rather watch fight again… I'm saying Williams."

                    Lol man that's cold...