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George Kambosos Jr: "F... Teofimo's POWER!" - this dude is single-handedly selling a fight that looks like a mismatch.

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    Originally posted by BoxingIsGreat View Post

    Don't 'force kick' anything. The best way is to be zen about it. One click at a time. Don't jump. We don't have it like the last system where you could go to the last post, or any post, yet. One tip for now: Whenever you edit something, if you want it to take effect right away, refresh right after the changes. Make sure you actually posted the changes. It's easy to forget. Then it's done. Wait like a couple of seconds. Not complicated for me.

    I'm obsessed with editing and revising, not to add a bad content, but to correct my thoughts or for forgotten items.

    Your refresh tip sorts it out, not going one page at a time takes to long to go through threads like that.