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Grade a fighter day 29: What grade do you give Julio Cesar Chavez Jr?

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    Originally posted by Earl-Hickey View Post

    He just got our boxed by a 46 year old UFC fighter, sorry, he's a disgrace to the sport.
    Yeah it's just a bad look all around.


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      your system still makes no sense. its not a majority of votes that decides what grade they get. its a plurality. its impossible for the majority to be 22 percent. that makes no sense.a plurality is whatever category gets the most votes without reaching 50 percent. this is how you get broner as a B when the majority of people(60 percent) actually have him ranked lower its just they split their votes between C's D's and F's. the plurality voted B but way below what the majority think. FIX YOUR SYSTEM! just do the average of what people think.
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        Lmao that picture.
        i give him an F after losing to a ****ing 46yo mma fighter


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          Originally posted by HitmanTommy View Post

          Similar to Lebron's son. He's never going to top him.
          Basketball is no where close to how tough boxing is. Can't even compare the two with a straight face...........Rockin'