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Grade a fighter day 29: What grade do you give Julio Cesar Chavez Jr?

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    He squandered any talent he had, but he still won a belt and beat a few decent names

    he also destroyed Sergio Martinez's career, even if he lost that match

    Andy Lee was his best W, no doubt

    Originally posted by microMXL View Post

    Same here bro, gave him a C considering his victories against Andy Lee and Marco Antonio Rubio.
    Don't forget Sebastian Zbik and John Duddy, these guys were decent names and former champs

    not bad for a dude who had no amateur career and had to learn on the fly
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      One of the worst world champions in history if not the worst. He just lived off his fathers name, had the right backing and feasted on mainly journeyman who were half his size.
      When he stepped up he won a couple of rounds at best.

      He has no skills, athleticism, talent or dedication just a weight bully who would rely on his durability/inheriting his dads chin by soaking up punishment in hope the other guy tired from using him as a punchbag before spamming the same livershot set up over and over and over again.

      Just a light heavyweight that beat a few C level middleweights.


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        In his prime, a C+.

        Today, F-.


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          I initially gave him a D-F but he was undefeated up until he fought Sergio Martinez and gave a respectable performance, even got a kd and hurt Martínez.

          he knocked out Andy Lee as well, that’s good for the C-, C range.

          I give a C-


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            I think we should give Silva his credit instead of belittling Chavez and his accomplishments just because he got literally outboxed by an MMA fighter

            Chavez Jr is still a former world champ who beat decent names at 160


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              Prime Chavez Junior at middleweight was a good fighter. He became a lazy, pot head slacker after the Martinez fighter. His fall came quickly and he lost all discipline. Being a pothead, druggie or alcoholic can do that to a person. He was a good fighter but has been a less than mediocre fighter for a long time now.


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                Originally posted by famicommander View Post
                In his prime, a C+.

                Today, F-.
                I must have blinked


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                  Why stop at F
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                  H orrendous
                  G argabe
                  J oke
                  L oser
                  Q ueer
                  R ubbish
                  S ap


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                    have to go D-F

                    quit vs jacobs,

                    trained in his living room for martinez, had roach waiting for 2 hours in the gym.

                    for a come forward fighter like he is, he lacks key toughness qualities the more money he has made,

                    perhaps if he was in full shape and focused in camp vs martinez he woulda beat him


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                      He just got our boxed by a 46 year old UFC fighter, sorry, he's a disgrace to the sport.