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Comments Thread For: Warren: I've Got More Faith in Saunders Beating Canelo Than His Own Promoter

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    Ol' fish eyes cant resist having a dig can he lol.


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      Originally posted by kafkod View Post

      Not sure about that. If BJS beat Canelo that would mean monster money for Eddie and DAZN in a rematch.

      I think it's more a case of Hearn believing that Canelo is going to win and wanting to carry on promoting him in the future. Like BJS said in a recent interview, he's seen nothing of Eddie recently but his feet hanging out of Canelo's arse!
      Yeah you are right, a win for BJS would be even bigger for Hearn and DAZN.


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        Hearn knows that BJS is a liability on social media, especially in this cancel culture that we're living in now.

        I think Frank knows that Billy has no chance though, Canelo is just too good nowadays.


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          Good old frank, he cannot help being sour and political about This as he never had the financial clout to to make Saunders a big fight and he tries to divide promoter and fighter with This cheap , he knows the outcome but is in the enviable position of talking up Saunders without any having to play the media and promotional as he’s not involved , what a character This guy is


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            Wow! I totally agree with Mr. Warren - he’s touched all points. But from what I’ve read recently, Saunders has already decided to bring a potential excuse into the fray: the I was sick couldn’t train properly excuse......

            I’m obsessed with footwork in a fight just as much as hand skills, and it seems to me that Saunders is that special guy when he’s preoccupied with honing his skills by not taking long layoffs in btwn fights.

            Canelo’s power could really be that X factor. I don’t know if Saunders can deal with it for 12rds. Nevertheless, if Saunders believes in himself he can give Canelo flashbacks of what Mayweather did to him....But if Saunders attitude is one of “I got an excuse ready if I don’t feel comfortable”...then us fans better be ready for him to bow out when he really doesn’t have to....


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              He had to be more active before Caneloroid but hey.

              Maybe he will have a good camp. Stylistically he is a problem for Canelo