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Lomachenko to Haney: "Waiting for you cowards to decide on a real fight, not a Twitter fight!"

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    Originally posted by _Rexy_ View Post

    Loma fought Campbell FOR the WBC belt. It wasn’t a defense.

    and again, it’s not just Loma. Haney isn’t fighting any of them. All four of them are talking like they’re king of the sport when only one of them has a good win.
    My bad. Might have been Crolla then. I think its none of them are fighting Haney. Ryan is the mando as mammoth pointed out but he's talking about Manny. Tank is talking about Russell. Teo is on to Kambosas. Loma wouldn't fight him and he seems to be "paying him back"-I don't see how anyone can reasonably get mad at him for that.

    Haney is high risk, low reward for all of these guys. It's hard for me to blame him when he is the one who has the least ability to make the fights he wants.


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      Originally posted by Inspired View Post
      devin haney doesn't like that loma ducked him, didn't give him the opporunity etc by going for the franchise and thus harming haney's reputation when he was 'awarded' the wbc email belt.

      so of course i can understand haney not wanting to fight loma now. it's more a point of principle.
      haney and his promoter have openly been chasing ryan garcia and lopez, the guy who beat the how can you assume haney is scared of loma?
      It wasn't right for Loma to duck him then, andit isn't right for Devin to dismiss Loma as an opponent now. At least Loma was a top p4p fighter and multi-weight champion with plenty of people willing to fight him when he bypassed Haney. Devin on the other hand is begging his mandatory to fight him and has yet to secure a big name to fight him. He might as well check if Loma is serious and try to make him pay by beating him.


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        Originally posted by LeOoze View Post

        Lmao I’m a Haney fan but ain’t that the truth
        The irony behind all of this is until about a year or so ago, I was really big on Haney