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Boxing Monthly magazine to be discontinued

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  • Boxing Monthly magazine to be discontinued

    A real shame. They were great at what they did.

    Sounds like they've been running on empty for a few years now, and the magazine being taken out of the shops due to the coronavirus epidemic may of just been the final nail in the coffin for the magazine.

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    The first cover, and probably the last :

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      Those bastards! They killed it to keep Boxing News going!


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        This is a sad and unfortunate news.


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          For printed boxing press to survive, they must focus on the historical department.They can’t fight internet when it comes to the recent news.

          There are thousands of former fighters, that you can tell an intriguing life story about.
          And it would be good reading.

          By the way, seems like Graham Houston (the final BM editor) has been a part of most of my life. Has read his articles and pre-fight predictions since the 1970s, when he was a columnist for Boxing News.

          What I also miss, is the BM:s yearly calender, which used to decorate my hallway.
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            Hard to compete with a print publication in this market. Very expensive as less and less printing presses are around, always behind the news to the instant access sites.

            I miss print, but also am part of the problem as I cannot shell out the increased prices to support it.


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              I have no sympathy for them.

              I checked and the account is suspended.

              I don't know if they ever had a website, but if they didn't, they should have established an online presence way back in the early 00s when people were still into boxing.

              By then, they would have accumulated enough traffic to keep them afloat like most newspapers and magazines did. Morons.


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                Grew up reading it. Sad.


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                  Print media is a dinosaur...the internet killed it.


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                    Deontay Wilder has spoken publicly once in the last 13 months.

                    I don't know if he will ever fight again.