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Dzhambulat Bizhamov ?

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  • Dzhambulat Bizhamov ?

    Anyone know much about this kid?
    Seen his name popping up quite a bit on Twitter etc lately.

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    He looks very, very good. I looked up his amateur record in the youths, and he just wins gold in EVERYTHING! No runners up! Looks like a Lomachenko, Usyk type talent. Surely Russia will promote him to the senior team this year for the World Championships which they are hosting. It's gonna be really interesting to see how he does in the seniors. I wouldn't be suprised if he wins gold at the World championships this year and Gold at the Olympics next year.

    Russia have all these ELITE youths who won everything ready to step up to the seniors. These are serious names to be looking out for.

    91+ Alexey Dronov
    91 Igor Fedorov
    81 Ruslan Kolesnikov
    69 Dzhambulat Bizhamov
    64 Ilya Popov


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      Thanks mate. I'll read up and research those names