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Just watched the end of the Groves fight ...

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    Originally posted by PRINCEKOOL View Post
    Yes Eubank Junior has that mid range type power, which prolongs things. If he hit with the force of Senior? Certain things may not have happened in his career, certain incidents out of compassion and respect I would rather now draw attention to. 'It is good that he has slowed himself down also, 'His pace and composure' ? With his strength and durability all he needs to do is perfect his jab, improve his straight punches, and at 160? I think in this next 2 years he can beat them all 'Eubank still has that wild side in him, where he just wings in hooks, and sometimes that is good'. 'Nobody is really that strong at 160, he will bully Canelo and the Golovkin fight would be brutal on both fighters.
    The kid is definitely strong. And he does appear to have finally learned the value of patience and picking his shots.

    Although I must say that I wasn't impressed by the Eubank De Gale fight. The latter looked like he'd spent all his time working on cardio - at the expense of his physique which seemed to border upon anorexic. What on earth that lunging in was all about I really don't know.

    I was a little surprised by the way De Gale looked finished the moment Eubank tagged him with the first punch of any seriousness. From that point on he was looking solely to make it to a decision.

    Eubank has improved. And let's be honest - he had to because this was a must-win fight. But for me there are just too many flaws in his game right now. Flat footed. Very little head movement. No real attempt at a jab. I mean, sure - bashing your opponent into submission is a legitimate tactic. But against better fighters that simply won't get the job done. And it's not like he's a youngster any more. Very difficult to make significant adjustments to your style once you get past the age of 22.


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      Originally posted by Mugwump View Post
      For me it was the Jones v Lebedev fight. If it were up to me I would have banned the referee and fight doctor for life. And what on earth Lebedev's corner were thinking I have no idea. Can you imagine what the parents of any young kid fighting in their stable must have thought that evening?
      Those ring deaths always make me realize life is fleeting,