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Filip Hrgovic - is the future of the Heavyweight division

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    Originally posted by Andre_parker1 View Post
    good prospect but y'all should look out for efe ajagba as well..
    I got 3 of his fights & he looks really good too. There are a bunch of good HW prospects from all over the world at the moment. The future looks bright in the HW division.


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      He's very good so far, but too early to determine full potential


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        I really like Hrgovic and have for a while, since the Ams.

        Needs to do more defensively though. He kinda has that Wlad style, but doesnt have the insane physical presence that Wlad had, and doesnt seem to have the ability to take a few steps back and get away from danger, or raise his shoulders and arms to protect his chin.

        Little even caught him with some pretty clean shots at times.

        As he moves through the levels those shots will start to hurt. If he was facing a puncher like AJ or Wilder, they could well spark you out.

        Plenty of time though, only 25 as a HW. Seems like a fun personality and confident.

        Hope he isnt planning on going back to WSB like some are saying he will


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          From Twitter :

          2016 Olympic bronze medallist Filip Hrgovic has announced his fifth and sixth pro fights will be on June 9th and Sept 8th. He also told @ HRTsport he intends to halt his pro career and fight for Croatia at the 2020 Olympics.


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            saw him live in Riga, thought he was far too straight and not enough variety


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              He's one to watch for sure, he's young and has the basic tools to be successful but he's going to have to improve a lot more to separate himself from his peers.

              I don't like how upright he is, he doesn't move his head enough which means if an opponent gets within range he's there to be hit. He took a shellacking from Joyce in WSB, did well early but once Joyce got warmed up he couldn't miss.

              He has the potential to be a player in the division but it's far too early to say it's a certainty, he has a lot to work on.


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                Klit type potential. Don't know if he has the ko power tho.


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                  Yes he's an excellent prospect, I expect him and Usyk to be top tier heavyweights.

                  Teslenko, Dychko, Gorman, Makhmudov, Sirenko look very good too.


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                    He's the best HW prospect coming up no doubt.

                    He's signed with Matchroom which is a good move , cause he can be showcased to a larger audience on Joshua undercards for example.

                    I think he should be aiming for a world title shot for the end of 2020


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                      whens he next fighting?