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Stephen Smith Vs Liam Walsh ?

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  • Stephen Smith Vs Liam Walsh ?

    Who would you pick in this one?

    With all the big fights that have been happening of late, this is probably a strange one to be thinking of.
    But it popped into my mind the other day during the Walsh Vs Davis build up.

    Both guys are 31. Smith is possibly the more shop-worn, having been in fights like Sosa, Pedraza. And even back years ago when he faced guys like Simpson (which were fan friendly fights if i recall correctly).

    He was pretty competitive with Pedraza until the KD i seem to remember, and put in a hard graft in the 2nd half of that Sosa fight.

    Walsh had a decent win over Klimov, but was stopped in his last outing in what was a big step up for him.

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    Originally posted by Mastrangelo
    It's a good fight, but one that will probably never happens as it sort of leads nowhere... I'd pick Walsh, they are both extremaly fit and have excellent footwork - but Walsh is more of an outside fighter, while Smith is like in&out middle distance, so I think Walsh's straight punches and movement would give him advantage.
    They are on the same level in my view, but I think styles favour Liam.
    That's a nice breakdown of the fight mate.
    Cheers :ANYWORD:


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      Really good fight that makes sense for both.

      I like Walsh's movement and boxing ability in this, but Smith can crack a bit. Walsh can be drawn into a slanging match which isnt in his best interests, and Smith could exploit this.

      Hopeit happens. Doubt it due to Hearn/Warren. But neither has a huge amount of options that are particularly mouth watering