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    What are people's views on him?

    Won the Prizefighter a couple of years ago, discovered some power at 154 and went on to stop Kotai and Webb in a war. Lost it in a close fight with Rose but he's [Arron] only 24 and at 6ft3, he's a huge 154lber.

    I think he's looking at a move up to middleweight possibly, fought a couple of days ago and stopped a durable journeyman.

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    I liked the look of him in Prizefighter and the fight with Webb was quality, he showed some true grit / heart.

    Rose exposed a few of his shortfalls but he's a big lad at that weight so probably does need to move up, he is quite young and time to improve, maybe win a Euro title be good to see him mixing it up with Murray, Barker and co.


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      I have been to see him a couple of times live and watched him in tv quite a bit, I think he is quite good but he didn't turn up against rise and he paid the price for it, he looks in great shape and condition now but as above I do feel the move up would benefit him a great deal, the size if him he must be drained at that weight


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        Was very impressed with his win over Webb. Hopefully he can have an active 2013 & push on.


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          looked rubbish in his last fight, not sure about him.


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            Originally posted by dantheman1983 View Post
            looked rubbish in his last fight, not sure about him.
            He won in 3 rounds, Dan.


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              Originally posted by taansend View Post
              He won in 3 rounds, Dan.
              Er I mean when he lost the title!