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Steve Bunce and co complaining about the Wlad fight.

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  • Steve Bunce and co complaining about the Wlad fight.

    P1ssed me right off! Wlad threw everything he had and they did nothing but complain. Wlad is 36, and he threw shots non-stop. Wach had a great chin, and Wlad couldnt stop him. They seem to think thats a crime.

    They were even contradicted by the video clips they showed.
    "Wlad only threw 1-2's and clinched" Then we see footage of Wlad throwing 7/8 punch combos with left and right hooks.

    "Wlad hugged and held on". Then they show Wlad throwing so much he looked a little gassed.

    "If Haye was in there, he would of definitely of beat Wlad".....what a load of absolute bollocks! Haye the guy who goes backwards and throws 5 wild punches a round? I bet they were raving about the crap performance against Valuev.

    I thought Wlad looked great. He got stunned, but he worked hard and did what he could. Wach was ****, but Wlad cant be blamed for that.

    Wlad would of destroyed Tim Witherspoon, and Frank Maloney p1ss off back to the circus.

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    Their just slating the whole K2 organisation


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      They're ******ed.

      The whole Bunce/Maloney punditry is ****e, anyway. There's always an agenda.

      I hope Price dumps Maloney in the next year or so, then goes on to win a HW title.


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        Is Steve Bunce the guy that is always speaking much louder than necessary? If so, yes, he is very annoying.

        The only British commentators I know of that I like are Jim Watt and Lennox Lewis. The only American ones I like are Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant, George Foreman, Emmanuel Stewart, Bob Sheridan and Al Bernstein. Here in Australia, we don't have a single good commentator.

        I've noticed British commentators generally don't like the Klitschkos. This isn't because of Wladimir beating Haye either, because the negative commentary precedes that. I personally think it's because they don't like someone from the continent beating their fighters (Lewis is the only UK fighter to beat a Klitschko, and it was a victory with an unsatisfactory finish). I think these commentators would be much more comfortable with an American fighter beating all their fighters.

        The worst commentary crew was Al Marvin, Ferdie Pacheco, and Bobby Czyz. Al had a good voice but has no boxing knowledge whatsoever. Ferdie Pacheco was the most miserable guy on the face of the earth; he was the most negative person I ever heard. Bobby Czyz was actually quite good.


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          Shameful stuff from Bunce, but par for the course from wee man Baloney. Witherspoon was a bum that popped up briefly in a dire era dominated by fat American sluggers. There's a reason 20 year old Tyson cleaned up that scene so easily.


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            i'm no klitschko fan and I thought it was an entertaining fight.
            what a chin that wach has. boxers get that boxing altstiemer from such beatings.