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    Originally posted by Eff Pandas View Post

    Since he quit boxing for awhile he should be, but I think he's more aggressive, less defensive & tactical than Tim. So I think he'll be the more entertaining to watch, but I think because Tim has more ring generalship & intelligence in the ring I think that'll result in him reaching a higher ceiling. Altho I suppose with Tim already being #2 at 154, & #1 if Mell doesn't come back after the Canelo fight, its an unfair expectation on Nikita to be better than his proven at a world class level brother.
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      Yeah ns how can people compare him to Tim? He's only had 7 fights.

      Also he wasn't nearly stopped. He got floored as a result of a head butt. Then copped a big right hand, yet hardly buckled.

      He will bash Biggs. Biggs is good. A very good boxer. High I.Q and massive power to go wit technique and speed.

      It's Lion against Lion no question. But IMO, Nikita will K.O him.

      And imo, he can be better than Tim. And Kostya.

      That says a hell of a lot.


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        good test against biggs coming up on wednesday should be a great fight and a good challenge for nikita


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          both fighters made weight looking forward to this one


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            Nikita dropped hard again in the 1st, comes back and absolutely batters Biggs, seems to of fallen in love with his power because he shows zero defence or head movement. I have no idea how Biggs ate all those right hands, mateys chin is crazy. Nikita landed about 50 right hooks on him in 1 round