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Why people are so biased towards Ali era?

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    Originally posted by them_apples View Post

    100 percent
    That whole ''hold me back !!!'' shlt they pull during weighs in, though


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      Originally posted by elfag View Post
      everyone atleast fought each other in the Ali era
      - - Ali publically ducked Wilt on Cosell's ABC show to go fight Zora Folley...ya could look it up!


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        Originally posted by YGriffith View Post
        The only thing i like from that era is the all fought each other, other than that i eont see anything special from that era.
        Perhaps review the cadence of activity from hungry fighters. Fighters that actually put in hard miles of roadwork without the benefit of PED's or even advanced sports supplementation. It was an era where heavyweights got thrown into a filter after a ceratin point. They either graduated onto better assignments or they toiled. Match making back then was more about providing entertainment than about sheer marketing protection of a commodity. You have some terrific heavyweight talent today, as was the case in previous years, especially the 90's. I'll admit to being intrigued by the notion of matching Ron Lyle with somebody like the bigger Joseph Parker, or better yet, the seemingly indefatiguable and impervious (currently) Joe Joyce, but I wouldn't bet so much as a dime on either contemporary against the 6'3" Lyle despite the size advantage. Joyce is lauded by many as this brick wall with a big engine, and I concede he's very close to that. But I haven't seen him in with a crack skilled puncher with the mentality of an alley cat, giving as good as he's getting, over fast-paced rounds, like Lyle-Shavers. Lyle goes hard with Ali then gets horse-whipped in the 11th. Barely four months later he's cracking with Shavers. Four months after that he's trading knockdowns with a rusty but desperate George Foreman. THAT's 3 years worth of work today for a top-10 heavyweight.
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          Originally posted by them_apples View Post

          well you gotta know about the era if you plan on judging it. Ali was sufferring from parkinsons disease when he fought Spinks. Do you judge Mike Tyson based off his fight with Danny Williams?

          Wladmir got slept by Brewster, do you judge Wladmir by him laying face first down on the canvas?
          - - Wlad was never face down and was scarcely hit and wasn't KOed.

          Brewster the one getting slept.


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            Ali resisted the start
            talked a lotta chit
            Howard Cosell and Billy c

            he was love


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              Originally posted by GrizzlyGrizzly View Post
              I meat dont get me wrong but beat Ali=that makes your elite fighter other guys struggles against someone=look this guy struggled with some bum but when Ali struggles against someone=Omg ATG

              Leon Spinks was journeyman yet you Ali fans hype him like he was different than mcbride what makes Spinks great fighter and Mcbride journeyman.

              Lyle, Young Folley, Norton are sure not different than Ruddock, Bruno, Grant, if were being honest.

              60s 70s heavyweights are not technically much different than today's scrubs in reality.

              What makes that fighters different because they put great fight vs Ali and get praised and mytholized as a ATGS someone put good fight against today's scrubs or vs Mike Tyson =that opponent sucks nothing special 0 credit

              That guys werent that skilled all were mostly some sluggers compare to 80s 90s HWS in terms of skills 70s HWS are not even close.

              C level fighters like Chuvalo are mytholized as a great because they fough in that golden era but todays champions or in Holmes era are bums.

              Norton my boy don't deserved even to be names as a great fighter let Alone to be in Hall Of Fame but again he make his name by beating Ali.

              In fact most of these guys are nothing special at all compared to some other solid contenders and heavyweight champions they are hyped because they put tough fight vs Ali someone like cooper was seen as a great fighter Spinks too Ali simple wasn't that great these guys just are so overrated

              Take Ali out of the picture and the guys career is nothing special.In fact Ali was special that he actually uplifts other people to mythic proportions.

              Joe Frazier: don't get me wrong but he is very overrated for me That trilogy is his one and only claim to fame.Without it,nobody would remember him in the slightest.


              lost this trilogy decisively.And despite losing this trilogy,Frazier is usually remembered above far greater fighters than himself.Without that trilogy,he wouldn't even make it into the hall of fame.

              Legitimate greats like Michael Spinks are all but forgotten except for some highlight package of young phemom at his peak.who dominated everyone in LHW division.

              You obviously don't know Jack sheeet about boxing history.
              It was a golden era for a reason.
              Ali was great, as were Joe Frazier and Big George.
              The contender s would have done well in any other era.
              I think most decent intelligent people on here will see this post for what it is.


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                because it was an exciting era? Ali, Foreman, Fraizer. and they all fought each other. 90s was decent too but bowe ducked lewis and tyson. then tyson-lewis took forever to make and was worthless by the time they fought.

                early 80s era with holmes beating some of the aging 70s leftovers was a lame era too.

                70s was literally the definitive era of heavyweights.
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                  I’m not from that era but I think it’s because the big names actually fought eachother back then, with more frequency.


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                    Originally posted by nathan sturley View Post

                    you know my friend i truly believe that the top guys in every era were as good as each other. Men seemed tougher in the early last century as life was tougher. Many feel eastern europeans are tougher today as their lives are tougher. I think that each era had top guys who would be in a similar place no matter when they lived. Also, we build on what went before like no boxer could pull off the rope a dope now because we learn about it. each athlete learns from previous champs. I always find my praise goes to a man who does something new, something no man has done before. Maybe Fury could dominate two eras and no heavyweight has really done that properly.
                    And I would agree and say eastern euros are tougher today.

                    both ggg (beat Canelo twice who's juiced to the gills) and Loma ( beat Haney AND teo) were robbed in big fights. Both of them spent most of their time in the ams. Had they turned pro earlier it would have made them even better.

                    these american fighters today are so protected its like a different sport. The commentating all tries to sell the robberies. They won’t even be landing and the commentating will go on to say (good right hand lands) lying to the fans. Then when someone on youtube makes slow mo videos of fights exposing this, they get removed off youtube. Why remove them off youtube? They don’t remove highlight videos. Because they know they are guilty.

                    I remember watching the Pacquiao v Mayweather fight in slow mo with a punch counter, so many of Floyds shots didn’t even land and the ones that did had nothing on them at all. It was still a close fight of course as Pacquiao only had moments - but it was a perfect example of boxing fraud.
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                      Originally posted by BodyBagz View Post

                      Good for pre fight hype

                      Prior to the internet, egos were usually legit.
                      Now they want to put on a ''show'', to sell tickets.
                      Real rivalries are rare, but when Stone Cold Steve Austin turned up to the ring in a beer truck and said to the Rock that he'd burn down the Smackdown hotel (the hotel the Rock was staying at), nothing has ever been more real. Nash was very scared for the Rock that night, but I believe Austin had a change of heart as he knew that if he did that, not only would the fight and the money be off the table, but he'd be looking at life in jail, but what a time and rivalry it was. Nash out
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