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gasper Ortega and his Wbc lifetime achievement belt

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  • gasper Ortega and his Wbc lifetime achievement belt

    I just watched a Classic bout last night and the host mentioned that Gaspar was bestowed this honor. He fought exceptional opposition during his career but never won the belt in his era of singular champions. Has any other fighter been bestowed such an honor as this?

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    Gaspar Ortega

    Gaspar Ortega was my favorite fighter when I was young. It seemed
    like he was on the Friday night fights from MSG every week.

    A real crowd favorite and a gentleman..because of him I became
    A lifetime fan of boxing.


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      There was a time as a top contender he didn't get a shot! Its not as if he could bang with the best or out speed the speedy but he came to fight. He had big wins & losses but he NEVER cheated the public with his performances. He was a true competitor and loved to be the opposition against the home town favorite. He barely weighed more than 145lb in his top condition and was not affiliated with big time promotors and had the same people around him since he was a young man. My older brother worked out with him often and they were best of friends for life. Gaspar helped me many times with my gym and took over the segment of my gym that was in balance with "Youth Organization" police league in Hamden Conn. That was the original Ring One Boxing Club. He traveled to Indonesia with a superfly I trained when I couldn't make the trip. He has a passion for the sport and loves to help teach kids the fundamentals and is a good instructor. He helped me when I was very young develop an inside method that was very valuable because his inside style is not an easy style to perfect. He was a true Mexican Warrior and known as "El Indio" a great man and I don't throw the word great around lightly. Ray