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do we underate carlos monzon?

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    I sound like a broken record...but few people even consider the FACT that he won fights with lasting tendon and tissue damage due to being shot in the leg. He had less mobility and moved like a flag pole and yet his Ring IQ found
    ways to win. This is reminiscent of guys like Langford and Greb who won despite still being handicapped.

    Remember, the excuse Floyd Mayweather Sr. always gives that he never won a world title because he was shot with a 22 gauge shot gun as he held Mayweather Jr. in his arms. Sr. was going to get shot in the head by his brother-in-law so he took Jr. in his arms and said, "if you shoot me than you will kill the baby with me." To avoid shooting the baby he shot Mayweather Sr. in the leg.

    Marvin Hagler himself said that he thinks Monzon still owns the title defense record since a good portion of the Hopkins defenses came only as IBF champion; not as universal champion as Monzon did for all 14 defenses.

    A major reason why he is underrated is many believe the MYTH that Monzon only beat smaller fighters, he beat notable fighters that were about his size, and even much taller opponents. This i covered in a previous thread.

    He avenged his only three losses and was never knocked out in 100 bouts.


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      He's top 5 on the majority of lists, so i would'nt say he's that underrated.

      However, imo SRR is generally overrated at 160, and should be just behind Monzon and Hagler..

      Don't have a problem with Ray as the GOAT at 147 though.


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        Originally posted by Andyland View Post
        Maybe an ATG...but and it's a very big but.......I can't recall a great or even
        very good Monzon fight...maybe that's to his credit that he was superior
        To the competition but it doesn't make for memorable fights.
        ....and? Don't have to be Gatti to be great mate.

        Monzon is an unquestionable ATG. Utterly indisputable. Amazing fighter and I have him in my top 3 at 160, probably number 1.


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          He is in the majority of peoples top 3-5 MWs all-time lists.

          For me, he was the best.

          There's no underrated about him.


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            One thing is for certain, Carlos wouldn't have let Roberto last the distance like Marvin did.


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              Originally posted by Dynamite76 View Post
              One thing is for certain, Carlos wouldn't have let Roberto last the distance like Marvin did.
              you may be right


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                Originally posted by SCtrojansbaby View Post
                Very underrated. A top 5 jab of all time, an iron chin, and super quick feet

                vs Hagler - Monzon keeps Hagler on the outside and wins a clear decision

                vs Hopkins - I think Monzon wins a close fight due to his punch output

                vs Hearns - I think its a war and Monzon walks through the fire wins by KO late

                vs Martinez - Very close fight, their styles would make an exciting fight, I'll say Monzon
                wins a tight decision

                vs Benn - Another war and Monzon walks through the fire wins by KO late

                vs McCallum - 50/50 fight neither fighter is able to sustain momentum

                vs Leonard - Monzon wins by wide decision figuring out that Leonard isn't strong enough to keep him off

                vs Sumbu - A tactical fight I think Monzon gets a tight decision

                vs Toney - Bad matchup I think Monzon stays on the outside and wins a very wide decision

                vs Eubank - 50/50 Very similar fighters, Eubank can match the iron chins and footspeed it would be exciting

                vs Roy - Probable Roy's toughest fight from 160-175. I think its a slow paced fight where Monzon stalks Roy with his jab for 12 rounds. But I think Roy lands enough of his flashy combos to steal rounds and win a tight decision.
                Same Martinez that had a problem with barker and the dude ggg fighting while also getting his ass dropped twice in his last fight? And although he beat Chavez to hell he still pushed himself to the limit. And he'd make it competitive with one of the best middle weights ever? And he'd do better then hagler?