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Roy Jones Jr Or Carlos Monzon? Who's Greater?

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    Quote: carlos slim
    i know enough to know that monzon got a draw against brisco in argentina!!!

    i didnt say dawson would beat monzon, his career is barely started....tarver would.....he would beat those welterweights just as easy as monzon....

    Just a difference of opinion then.. The Briscoe draw you mention was quite early in their careers and they were considered arch rivals for a while.. Monzon avenged that defeat as champion.. Briscoe incidently was KO'd by another great MW, Rodrigo Valdez, who a past prime Monzon was able to beat twice.. Valdez always gets forgotten, but he was a very successful and hard punching WBA champ who got sandwiched inbetween the careers of Monzon and Hagler.. I've actually seen him listed in one or two top 10 MW lists over the years..

    Quote C.Y.
    i was unaware monzon fought at 175.. its hard to predict how he would fair against guys 15 pounds north of his division, to say he would just blow them out the water is just ridiculous

    No one's mentioned any KO's here.. Monzon was a very big middle, with a light-heavy's reach, so the covo's just hypathetical in judging the styles and calibre of the opponents they fought.. Jones and Monzon, that is.. I'm saying it's a close call, but Monzon edges it on quality of opponents..