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Tony Canzoneri Or Carlos Monzon?

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  • Tony Canzoneri Or Carlos Monzon?

    Who do you think should be remembered as a greater fighter and why?

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    Originally posted by The Underdog View Post
    Who do you think should be remembered as a greater fighter and why?
    Carlos monzon, he was the greatest middleweight of all time and retired on top and still champion something which not many atg ighters can say they did


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      Both great fighters, but I'd go slightly in favour of Canzoneri here..
      In my opinion he was the greatest Italian-American fighter of all time..
      After failing in his bid to become world bantamweight champ, he went on to win championships at feather, light, and light-welterweight.. He was also the first man ever to regain the LW title, so was a 4 time 3 weight undisputed champion..

      His resume is incredible, and includes fighters such as - Al Davis, Barney Ross, Lou Ambers, Jim McLarnin, Baby Arizmendi, Kid Chocolate, Frankie Klick, Jack Kid Berg, Al Singer, Johnny Dundee, Bud Taylor.. He had wins over all of them apart from Ross and Davis, who he fought late in his career.. He fought an average of 10 fights a month, consistently throughout his career and was only ever stopped once in 175 fights, which was by Davis in his very last contest..
      Another thing with Canzoneri, is that most of his fights were in good company, and there's a hell of a lot of good contenders he took care of too.. You also have to remember, it was one of the toughest era's (1925-1935) and despite having to fight for small gains, the equivelant of once a month for 13 years, he was always in excellent shape and rarely got hurt.. Although he scored over 40 KO's, he wasn't considered a huge puncher, and many of his fights went into late round wars of attricion..

      Taking nothing away from Monzon, he had a brilliant career too, and arguably is the best MW of all time.. But he didn't have the same kind of adversity in which to deal with, and achieve quite on Canzoneri's level.. I'd say a move to light-heavy and a victory over Bob Foster, is all that stands between them.. Had that happened, i'd have probably been giving Monzon the nod instead..