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best boxing match of all time.

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  • id loved corrales/castillo I and gatti/ward I&III but i wana see ali/frazier I before i make my decision


    • Leonard DEF Hearns
      ---crazy fight,never thought hearns l' switch styles wit leonard n ****,lol----
      ---but the rematch was bull****,hearns took it all the way,they just didnt wanna tarnish leonards record,thats all----

      Hagler DEF Hearns
      ---i wish hearns won by the tko he was almost given,cuz dat eye of marvins was ****ed!!!but hearns got so tired(cuz of there backnforth rapidfire action,lol)n he couldnt handle all that in just 3 hit n dropped


      • ali vs frasier 1
        nigel benn vs mccelan
        lyle vs foreman if you like a slugfest


        • also ali vs foreman theres no better example of brains over brawn in boxing


          • buuuuuummp


            • Recent - pac-cotto, corales-castillo, mab-morales

              Past- hagler-hearns, ali-foreman- tyso-douglas


              • Originally posted by Dempsey View Post
                the best boxing match i saw would be muhammed ali vs joe frazier for the 3rd time.
                I'd rate Ali vs Frazier III as more of a war than a "boxing match" ; but I think it's the great east heavyweight championship fight of All time.

                Greatest Boxing Match?

                Hmm, I'll have to do some serious thinking.


                • No fight I've ever seen matches Hagler Hearns for the raw intensity and action it brought. You can see in both mens eyes before the fight neither was going to be denied and if allowed to they both would have probably died in that ring that night.


                  • Leonard- hearns




                    • When I/think of Great matches, I think of clashes like Zale vs Graziano, Hagler vs Hearns, Moore vs Johnson, Pepp vs Saddler, Ali vs Frazier, Corrals vs Castillo, Dempsey vs Firpo, Leonard vs Hearns, Duran vs De Jesus, Sanchez vs Gomez, Chavez vs Taylor, Pryor vs Arguello, Carbajal vs Gonzalez, Gans vs Nelson, Villa vs Wolgast, Trinidad vs Vargas, Holmes vs Norton, Benn vs McClellan, Robinson vs Basillio, Eubank vs Watson,...the list goes on and on.

                      Greatest boxing match of all time.....skill vs skill....I think of Whittaker vs McGirt, Toney vs McCallum, Hagler vs Duran, Hearns vs Benitez, Charles vs Walcott, and so forth and so on.

                      There are too many beyond my knowledge and appreciation to know which one was The Greatest match ever; but in my lifetime, I have seen very few matches which approached the drama of the third Ali-Frazier fight, with the possible exception of the firs Leonard-Hearns showdown.

                      Hagler vs Hearns is in a class all its own. The only reason its not at the top of the list is probably due to how long it lasted; but oh,what an eight minutes.