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  1. 100 fights and over-- TOP 20 All-TIME
  2. How did you score Johnson-Marquez I?
  3. Top 20 p4p list subject to change
  4. What was the bigger upset Spinks over Ali or Foreman over Moorer?
  5. Score this fight.
  6. The Highest Caliber Fights of All-Time
  7. Best single punch ever thrown
  8. How long would Marciano last against Vitali?
  9. Honestly Would You Say This The Current HW Division Is The Worst EVER?
  10. When was the Heavyweight division the strongest...
  11. Boxer idiosyncracies...
  12. With the right Manager and Promoter fighters that could of been Champions!
  13. Emanuel Augustus
  14. Which weight was Qawi best at?
  15. Your fav color commentary dream team?
  16. Mickey Walker vs Ike Ibeabuchi
  17. Recommend me an underrated fight from the 80's
  18. Promoter Butch Lewis Dead at 65
  19. List your fav fighters of the '80's!
  20. Greatest lightweights ever
  21. The REAL golden era of boxing 2000-2005
  22. Lennox's chin
  23. Why Did Salvador Sanchez Have Such A Struggle With Pat Cowdell?
  24. Simon Brown
  25. 20B contest: How would Marciano have fared if he went for 50-0?
  26. Kofi Jantuah
  27. Does Arturo Gatti belong in the International Boxing Hall of Fame?‏
  28. Concerning Ref Mitch Halpern...
  29. FaVorite non ATG fighters
  30. nternational Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Highlights
  31. Cutting off the ring against all out runners
  32. First Legal Bare-Knuckle Fight in Over a Century
  33. What Are Your Fav Fights Invovling These Fighters?
  34. Overrated Historians, NOT Named Bert Sugar?
  35. Marvin Hagler documentaries?
  36. Didn't Prince Naz appear to be the featherweight version of Ali?
  37. prince naz vs eustobio pedroza
  38. Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali street fighter?
  39. Does Evander Holyfield Alleged Steriod Use, Hurt His Legacy?
  40. Atomic punch!
  41. Who Wins -- BUTTERBEAN vs Two Ton Tony Galento in 12 rounds
  42. WTF was that?
  43. What kind of championship reign would you rather have?
  44. Barnburners Boxing Quiz II.
  45. WHO wins this Lightweight Tournament
  46. Surgeon's Boxing Quiz
  47. Danny "Little Red" Lopez
  48. Duran vs Buchanan. The result?
  49. What if Jones-Toney 2 had been?
  50. Why do people think that hagler is overrated?
  51. The Biggest WHAT IF THEY Were Both in Prime
  52. Harry Willis greater than Dempsey?
  53. Gunboat Smith: "There's something radically wrong in todays boxing."
  54. The brawl in Montreal is the most exciting fight Ive ever seen
  55. What hits harder, a gloved fist or a bare one?
  56. Nonito Donaire - Where does his power rank all time?
  57. If Frazier-Foreman happened today...
  58. The ''the outcome of this fight made me upset'' thread
  59. Bob Fitzsimmons vs Joe Calzaghe
  60. Worst Fights Pre 1980?
  61. Ali - Foreman Rematch - why it didnt happen ?
  62. FEATHERWEIGHT Tournament--- Analysis- ??
  63. Who Wins ?-- FLYWEIGHT Tournament
  64. Michael Watson's punching prowess
  65. Is Bernard Hopkins Greater Than Sandy Saddler?
  66. ATG vs ATG fantasy fights that would have a different result depending upon...
  67. True Statement: Jess Willard and Primo Carnera are greater than the Klitschko's!
  68. Why did naseem hamed retire so early?
  69. What did you score Hopkins vs Wright
  70. Title Bout
  71. Victor Cordoba
  72. You be the judge: Did Vitali Klitschko try to kick Lennox Lewis?
  73. Rate Erik Morales' chin 1-10 POLL
  74. THE DEFINING Performance Of The Greats
  75. Your Top 10 fav fights off-hand?!
  76. Larry Holmes vs. Mike Weaver - Rematch 21 years later - Record?
  77. Fighters who Never had a weight class
  78. Jake Lamotta against the heavyweight contender's of his time?
  79. Pound for Pound BANGERS-- One Punch KO artists
  80. Is This the GREATEST 1st Round Blitz EVER
  81. Ha! I Posted This In NSB And It Got Taken Down In Less Then 90 Seconds!
  82. SRL vs Hearns at 154 POLL
  83. RIP Scott Ledoux
  84. Ricardo Mayorga vs Mark Breland
  85. Oscar De La Hoya's Chances Of Beating Winky Wright?
  86. Remembering Salvador Sanchez 29 years later
  87. The WORST Boxing Country in History
  88. Get A Load At What's Getting Posted In NSB These Days!
  89. Honorary AUSSIE's-- AUSTRALIAN Hall Of Fame
  90. Mark Breland Had All Time Great Skills.
  91. Where do you rank Sam Langford middleweight or light-heavy?
  92. Which Boxer would make a good VIKING
  93. Converted fighters
  94. Roy Jones Jr arguable the best resume in modern boxing
  95. Ottke-Reid & Agbeko-Mares
  96. The better vesion of Hopkins
  97. what does this dream mean?
  98. What if? Race as an issue
  99. Dumbest things boxer's have done inside the professional ring:
  100. Thoughts On Billy Petrolle?
  101. Were does Pacquaio rank among the ATG punchers?
  102. Hagler's power
  103. What Person Has The Most Boxing Knowlodge You've Come Across?
  104. Who had the most top 10 ranked wins?
  105. Better Weight-Climber?
  107. Should Saensak Muangsurin Be In The IBHOF?
  108. RJJ vs Hagler
  109. Which era had the best 2nd tier (B-LEVEL) Heavyweights?
  110. Was Mike Tyson mis-managed post-prison?
  111. Compare JMM's skills to Rafael Marquez's skills
  112. If you had a TIME MACHINE, which fight....
  113. I Miss Prince Naseem Hamed!
  114. The Cruiserweight division... was it really necessary?
  115. successful boxers that got into the sport late?
  116. If Sanchez Had moved up
  117. Which fighters have never been knocked down?
  118. Salvador Sanchez vs. Henry Armstrong
  119. Fights To Change History
  120. KO Magazine
  121. Boxing history that you've only learned recently?
  122. Carlos Monzón vs marvin hagler ?
  123. Who had the faster hands? Ali or Patterson
  124. The Day Arturo Died
  125. Rating Carlos Monzon's wins
  126. Could Hearns ever beat Hagler?
  127. Tony DeMarco article
  128. prime marciano vs. 2003 james toney
  129. "20b Contest", - Jack Johnson, fights, Muhammad ALI
  130. Class of 1991 vs Class of 2011: Who wins?
  131. Jose Napoles vs Henry Armstrong
  132. "20 billion contest" The Compubox Era
  133. Carlos Monzon vs Virgil Hill
  134. The 1987 Roberto Duran vs The unbeaten Ibf champion Jeff Lacy
  135. Micky Walker vs Earnie Shavers
  136. Would Henry Armstrong went after the Lightheavyweight title
  137. 20Billion: Barrera - Mexico's Greatest?
  138. Career accomplishments of Sugar Ray Robinson
  139. 20 billion Predict this 16 man middleweight tournament
  140. How good was Mando Ramos
  141. How does FMJ stack up agains the atg lightweights....
  142. Barrera vs Sanchez 126
  143. Fighters with bottomless gas tanks
  144. Excellent Willie Pep interview.
  145. 20 Billion Contest: Did Larry Holmes Fight At A High Level Post-Tyson?
  146. VIDEO: Tyson and Douglas in Studio with Larry Merchent After Fight!!!
  147. What did Mike Tyson have against Larry Merchant?
  148. Comic Book BOXERS;, ANY SUPERHEROES ??,
  149. Video: Muhammad Ali -Trevor Berbick Press Conference
  150. Real Talk: Prime Bowe sparks almost anyone.
  151. if jimmy wilde was a higher weight
  152. When you think about what he had accomplished, wasn't Big George amazing?!
  153. Trainer Trademarks
  154. 20 Billion: Fighters who's size advantages turned on them
  155. 20 Billion: Top 20 Filmed Fighters of the last 80 years
  156. Underated hw fights
  157. Need a fight to watch cause there isnt anything on tonight...
  158. Riddick Bowe Is Overrated?
  159. The speed of Julian Jackson
  160. Is Round 4 Of Lyle/Foreman The Greatest Round Ever?
  161. Pernell Whitaker>Barney Ross
  162. Was Chavez past prime by the time of the whitaker fight?
  163. Yoir Favourite Fight From Each Weight Class?
  164. My #1 pound for pound timeline
  165. Prime Foreman vs Prime Tyson
  166. Was Louis vs Schmeiling the Greatest Fight in History?
  167. What if Frazier had won "The Thrilla in Manila?"
  168. Greater fight... Hearns-Hagler or Chavez-Taylor?
  169. Marlon Starling's KO loss to Molinares...
  170. Archie Moore in the Super Six
  171. 20 Billion: Fighters who got away with cheating
  172. IN THIS CORNER, Boxer Legend DOCO's,
  173. Lewis vs. Foreman?
  174. WILLIE PEP, BEST Pure Boxing Skills ??,
  175. Why Ron Lyle Is 1 Of My Favs.
  176. Who has the best defense of any fighter?
  177. Are Today’s Fighters Better Than The Great Fighters Of The Past?
  178. Busting The Modern Myth!
  179. Chris Eubank on Benn,Calzaghe,King,Jones Jr,Ring Safety,Boxing Politics and much more
  180. Roy Jones vs Thomas Hearns 1991 @ 168 for the IBF title.
  181. Same move everytime!
  182. The year 2000
  183. If you could fight any ATG fighter....
  184. How awsome would this Lightweight tournament be?
  185. I Wish The The Jr & Super Weight Division's Would Go.
  186. More technically skilled - Donald Curry or Ricardo Lopez
  187. What was Ricardo Lopez's best preformance?
  188. Arturo Gatti vs Miguel Cotto-prime for prime
  189. If you were going to gameplan for Pernell Whitaker...
  190. Could Of Ron Lyle KO'd Frazier? Did Frazier Avoid Him?
  191. When did Nacho start training Humberto Gonzalez?
  192. Harry Greb's Personal Exploits?
  193. 20 Billion;Is there an argument for Carlos Ortiz being the #1 LW of all time?
  194. "20billion Contest":, Homemade, Slide, Shows
  195. Johnny Tapia vs Tim Austin
  196. Who would win this middleweight tourney?
  197. Joe frazier vs Wladamir Klitchko? POLL
  198. Bernardo Mercado
  199. Jimmy Ellis-why did he move up to hw?
  200. Qawi vs Haye POLL
  201. Non Heavyweights fighters who had long reaches?
  202. Thomas Herans vs Kid Gailvan at 147lbs. who wins?
  203. Jerry Quarry Article
  204. Joe Louis and Jersey Joe Walcott on "The Way it Was."
  205. Was Marlon Starling the best blocker?
  206. Fighters who fight out side but shoulda stayed inside?
  207. Facing Ali
  208. Arguello's success despite his lack of hand speed...
  209. 20b: My Jersey Joe Walcott Highlights.
  210. If you were a boxer, who would you fear the most out of all the ATG's or otherwise?
  211. 20 bil: Cheats or champs
  212. Jung Koo Chang
  213. Did Big George duck Larry Holmes?
  214. Preview to Terry Norris-Meldrick Taylor
  215. Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Terrance Alli
  216. Mike Tyson and Hypnosis
  217. Futch and Dundee talk Tyson
  218. John Mugabi
  219. Holyfield's best performance after the Bowe trilogy?
  220. Why didn't Holyfield and Lewis fight in '98?
  221. Did Bowe really DUCK Lewis?
  222. I hate to say this about Ali.....but wouldn't it be better if
  223. Roy Jones vs Mike Spinks
  224. An interesting and very impressive fact about Harry Greb.
  225. 20 billion: The ultimate Bag o Tricks
  226. "20b contest", 5 Unfilmed Fights, U'd see.
  227. Mickey Walker Highights! (Yes another one.)
  228. Pacquiao VS Juan Manuel Marquez
  229. The Four Kings That Never Collided With Each Other.
  230. Canzoneri's best fight?
  231. Tami Mauriello
  232. Vicente Saldivar vs Howard Winstone trilogy
  233. Your Top 10 Biggest Middleweight Upsets Of All Time?
  234. Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Aaron Pryor at 140lbs. who takes it?
  235. History Section Take Part In This Q/A
  236. Interesting read
  237. Larry HOLMES, Stand-up Comedian ????
  238. Anontio Tarver vs Marvin Hagler @ 175lb.
  239. Donald Curry vs Winky Wright
  240. Has Sergio Martinez Surpassed These Fellow Fighters In Terms Of Greatness?
  241. Ken Buchanan vs Manny Pacquiao POLL
  242. Duran vs Canzoneri POLL
  243. Paul Banke vs Daniel Zaragoza trilogy
  244. Rocky Marciano vs Primo Carnera
  245. James "Buster" Douglas
  246. Upsets You Feel Happen In Fantasy Figthts?
  247. Pernell Whitaker vs Julio Cesar Chavez prime for prime lightweight, same result?
  248. Liston vs Vitali Klitschko
  249. If you could spend a weekend with any ATG in history living/nonliving?!
  250. What Is The Biggest Lightweight Upset Of All Time?