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  1. Carlos Palomino vs Shane Mosley
  2. Who was harder to hit,Jack Johnson or Muhammad Ali?
  3. Pacquiao vs Basilio @147
  4. What's the best fight you ever attended?
  5. Greatest Trainer of Alltime?
  6. Best past prime performances
  7. Henry Armstrong vs. Julio Cesar Chavez at 135
  8. Prime Herol Graham vs Miguel Cotto @154
  9. Tommy Morrison
  10. Bernard Hopkins top 5 wins
  11. Just How Good is Sergio Martinez?
  12. Best boxers from each country
  13. Most underrated fight ever
  14. Who would win between Julio Cesar Chavez vs Roberto Duran
  15. Fights that made you greatly respect the losing boxer
  16. Johnson-Jeffries 2?
  17. Dempsey Pictures
  18. Personal top 20 favs
  19. Doc Fischer AKA Anthony Facciponti
  20. More exciting fight: Nigel Benn vs James Toney OR Gerald Mccellan vs Jermain Taylor
  21. Conteh v Monzon
  22. Why was the Gatti-Ward fights only 10 rounds?
  23. Pacquiao/Marquez and Ali/Norton
  24. Ricky Burns v Fana
  25. Most stacked fight card youve ever seen?
  26. Tough & Tougher...
  27. Which fighter past or present would you say was the greatest alpha male
  28. The true value of having the "heart of a champion"?
  29. Overrated and underrated wins.
  30. Top to ATG WW?
  31. Morales Question
  32. Marciano Highlight Video's
  33. How close did you score the Winky Wright vs Mosley fights?
  34. Where did you have Barrera ranked before the Pacquiao fight?
  35. Best attributes in each weight class
  36. Ali goes to war
  37. Ray Robinsons best win?
  38. Haakon Hansen photo?
  39. Great boxing trainers with no boxing experience?
  40. Holyfield-Lewis in '98: Would it make a difference
  41. How many catchweight fights has pac had
  42. Greatest Rivalries
  43. My attempt at a top 50(1970-present)
  44. Ricardo Lopez and Salvador Sanchez
  45. Randie Carver article
  46. Prime Holyfeild vs. Current Wlad
  47. Best loudmouth silencings.
  48. Kostya Tszyu vs Oscar De La Hoya @140
  49. oba carr vs tyrone trice
  50. How hard did Benitez hit?
  51. Are there less pro boxers now compared to 50+ years ago?
  52. Mike Tyson vs Primo Carnera
  53. Body Hunters
  54. R.I.P. - Gil Clancy
  55. Nicolino Locche
  56. Fighters who fought the best of a certain quality
  57. your opinion on hector comacho
  58. Jack Sharkey destroys Jimmy Maloney
  59. Pernell Whitaker vs. Aaron Pryor @ 140lbs
  60. Pryor Vs Tsyzu
  61. Sonny Liston - Career Tribute (Reznick Productions)
  62. Fighters that were very rarely cut
  63. Biggest quits in boxing history...
  64. Tony Galento what a character
  65. Tony Galento what a character
  66. Why did Jeff Chandler retire so early?
  67. Predict this Middleweight tournement
  68. Tyson, Holyfield and Lewis.
  69. Best Puncher, fastest hands P4P etc etc
  70. Who was a cleverer fighter?
  71. Should Pone Kingpetch be in the HOF?
  72. The most athletically impressive thing a boxer can do.
  73. The greatness of Sugar Ray Robinson
  74. Did Pep really won a round without trowing a punch?
  75. Is this the worst P4P list by so called experts ever?
  76. Meldrick Taylor vs Hector Camacho (prime)
  77. British: Founders of Modern Boxing??
  78. Jerry Quarry
  79. Jeff Fenech's ATG status?
  80. What fight from boxing's past would best describe Manny-Floyd if they ever fought?
  81. I'm a Sugar Ray Robinson fan, but Chavez Jr beats him every which way...
  82. List of boxers with unorthodox fighting style?
  83. Duran beating Leonard
  84. Teddy Atlas's 13 Greatest P4P Fighters Of All Time!
  85. Micky Walker vs Tommy Loughran?
  86. This is kind of crazy
  87. Favourite Ring Enterances
  88. The Way It Was - Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake LaMotta look back on their rivalry 1/3
  89. Roy Jones on his place in history
  90. Nice to see....
  91. VIideo>greatest boxing comebacks
  92. Remember Evander Holyfield vs Riddick Bowe III 1995?
  93. Johnny Tapia vs Raul Perez
  94. Serious Quesiton for the Old Timers
  95. Fighters who were saved from themselves
  96. How good was Johnny Nelson?
  97. Archie Moore vs Roy Jones Jr. LHW.
  98. Top 50 Pound for Pound. Mark III.
  99. Best Referee
  100. Khaosai Galaxy VS Nonito Donaire (super flyweight)
  101. Post Your Fight Collections!
  102. George Foreman vs Sonny Liston
  103. Why is Eder Jofre rated so highly?
  104. Michael Spinks vs Bernard Hopkins
  105. Rubin Carter
  106. Cool Lennox Lewis training
  107. Mosley-Wright
  108. If Thomas Hearns had a decent chin.........
  109. Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson
  110. Southpaw Heavyweight Rankings
  111. Morales > Barrera
  112. Pernell Whitaker - Highlight.
  113. Archie Moore
  114. Past Prime HW Tournament!
  115. Hagler vs Monzon
  116. Funny video
  117. Who did White America treat better
  118. Ring sizes
  119. What Do You Make Of This?
  120. Fact or Fiction: If Mosley doesn't win the to DLH fights
  121. the most under rated Light Heavyweight of all time ?
  122. Who was the best offensive fighter in history
  123. Winky Wright vs Jermain Taylor 2, who would have won?
  124. Your Favorite Event?
  125. LOL check out this character
  126. Ingo Johansson-could he achieve more?
  127. Who would win at 140? Ricky Hatton vs Marcos Maidana
  128. Muhammad Ali Sparring in 1970 with Dundee and D'Amato disecting his comeback flaws.
  129. Vitali Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano
  130. so basically rocky had no chance against a prime joe
  131. Saddler should be ranked in front of Willie
  132. Most underrated trilogy: Corrales vs Casamayor
  133. Greater Welsh Fighter
  134. Is the Holyfield/Lewis draw atleast top 5 in the worst decisions all-time?
  135. Robison Left Hook vs Hearns Right Hand.
  136. Holyfield vs Tyson 2011?
  137. Holyfield vs Tyson Undisputed Title 1991?
  138. Who won Holyfield-Lewis II?
  139. Team 1 vs. Team 2
  140. Willie Pep
  141. Converted Southpaws
  142. Better fight? Pacquiao vs Azumah OR Izzy Vazquez vs Morales?
  143. Jimmy Young FINAL Tribute/Highlights
  144. Jorge Paez.
  145. would it be illogical to have willie pep P4P #1
  146. Why didn't roberto duran go to church on Saturday?
  147. Greb biography
  148. If Mosley pulls the upset next month...
  149. Khaosai Galaxy, educate me
  150. H2H 167 Fitz greater then any 160-175?
  151. Top ten all time p4p
  152. Best fighters of the 90's?
  153. How did Aaron Pryor not fight Duran or Leonard?
  154. What made Israel Vazquez lose his prime?
  155. Earnie Shavers' favourite KO ... and strategy discussion.
  156. Bob Fitzsimmons
  157. Morales vs Corrales
  158. How did ya score Marquez-Vazquez 3?
  159. Best Infighters
  160. Boxings Holy Trinity
  161. Wilfredo Gomez vs Manny Pacquiao @ 122
  162. Greatest feinters of all time?
  163. Canzoneri-Chocolate
  164. Victor Ortiz vs Oba Carr
  165. Mike Tyson's Top5 fights?
  166. Is Oscar De la Hoya a top 20 ATG WW?
  167. Manny Pacqiuao a Top 25 all time great??
  168. Your Take On Edwin Rosario?
  169. Roberto Duran
  170. Was Sugar Ray Robinson Left Handed?
  171. Eder Jofre vs Ruben Olivares at Bantamweight
  172. Willie Pep: Strong case for the p4p G.O.A.T?
  173. If Jorge Arce had been able to stay at 108lbs, he could have had an excellent career
  174. How many Amateur fight did Hopkins Have?
  175. Manuel Ortiz, how great is he?
  176. Best Single Punch in Boxing History?
  177. Maurice Harris
  178. How good was Mike McCallum?
  179. How does a prime Tyson shape up against other top HWs?
  180. Can someone explain to me how boxing has "evolved" since the middle the last century
  181. Agree Or Disagree, Ricardo Lopez Is Greater Than Carlos Zarate?
  182. Older than listed
  183. What fight from boxings past would SSM-Pac be like?
  184. Is unifying a divison more impressive than moving up in weight winning titles?
  185. Who will be in the the P4P top 5 when Mayweather/Pac-man are done?
  186. James DeGale vs the best of the 90's brits and irish?
  187. Pretty good SRR highlight!
  188. Pretty good SRR highlight!
  189. Technician's Brain vs Trainer's Brain
  190. Marciano fought Charles despite death threats, according to FBI files
  191. Peds of the past
  192. Vic D- Borderline HOF or a ways to go?
  193. Carlos Ortiz
  194. Your Thoughts On Max Schmeling?
  195. Tyson vs Lewis '96...
  196. what if the SMW version of James Toney was in the Division Today?
  197. Ike Ibeabuchi-what if?
  198. Depth of each division
  199. Do black boxers have something against marciano?
  200. Hagler at Jr/Super Middle?
  201. Calzaghe vs Dawson at 175 lbs
  202. Monzon's and Hagler's records compared
  203. Nigel Benn vs Roy Jones - 168 - Who wins?
  204. Quarry vs Scmheiling
  205. Rosendo Alvarez - Should be get in the HOF?
  206. Joe Frazier Vs Lyle, Mac Foster and Shavers.
  207. Freddie Norwood
  208. Sir Henry Cooper passes away aged 76
  209. Ray Leonard vs Glen Johnson
  210. What Their Records Really Should Read?
  211. How much do guys like Shawn Porter get paid to be the sparring partner
  212. Boxing Physiques
  213. Hagler vs Jackson
  214. In this corner: Interviews.
  215. What if: Michalczewski 49-0?
  216. Tunney's all time heanyweight ranking?
  217. Did Sonny Liston Have "Special Needs"?
  218. Juan Kid Meza vs Jaime Garza
  219. Marvis Frazier as a Cruiserweight?
  220. Yaqui Lopez today
  221. Felix Trinidad vs Mike McCallum
  222. Where did the term 'queer street' come from?
  223. Dwight M. Qawi today
  224. Gatti/Corrales - advice and suggestions needed
  225. Top 10 British Heavyweights
  226. If Norris had a better chin
  227. Duk Koo Kim
  228. Why no Tszyu/Phillips II??
  229. reznick and rooster down.
  230. Roy Jones vs Chad Dawson at lhw
  231. Calzaghe vs Glen Johnson at lhw
  232. Does Shane Mosley have an All-Time Great chin?
  233. Bernard Hopkins vs Mike McCallum
  234. Corrie Sanders vs Tommy Morrison
  235. need a link to prizefighter
  236. If you has to pick your all time favorite
  237. The Glen Johnson vs Clinton Woods fights
  238. Nigel Benn vs Julian Jackson
  239. Roy Jones vs Michael Nunn
  240. Fighters who neutralized opponents jab
  241. RIP Lionel Rose
  242. Greater fighter: Calzaghe or Hopkins?
  243. How big of a chance do you give Monzon against Bob Foster?
  244. Manny Pacquiao vs Israel Vazquez at 122?
  245. The story of the first African American boxing champion, Bill Richardson
  246. Chris Eubank
  247. Barenuckle Prizefight vids...
  248. Flashiest fighter ever?
  249. Eubank/Benn vs Hopkins/Jones Jr?
  250. Jorge Arce's Greatness?