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  1. when was the last time somebody
  2. Sonny Liston 1952 Look at his Reach
  3. Surely this cant be right
  4. Greater chin, LaMotta, Fullmer or Basillio?
  5. Fight that took a lot out of fighters?
  6. Sam Langford-Stanley Ketchal
  7. Where did they go, what are they up to?
  8. Which set would you buy?
  9. Old Timer vs Modern
  10. Vitali Klitschko vs George Foreman
  11. Would Foreman always lose to Ali?
  12. Prime Cleveland Williams
  13. 1968 Joe Frazier vs Sonny Liston
  14. Roger Mayweather, an unbiased outlook and question.
  15. How did they move up in weight in the old days?
  16. Jerry Quarry vs David Haye
  17. British heavyweight tournament
  18. Harry Greb:'Nobody can get (Dempsey) in good enough condition to whip Gene'
  19. Langford vs Greb who's greater in terms of resume?
  20. How Great Do You Feel Tony Canzoneri Was?
  21. Has any one decade produced boxers as good as these 4 only for them to squander it?
  22. Ring Magazine's 20 Greatest Heavyweights (1998)
  23. The History and Science Behind the Boxing Stance
  24. Jake Lamotta or Ricardo Lopez?
  25. Riddick Bowe...
  26. Are the Klitschko Brothers greater than Max Bear?
  27. Does Thomas Hearns' chin get under-rated?
  28. R.I.P Bennie Briscoe!
  29. Frank Fletcher vs. James Green
  30. tuesday night fights
  31. Bobby Foster vs Joe Calzaghe
  32. Great fight between top quality contenders 30yrs ago
  33. Linear Heavyweight Lineage 1719-2010
  34. 1996 Mike Tyson vs 1997 Ike Ibeabuchi
  35. Jack Dempsey vs Lennox Lewis.
  36. Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini Vs Michael "The Great" Katsidis
  37. Tunney on Sonny Liston: "Dempsey KOs him in 2 Rounds"
  38. Jack Dempsey vs Jack Johnson
  39. Chuvalo's say's His mangers life was threatend if he won against Terrell.
  40. Jake LaMotta Highlight.
  41. Harry Greb sparring Dempsey
  42. A question about ranking fighters resumes
  43. What happened to Jack Johnson after losing the title?
  44. Virgill Hill's Greatness?/Underrated?
  45. Charley Burley Beat Marcel Cerdan Up & KO'd Jersey Joe Walcott In Sparring?
  46. The Surgeons Heavy Weight QUIZ!
  47. Author Mark Collings
  48. How much do u know about The Brown Bomber?
  49. Does GOAT mean "unbeatable" in your opinion?
  50. What's the difference between explosive and heavy punching?
  51. How good was Ray Robinson's chin?
  52. Happy New Year !
  53. Ali's opinion of Louis
  54. James Toney vs Nigel Benn or Chris Eubank at Super middleweight???.
  55. evander holyfield skillset
  56. How far can fundamentals take you?
  58. Un-forgotten boxing history: Johnny tocco & sonny liston
  59. The forgotten fighter, Charley Burley
  60. Most impressive 1st round KO.
  61. What areas were Sugar Ray Robinson's "weaknesses"?
  62. Boxers who were unfriendly to each other after their fight
  63. 1919 Dempsey vs 1926 Tunney
  64. Better Boxing Brain, Wilfredo Benitez or Charley Burley?
  65. Sam Langford vs Gene Tunney
  66. Greatest 2nd round ko
  67. 1926 Tunney vs Lewis 1999 over 15rds
  68. Jess Willard
  69. Question for Joe Louis buffs...
  70. Why did Ali never learn how to box properly?
  71. Just watched Gatti-Ward 1....
  72. How Many World Champion's have there been over the age of 40?
  73. Mike McCallum
  74. Underrated Punchers?
  75. What were some of the big fights during the 80s that I may have missed?
  76. More Skilled, Joe Louis or Floyd Mayweather?
  77. Is Jim Watt Underrated?
  78. Most Impressive/Greatest 3RD Round KO?
  79. Who is the LEAST hated fighter?
  80. Worst cut you've ever seen
  81. 1941 Billy Conn vs 1916 Jess Willard
  82. Do you believe moderately or smaller sized fighters have better skills/techniques?
  83. James Toney's Slurring Speech
  84. Nelson-Fenech II
  85. The Fighter (Micky Ward Movie)
  86. Sergio Martinez v Antonio Margarito II who wins
  87. Is Joe Louis the Greatest Pure Puncher of All Time?
  88. Lou Savarese
  89. Sergio Martinez vs Iran Barkley
  90. Evander Holyfield vs...
  91. Will there ever be a 50 year old world Champion?
  92. Most Exciting HW Legends Clash --- Per Fighter...
  93. Bennie Briscoe KOs
  94. Doug Dewitt vs Juan Roldan
  95. Myung-Woo Yuh Appreciation
  96. Do You Agree With Holyfield?
  97. Do you agree with Kevin Rooney
  98. Carbajal-Arce
  99. Greatest NON World Champions From Each Nation?
  100. Gary Mason R.I.P.
  101. Post 1960's, The Best Fighters NEVER To Fight For A World Title?
  102. Who was this hard hitting Jewish Heavyweight?
  103. top 5 boxing history posters!
  104. most knockdowns/jack johnson question
  105. What do you think of the boxing sanctioning bodies?
  107. Anybody in here attending 2011 HOF induction weekend?
  108. Glen Johnson
  109. Holyfield 2011 vs The World Heavyweight Champions?
  110. Best/Worst Refs?
  111. Any one else think DaVarryl Williamson was on his way to beating Klitschko
  112. Micky Walker claims to of sparred archie moore back in 1927
  113. Bob Foster said him and Ali sparred as amateur's andf he knocked Ali out
  114. Tyson talks about Ted Kid Lewis
  115. Can you make a argument for Marcel Cerden being the greatest ever european fighter?
  116. How did Joe Gans die?
  117. Swarmers with a REVERSE GEAR
  118. Sammy Mandell footage?
  119. Rank these trainers
  120. Joe Frazier vs Wlad Klitschko
  121. Should Tyson's controversies outside the Ring lower him in top 10 rankings?
  122. Dream Matchups
  123. Unforgivable Blackness
  124. Georges Carpentier
  125. Micky Walker vs Jim Braddock
  126. Carlos Monzon vs Joey Maxim @ 175lb?
  127. Lenghty Harry Greb Training Footage.
  128. Joe Jeanette vs Wladimir Klitshko?
  129. How big of a chance would you give Marciano against Foreman?
  130. How Accurate is "The Fighter?"
  131. Their best night
  132. Ring No1 rated 1950 vs 2000 who wins
  133. Greatest round in boxing history...
  134. Sugar Ray Robinson vs Sugar Ray Leonard
  135. Pongsaklek wonjongkam
  136. top 5 greatest heavies based on resume
  137. ODH, where does he belong?
  138. Who had the better year/Can you find a better year?
  139. Boxing's 50 Greatest Knockout Artists Of All Time
  140. in the original 8 divisions Who stands Alone ?
  141. Which 3 Fights would you choose
  142. Khaosai Galaxy the Greatest ever 115lb Champ
  143. Your thoughts on middleweight and Lightheavyweight contender Bobby Cassidy?
  144. How does Dempsey match up against the 90's giant heavyweights?
  145. Do you agree with Bruce Blitz?
  146. Henry Armstrong
  147. Famous Moments In Commentary...
  148. Great Barrera Tribute...
  149. Great Knockouts
  150. 67 year old Johnson Sparring Joe Jeanette.
  151. Most accomplished fighters with under 40 fights?
  152. Ring Magazine's Greatest Lightweights
  153. Fights that Surprised You
  154. John L. Sullivan vs Charley Mitchell march 1888
  155. Frank Maloney ''Lennox Conceded To All Of Bowe's Demands''
  156. What was ali saying to foreman?
  157. Greatest Body Puncher of all time?
  158. In 1993, was there a bigger fight than Lewis vs Bowe?
  159. Ranking Harry Greb above Sugar Ray Robinson. Can it be justified?
  160. Was there something weird about Ali's right hand in the 3rd Frazier fight
  161. Alexis Arguello vs Jose Luis Ramirez
  162. Rocky Marciano's Rabbit Punching.
  163. Who's the best fighter who was never the best in the world?
  164. Muhammad Ali: Easy Handpicked Fights “Can Ruin A Fighter”
  165. David Haye vs Henry Cooper
  166. Can someone explain this to me?
  167. Greb vs Walker street fight
  168. Crazy Boxers
  169. David Tua
  170. Roy Jones and his steroids
  171. Sandy Saddler vs Salvador Sanchez @ FW
  172. Doing 15 rounds TODAY
  173. Holmes paid Frazier's medical bill
  174. Fighter of the Decade 1960s ?
  175. Toney vs Nunn rematch: was there any talks about this
  176. Happy birthday ali!
  177. The Human punching bag
  178. If u could Bring Back Any Fighter.....
  179. Great Fighters with Terrible physiques
  180. Your personal Top 10 any weight since 1950
  181. What is the most brutal fight you have watched
  182. Rank these fighters in order
  183. Put these 5 Fighters in order of Greatness
  184. Back in 1997 Julio Cesar chavez vs Micky Ward fight was made
  185. Most surprising moment
  186. Hopkins and Hagler:Grading their wins over smaller opponents
  187. Meldrick Taylor vs Chavez I: what are your thoughts on this fight?
  188. Who had the best footwork?
  189. Out Of These Fighters, Who Took The Most Risks?
  190. Great Heavyweight trail horses
  191. Muhammad Ali vs Jerry Quarry - robbery
  192. James Toney vs Larry Holmes fight was made in 1997
  193. Tomato cans you always enjoyed watching
  194. Ali said this was the greatest uppercut he ever seen
  195. How Many Of You Rate, Louis Over Ali?
  196. Grade these fighters
  197. Could Michael Nunn Have Been A ATG?
  198. Is It A Safe Bet To Say Pacquiao Is Greater Than Hagler?
  199. Favourite Ring names
  200. Name Some Middleweights who you think could of Boxed for the Heavyweight title
  201. The ScoreCard thread.
  202. Henry Akinwande
  203. Personal memories of a fighter?
  204. Luisito Espinosa
  205. Endgames.. Did SRL get inside Haglers head?
  206. 15 most exciting of the last 25 years
  207. Who hit harder?
  208. Rank These Fights In Order Of Excitment?
  209. Do boxers with big hands have thinner padding in their gloves?
  210. Best era of the original 8
  211. Hagler or Leonard
  212. Boxers trained by their fathers
  213. Marquez Barrera Morales
  214. Young Foreman underrated/old Foreman overrated
  215. Sparring Stories
  216. Put these fighters in order of Greatness
  217. Benitez/Hagler
  218. Eder Jofre fights !
  219. Tom Sharkey book
  220. Merqui Sosa
  221. Recommended reading.
  222. James Toney vs Julian Jackson
  223. Recommend Me Some Hagler and Benn fights
  224. What is the greater accomplishment?
  225. Hagler Interview-THE WAR
  226. Spam In The History Section
  227. What If Schmeling Had Defeated Louis In The Rematch?
  228. best 1 round fights
  229. were whitaker and hagler technical retards?
  230. Is Nigel Benn One of the Best Super Middleweights ever?
  231. Boxing Pioneers
  232. How great was Johnny Tapia?
  233. Roberto Duran vs Mike McCallum
  234. Marvin Hagler vs John Mugabi Highlight
  235. Mike Tyson's Top 3 trainers...
  236. Ranking David Haye's Punching Power Among The Greats?
  237. Amazing Feat From Roberto Duran.
  238. R.I.P Virgil Akins
  239. Better fighter Eubank or Hatton?
  240. Boxings Most Intimidating fighters
  241. P4P Frankenstien!
  242. One of a kind fighters...
  243. Thoughts on Nino Benvenuti?
  244. Sugar Ray Robinson's Career Set
  245. EPIC VIDEO!!!! Top 20 Heavyweights Of All Time (HD) by REZNICK
  246. Top 10 heavies: Social impact
  247. Erik Morales: which fights would you recommend?
  248. Any truth to these Dempsey claims?
  249. Top 10 WW EVER
  250. old fighters in modern era