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  1. How does Tim Witherspoon match up against the Klitschko Brothers?
  2. Your Thoughts on Rocky Graziano?
  3. Did draws used to be more common?
  4. Benny Leonard vs Ray Leonard?
  5. Max Baer vs The Klitchko Brothers.
  6. Muhammad Ali vs the Big Heavyweight Greats
  7. The Great Rivalries, who do you prefer?
  8. Where do you rate George Dixon on your FW lists?
  9. Would these fighters be champs today?
  10. Claiming that Sonny Liston punched harder than any other heavyweight?
  11. Ken Norton vs Floyd Patterson
  12. Hardest Punchers
  13. Your Favourite Commentator in Boxing History
  14. Great Fighters Who Refereed Big Fights.......
  15. Wilburís Top 10 New York Boxers of All Time
  16. Sugar Ray Robinson revisited.
  17. "Crafty" old-school infighting tricks?
  18. Name Some Fighters who's Chin went better when they went up in weight
  19. Felix Trinidad vs Pipino Cuevas @ 147
  20. Fighters who were great amatuers but not great pro's
  21. Your thoughts on James Bone Crusher Smith?
  22. The Ring Magazine "most fun fight of 1988"
  23. Rank These Fighters In Order Of Pure Skills.......
  24. Rating Barrera and Morales
  25. Joe Bugner
  26. Bronx boxing champ's tumble from $5M glory to homeless woe
  27. Rare Evander Holyfield photos
  28. Would Of Chris Byrd Stood Any Chance Against Lennox Lewis?
  29. Jose Napoles vs Aaron Pryor
  30. Ray Robinson's ATG Ranking Purely On Skills
  31. Are These 5 Fighters Top 100 ATG's?
  32. Would Of Nino Valdes Stood Any Chance At Beating Rocky Marciano?
  33. Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Robinson
  34. Who are fighters you consider *borderline* greats?
  35. Roy Jones Jr top 10 ATG...
  36. Worst one sided beatdown...
  37. Joe Calzaghe's Greatness......
  38. Ducking beyond reasonable doubt
  39. Biggest rematch ever?
  40. Trainers who have imprinted a specific style unto their fighters
  41. What If Ali, Had Never Come Back To Boxing After He Stopped In 1967?
  42. Billy Conn or Jake Lamotta who was Greater?
  43. How Would of Jake Lamotta done at Heavyweight?
  44. Give Us All Your Top-10 Light-Heavyweight All-Timers List...
  45. Cleveland Williams Tribute
  46. Mike Tyson vs Joe Louis
  47. Henry Maske vs James Toney @175
  48. Where does Carmen Basillio rank on an ATG list?
  49. Fighters who froze and fighter who shone in the big fights?
  50. James Toney vs Joe Calzaghe at 168
  51. How often was boxing televised?
  52. Joe Louis Vs. Mike Tyson Computer Matchup
  53. How good was Max Schmeling?
  54. Please Help! 1750-1800
  55. article/"The Man Who Broke Jack Dempsey's Ribs(1960)
  56. Puerto Rican Boxing History
  57. A Tough Cookie
  58. The Art of Swarming
  59. Where Do You Rate Stanley Ketchel's Punching Power, P4P?
  60. Johnson vs Langford
  61. Roy Jones Jr is the greatest of all time
  62. H2H who was the greatest Super-Middleweight ever
  63. Fighters who looked invincible for one night
  64. your five favourite moments in boxing history
  65. views on terry norris
  66. Top Ten Boxers
  67. Floyd Patterson Highlight Video
  68. Todays fighters that fight like the old timers
  69. Muhammad Ali Offered To Cheat vs George Foreman
  70. Pacquaio VS 1970's Roberto Duran at 140lbs
  71. Rating Juan Manuel Marquez historically
  72. The best fighters for H2H match-ups?
  73. Top 5 Middleweights. (Includes SMW and JMW)
  74. Why so many title belts in boxing today?
  75. I am watching/rewatching fights of the Past Greats
  76. What would be the more exciting fight in your opinion
  77. Thad Spencer - Fight Footage
  78. Glen Johnson will win the super-six
  79. James Tony vs Mike McCallum: Who should be ranked higher?
  80. Name boxers who you think used steroids?
  81. Would you give Andre Ward credit as a top 10 P4P all time
  82. Glen Johnson Why do the judges rob him
  83. Harry Greb
  84. Tighten the screws
  85. Most Aggressive Heavyweight Champion In History?
  86. Rank These Men, Relative To One Another...
  87. In your opinion before Hopkins did Winky Wright ever lose a fight?
  88. Historically, if Hopkins defeats Pascal
  89. Boxers and money...
  90. Did Carmen Basillio box Amateur?
  91. Why is Lennox Lewis so hated?
  92. Fighters who cut/swelled easy?
  93. Writing Article on fighters Who never found Boxing Till Late in Life
  94. Who Do you rate higher on a all time Great list Nigel Benn Or Glen Johnson?
  95. Name Some tall fighters who didnt use these reach and height adavantages
  96. Lennox Lewis ''Mike Tyson Was A One Dimensional Boxer''
  97. Freddie Roach ''Ruben Olivares Is The Greatest Mexican Fighter Of All Time''
  98. More impressive vs Fernando Vargas...
  99. Willie Pep Interview
  100. Marlon Starling
  101. Would Of Herol Grahem Stood Any Chance At Beating Hagler?
  102. Do Fighters in Higher weight Classes(lightheavyweight -Heavyweight) hit there prime
  103. Glen Johnson 2 wins away from becomeing a all time Great!
  104. The Randie Carver vs. Kabary Salem fight
  105. More exciting fight Pacquiao vs Hamed OR Trinidad vs Hearns
  106. Rate these following fighters:
  107. Where did you have James Toney ranked P4P in 2006 before the Rahman Draw???
  108. Greatest puncher of all time?
  109. Which member of this forum wud you like to sit in a bar with and talk boxing
  110. Higher On A ATG List....Mike Tyson or Michael Spinks?
  111. Bert Sugar quickie on Mike Tyson
  112. Tyson or Calzaghe whos resume is greater ?
  113. Why do certain fighters get a pass?
  114. Great fighters who made it to the top through hard work
  115. Fighters with an under-rated resume?
  116. Rank the ATG LW's in order?
  117. Ketchel vs Hearns at MW?
  118. Matthew (Franklin) Saad Muhammad vs. Marvin Johnson
  119. Question about Davey Day
  120. Your Jimmy Young
  121. Tyson on Larry King tonight
  122. Rate These Fighters In Order Of Pure Excitment.....
  123. Where would you Rank Tommy Morrison among the greatest Heavyweight Punchers?
  124. Bennie Briscoe vs Rocky Graziano
  125. Which Light-Heavyweight Legend...
  126. Underrated Title Reigns?
  127. Tony Zale Terrible Form From Mid 1934 to Early 1938?
  128. The Great Ted Kid Lewis
  129. Whats Your Favourtie All Time Heavyweight Fight?
  130. Dwight Muhammad Qawi's best performances?
  131. David Haye vs Prime Danny Williams
  132. Step a Side Money is it a sign of fear or good business
  133. Archie Moore vs Michael Spinks at LHW?
  134. How does Jersey Joe Walcott fair against these fighters?
  135. Name some Fighters who's chin, power and strength went better when they moved up in
  136. who ranks higher
  137. Mexico & Puerto Rico...
  138. Joe Gans vs Benny Leonard
  139. New Mike Tyson interview: Guardian.
  140. Boxing Books?
  141. Fighters who had to learn there trade the hard way geting over matched from the start
  142. Marvin Hagler vs Stanley Ketchel at MW.
  143. Sonny Liston "The Intimidator" Highlight
  144. Opinions about new thread for boxing today
  145. Fighters who you think were older than what they said they were
  146. Willie Meehan the King of four Round fights
  147. Swap out Gene Tunney with Larry Holmes?
  148. Most Competitive Top-10 For Any Division (All-Time)?
  149. The Close Ones...
  150. Great/Amazing Amatuers Who Were REALLY Bad Pro's
  151. Based Purely on resume, what are these fighters best weights?
  152. Fighters who look like other fighters?
  153. If you could watch any fight that there us no footage of?
  154. The Forgotten Jose Basora Story
  155. Bernard Hopkins: His most skilled performances
  156. 40 Years ago today...
  157. Andy Ganigan...the 1st Pacquiao-esque Southpaw
  158. Rolando Navarette...another Pacquiao-esque Southpaw Champ...
  159. Khaosai Galaxy (49-1 43 KO)
  160. Flash Elorde (88-27-2 33 KO)
  161. Is Calling Mike Tyson the most dangerous Heavyweight Correct?
  162. Hopkins vs James Toney's opponents
  163. International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Class of 2011
  164. Excellent Jack Johnson tribute
  165. Ranking Wladimir Klitschko Above Max Schmeling. Can It Be Justified?
  166. Boxing Scene Hall of Fame
  167. What If Gene Tunney Had Not Retired?
  168. What was Benitez doing against Hearns, how did you score it?
  169. History today
  170. Oliver McCall your thoughts on him
  171. Better all time uppercut?
  172. Do you bet on Boxing
  173. contenders who could be champion in other era's
  174. Terrible refeering:What are the consequences?
  175. Describe their defensive techniques
  176. Toney calls out Benn and Eubank
  177. Tarver vs Hopkins: What should Tarver of done differently?
  178. Buster Douglas
  179. Who are the best Heavyweights all time over 230 pounds?
  180. Good Boxing Highlight Videos. HD.
  181. Did Tyson sort of avenge Ali?
  182. ATG Heavies who were KO'd early...
  183. Are there any swarmers or sluggers with "pretty" styles?
  184. Ali and Tyson on the same talk show. w/ Sugar Ray Leonard also.
  185. ATGs who retired on top?
  186. Why so few undisputed champions these days?
  187. John McCallum's Survey of Old Timers-What were they thinking?????
  188. Jack Dempsey Quote
  189. Trivia
  190. The Iron Men Of Boxing by Monte Cox
  191. Joe Grim, The Human Punching Bag, who never won a fight.
  192. Baer VS Carnera: Beautiful
  193. Happy Birthday Archie Moore!
  194. Greatest African fighter?
  195. Which of these best describes Genaro Hernandez?
  196. Fighters who "blew up" between fights?
  197. Greatest Fighter Per Continent...
  198. Riots in boxing !!
  199. if BHop beats Pascal will it elevate him to Greatness
  200. George Foreman's claim to fame...
  201. Shane Mosley's Abilities at Lightweight vs. Welterweight
  202. How much does longevity mean to alltime status?
  203. Your Top-10 All-Time At 160lbs?
  204. Question regarding riddick bowe...
  205. I need help with a project
  206. Apart from Ali, who else do you think could beat Sonny Liston.
  207. Top 10 of all time per weight class.
  208. Fighters who fight similar to Napoles and Moore
  209. Did Hopkins beat Calzaghe
  210. Where did you have Winky Wright ranked P4P
  211. When should Holyfield have retired?
  212. Prime Rocky Marciano VS Prime Floyd Patterson, who wins?
  213. What fighters of today resemble fighters of the earlier eras?
  214. Super-Six SuperHeavyweight!!
  215. More Exciting fight? Meldrick Taylor vs [email protected] or Duran vs [email protected]
  216. i always enjoyed watching this guy
  217. when you choose a fight or fighter
  218. Hopkins: greatest ever
  219. did julio cesar chavez had the best LEFT HOOK TO THE BODY/LIVER
  220. New boxing book
  221. BHop v Pascal knockdowns
  222. Is Bernard Hopkins one of the classic, Throwback fighters?
  223. Better Ring General: Sweet Pea or Mayweather?
  224. Fighters who had Great Wins past the age of 40
  225. Can you recommend me some must-watch fights from the last decade?
  226. George Foreman vs Riddick Bowe (Superheavyweight Final)
  227. Ring Magazine: The Greatest 20 Light-Heavyweights of All-Time
  228. Was Terry Norris-Meldrick Taylor a "cash-out" fight from Team Taylor?
  229. Riddick Bowe vs Lennox Lewis why it never happened
  230. James Scott....What A Story.
  231. Ricky Hatton's Natural Talent
  232. British boxing: Who did more?
  233. Underrated fight. Underrated fighter?
  234. The Greatest Ali Interview (Irish interviewer).
  235. who started the latest?
  236. Harry Greb v Tiger Flowers
  237. Sam Langford what weight do you think of him
  238. Better fight in your opinion
  239. ingermar johannson documentry
  240. Were there any true ambidextrous fighters?
  241. Opinions on James Degale
  242. If Mike Tyson was around 1963-80, would he have won a title?
  243. Shane Mosley vs Aaron Pryor
  244. Sam Langford said Dempsey was the greatest fighter he ever seen
  245. Jose Basora top five Puerto Rican ATG?
  246. Boxer-Punchers
  247. Kings of the Rematch.
  248. Jimmy Wilde or Eder Jofre Who's Greater?
  249. Boxers With Bad Eyesight?
  250. Merry Christmas Everybody!