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  1. Holman Williams
  2. Sam Langford against these 5 fighters
  3. Fighters who gave in to pressure...
  4. Shorty Hogue?
  5. Ring Magazine ''Aaron Pryor Is Greater Than Thomas Hearns''
  6. What If Salvador Sanchez Were To Of Moved Through The Weights?
  7. The 5 Greatest Fighters Of The Last 30 Years
  8. Would you watch professional boxing if the fighters wore headgear?
  9. Ranking Hopkins Over Hagler, Can It Be Justified?
  10. Fighters who could make adjustments in the ring
  11. What If Spinks Hadn't ''Froze'' Against Tyson.
  12. Jack Dillon
  13. How Good Could The Duke Tommy "Machine Gunn" Morrison Have Been?
  14. Rocky Marciano: Not even top 50 ATG
  15. Joe Frazier Beats The Klits, Tyson, Lewis, Holyfield
  16. John Mugabi, little known Middleweight killer!
  17. Ali had a better chin than Holmes
  18. P4P lists: what is your criteria?
  19. The 10 Best Fighters Never To Win A World IN Each Weight Division?
  20. Aggrisive fighters who
  21. Why Dosen't Mexico Produce ATG Heavyweight's & Champions?
  22. Ceferino Garcia
  23. Gene Tunney ''Jimmy Wilde Is The GOAT''
  24. Roberto Duran Vs Henry Armstrong
  25. Ring Magazine ''Whitaker Beats Duran At 135lb''
  26. Greb, Langford, p4p and lack of film
  27. ''I was afraid of Sam Langford''-Jack Dempsey
  28. James Toney documentary
  29. Henry Armstrong vs Salvador Sanchez @ featherweight
  30. Oscar Bonavena
  31. My YouTube Channel
  32. Meldrick Taylor's Book
  33. Southpaws that were great...
  34. Billy Conn Footage
  35. George Foreman Vs. Shannon Briggs
  36. Bob Sheridan vs Howard Cosell
  38. Muhammad Ali ''Dempsey vs Willard Was A JOKE''
  39. ATG Fighters, Who Had A Non Existant Jab?
  40. What are your thoughts on Dwight Muhammed Qawi?
  41. Ron Lyle vs vitali klitschko
  42. What were Joe Louis's 5 greatest fights?
  43. Louis's Resume Greater Than Ali's Resume Of Wins, Can It Be Justified?
  44. Ray Arcel ''Benny Leonard Was The Greatest Fighter Ever''
  45. Give Me YOUR Take On Jack Dempsey's Resume Of Wins?
  46. Gene Tunney a strong case he was the greatest
  47. How Many Gift Decisions Was Muhammad Ali Given in his Career?
  48. Spinks vs Holmes I and II
  49. Two-Weight Champ Jailed for 12 years
  50. Should these Fighters be in the IBHF yes or no?
  51. Archie Moore vs Sugar ray Robinson?
  52. Any one else on here Rank Gene tunney higher than Micky walker
  53. Top 5 Pound for Pound based on impact to the sport?
  54. What size is best at Heavyweight?
  55. how does Jake LaMotta match against Archie Moore and Harold Johnson?
  56. Jack Dempsey Pre Doc Kearns and Tex Richard
  57. Great trainers and fighters on who was the best ever
  58. If Cus D'mato was 20 yrs younger how would Tysons career turned out?
  59. Your thoughts on Carlos Monzon?
  60. interesting article about promoter George Parnassus
  61. Bob Mee Writing A Book On Tiger Flowers
  62. Why was there no Robinson-Maxim rematch?
  63. Joe Frazier vs Evander Holyfield
  64. Joey Giardello vs Charley Burley
  65. Put these 5 fighters in order of Greatness
  66. Harry Greb any one else rate him higher than Sam Langford?
  67. Name some Former Champions and Greats who had terrible starts to there boxing careers
  68. How Would of the Likes of Burley, Williams, Marshall, Lytell, Chase,
  69. Fighters with the most composure?
  70. Did Ray Robinson and his Managment avoid all these fighters?
  71. Underrated Forgottten Contenders?
  72. What Is The Biggest Duck Of All Time?
  73. Carlos Monzon/Edwin Valero
  74. Dempsey on Marciano's Power
  75. Why didnt James Toney fight Benn or Eubank?
  76. Carlos Palomino: Mexico's Welterweight Boxing Legend
  77. Herol Graham: who ducked him?
  78. [req]Blueprint fights
  79. Name Some Fighters who boxed out of there natural weight divison
  80. Claude Abrahams ''Roy Jones Is The Greatest Fighter Of All Time''
  81. Monte Cox ''Dempsey had very under-rated boxing skills''
  82. Post 1930's Champions or all time greats that didnt have Big Amateur Backgrounds?
  83. Old Vs. New age fighters? Just some thoughts...
  84. Your thoughts on Jimmy Young?
  85. Name some fighters who were not natural heavyweights who had success at heavyweight
  86. John Henry Lewis?
  87. Best right Uppercut?
  88. What are the best sites to get boxing career sets?
  89. NYdailynews: Floyd Mayweather's recent silence might be good news for boxing fans hop
  90. How would a Prime Nigel Benn do against Super middleweights of today?
  91. What is the biggest upset of all time?
  92. After the Sharkey draw how many wins away was Walker from a Heavyweight titlle fight?
  93. Is Marciano the hardest working heavyweight fighter in the gym of all time?
  94. How many Kid Chocolate fights are known to exist on tape?
  95. The Shift of Power in Boxing: Countries on the Way Up and on the Way Down
  96. Gustav Scholz, what do you know about him ?
  97. Harry Greb Greater Than Ray Robinson?
  98. Better Jab, Wlad Or Joe Louis?
  99. Jeff Chandler vs Richie Sandoval
  100. Tony Lopez vs Gabriel Ruelas
  101. Gene Tunney vs Jack Dempsey II (Rare 16mm Long Count Film)
  102. Do You Belive Mac Foster Did KO Sonny Liston In Sparring?
  103. Your View. Boxing Memorabilia Website - 100's Of Boxing Autographs Old + New For Sale
  104. Most boring fighters
  105. Jack Dempsey taking a dive against Fireman Jim Flynn
  106. Your Take On Tony ''Two Ton'' Galento?
  107. How Much Do Roger Mayweather & George Benton Look A Like!
  108. Joe Louis, The Brown Bomber..."His Punches Could Paralyze You"
  109. Joe Louis: Power, Perfection, And Complete
  110. Earnie Shavers vs Mac Foster
  111. Floyd and Oscar in the Olympics
  112. Greatest Non-American Fighter/Boxer of all-time
  113. How Will History Remember Chris Byrd?
  114. Who was the best heavyweight of the 90's?
  115. Busting The Modern Myth!
  116. The 10 Greatest Lightweights Never To Win A World Title?
  117. Are Today’s Fighters Better Than The Great Fighters Of The Past?
  118. Who was the best heavyweight of the 80's?
  119. The Myth That Mike Tyson Was "Unbeatable In His Prime"
  120. Holyfield vs Bowe (I) how good was Bowe
  121. Non heavyweight fighters who were small for there weight class and had success
  122. Prince Charles Williams
  123. Fighters Who Were Once Underrated, But Are Now Overrated?
  124. Who ranks higher at heavyweight, Tunney or Charles?
  125. The skills of Sam Langford
  126. Who should rank higher all time, Shavers or Quarry?
  127. Is Ken Norton stylistically the worst matchup for either Klitschko?
  128. Tony Zale's Greatness?
  129. Where does Jeffires rank on your HW ATG list?
  130. Why is Jack Dempsey over-rated (imo) by a lot of historians and other sources?
  131. Who Should Rank Higher, Hagler or Hearns?
  132. Ranking The Following Fighters..........
  133. 1988 Mike Tyson VS 1990 Evander Holyfield
  134. Johny owen the matchstick man
  135. holyfield ear biting
  136. Who are your top 10 ATG amatuer fighters?
  137. In your opinion, was Holyfield a Juicer?
  138. The Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas referee count myth busted.
  139. Who do you rate higher P4P. Willie Pep or Benny Leonard?
  140. Tommy Morrison vs James Buster Douglas who wins?
  141. How does Marciano match up against the crop of heavyweights from the 90's?
  142. Jimmy Young vs Wladmir Klitschko who wins?
  143. Tommy Morrison is underrated any one agree?
  144. The One Heavyweight You Would Not Want To Face
  145. What Blackburn Taught Louis
  146. Worst style matchup?
  147. Give me your thoughts on some of these tv fighters of the last 10 years listed below
  148. History section, take a bow!
  149. Breaking Down The Greb/Tunney Series?
  150. Joe Frazier Tribute Video
  151. Joe Frazier vs. Riddick Bowe
  152. Do you think Joe Calzhage will come out of retirement?
  153. Tyson vs Lewis 1996: Don King's offer to Lewis
  154. Fighters who were fundamentally unsound
  155. Which heavyweight could outslug prime George Foreman?
  156. Fighters who have underrated wins on there resume
  157. Who was the greater Heavyweight Jim Jeffries or Joe Fraizer?
  158. Chris Eubank vs James Toney @ 168
  159. Name Some fighters who had bad/medicore Amateur carrers but had godd pro career's
  160. Fighters who started boxing late
  161. Name Some fighters who were matched hard right from the start of there careers?
  162. Top 10 First Round Knockouts in Heavyweight History
  163. Are southpaws fundamentally ''different'' fighters ?
  164. Sammy Mandell vs Jimmy McLarnin I
  165. Your Thoughts On Alan Minter?
  166. Lewis vs McCall rematch
  167. 99 percent Fighters who live clean lives(no smokeing, drinking, and always in the gym
  168. Eder Jofre or Alexis Arguello?
  169. Ranking Floyd Patterson Above Lennox Lewis, Can It Be Justified?
  170. Jerry Quarry talks about his carrere a lil bit
  171. Fighters who didnt belive in doing lots of sparring
  172. Article: Atlas Foundation Acts to Restore Boxers Dignity
  173. Ranking Riddick Bowe above Lennox Lewis, can it be justified ?
  174. Ali/WillSmith ..Obscene Ali? LOL
  175. Higher On A ATG List, Felix Trinidad or Sonny Liston?
  176. Sam Langford A Claim For The Most Skilled Fighter Of All Time?
  177. Fighters who next to no talent or naural ability but still becoome a Champion?
  178. Did Sonny Liston have many Amateur Fights?
  179. "How I Would Have Clobbered Clay" By Joe Louis
  180. Floyd Mayweather Jr. on an all-time level
  181. Muhammad Ali Sparring Video (HQ)
  182. George Chuvalo Would Be The Reigning Heavyweight Champ Today
  183. Is Monzon only guy to accomplish this?
  184. Conn-Ketchel
  185. Roberto garcia
  186. Ranking Manny Pacquiao Higher Than Willie Pep, Can It Be Justfied?
  187. Lennox Lewis vs David Haye?
  188. Heavyweight Title Weight
  189. Future topics in the boxing history section?
  190. Do You Agree With Ring Magazine.....
  191. How Great Do You Really Feel Marvin Hagler's Resume Of Wins Is?
  192. Ranking Harry Willis Over Mike Tyson, Can It Be Justified?
  193. Paolino Uzcundon vs Harry Wills
  194. Terry McGovern question
  195. hhascup makes hall of fame
  196. Resume wars!!!
  197. Pedro Carrasco
  198. Does Manny rip hooks as quick as SRR?
  199. Saddler or Arguello: Who do you rate higher?
  200. Boxers who beat every style?
  201. Greater Fighter...Barney Ross or Rocky Marciano?
  202. The Fights Not To Watch Thread!
  203. Barbara Phillips, daughter of Jack Dempsey, and Pat Summerall pay visits to the Daily
  204. Good Youtube channel
  205. After Pacquiao's streak - have any of your P4P lists changed?
  206. What fighter beat the most great fighters?
  207. Fighters who made loads of money...
  208. Marvin Hagler: Should he have kept on fighting after Leonard?
  209. Shot fighters: How to you take this into account when ranking them?
  210. Floyd Patterson vs Ron Lyle
  211. Pete Rademacher
  212. What's your take on the Greb/Dempsey Sparring Sessions?
  213. Emanuel Augustus
  214. After Pacquiao's victory against Margarito Where do you rank him on the ATG List?
  215. Who is the greater fighter of the last 30yrs
  216. Who was the greatest based on their best Fight
  217. Jimmy McLarnin vs Hall Of Famers
  218. Fighters who hit there prime in there late 30's?
  219. Dominating one weight class or winning titles in multiple, which is better?
  220. Your thoughts on Sam McVey?
  221. Robinson, Greb, Armstrong and Langford, Rate them in order from best to 4th best.
  222. Willie Pep, Benny Leonard, Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard rank in order.
  223. Top 10 ATG trainers?
  224. Famous Sparring Encounters
  225. Freddie Pendleton
  226. Question about PPV buys...
  227. Heavy hitting heavyweights 1990-
  228. Rocky Marciano vs Macarthur Foster
  229. Where do Barrera and Morales rank among the Mexican greats?
  230. Calling Larry Holmes A Greater HW Than Jack Dempsey?
  231. Ron Lyle or Ray Mercer Who do you rate higher on your greatest Heavyweight's list?
  232. Video documentary on Dempsey
  233. Who's More Skilled Bernard Hopkins or Barney Ross?
  234. Who Had The Best Jab?
  235. No 90s Heavyweight Era Book
  236. Pick one fantasy fight you would love to see and predict the outcome.
  237. John Tate vs Teofilo Stevenson KO
  238. Boxing countries...
  239. Joe Frazier's Punching Power?
  240. You Top 10 Featherweight ATG List?
  241. Name Some Past and Present Champions or Contenders who lost there Pro Debut
  242. Which Fighter over came the Worst start to his career to become Champion?
  243. Comcast OnDemand just added "The Best of Butterbean" to its classic boxing section
  244. Zeljko Mavrovic
  245. Would Of Tony Zale Stood A Chance Against Charley Burley?
  246. Aggressive fighters
  247. Good counterpunchers
  248. Fighters With Great Composure.......
  249. What are the best FULL fights on film, pre-1940?
  250. Which Fighter has beat the most unbeaten fighters?