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  1. i'm sorry but how can SRR be the GOAT when he is dead?
  2. HELP WANTED FOR ID. Suspected terrorist is likely a former fighter. PIC.
  3. Sonny Liston vs Wladimir Klitschko
  4. nice read: archie moore, the old mongoose
  5. The best jab in boxing history?
  6. Sonny Liston vs George Foreman?
  7. Sugar Ray Robinson Dancing With Gene Kelly: VIDEO
  8. Did Roy Jones duck Nigel Benn?
  9. Frank Warrens legacy
  10. Just how good was the first coming of George Foreman?
  11. Sam Peter vs The Fringe contenders of the 1990s
  12. Ezzard Charles vs. Joe Calzaghe at 168 Who Ya Got
  13. This is one of the most entertaining rounds ever.
  14. Memories Of A Champion: Alexis Arguello
  15. Tyson, Ali and Foreman are the only truly great heavyweights of the last 50 years.
  16. an anecdote of Eddie Futch on Ken Norton
  17. Grade these Supermiddleweights
  18. Here to learn the training technique / boxing of the past please
  19. 1995 Mike Tyson VS 2003 (193lbs) Roy Jones Jr
  20. ebook download: george carpentier
  21. dundee on the myth of thrila in manila nd foreman-ali 2
  22. The greatest defensive fighter?
  23. The greatest in the Super and Junior weight classes?
  24. sugar ray leonard tattoo
  25. Collins vs Eubank fights
  26. My Top 50 pound for pound.
  27. Khaosai Galaxy
  28. Marvin Hagler Ringwalk Song?
  29. Antwun Echols vs Lamar Parks
  30. The Black Murderers Row
  31. Jerry Quarry- today?
  32. The battle of the greats! Who wins?
  33. Prime Hagler vs Prime Monzon
  34. The myth of Roberto Duran being an exciting fighter
  35. best site to download hd fights no hussle love this site
  36. Liston is a disgraceful cheat.
  37. Is Ray Robinson's speed overstated?
  38. Who was the best OVERALL puncher in the sport ever?
  39. Idea for the site
  40. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Exposed By A Geriatric Middlweight
  41. Wlad Klitschko Ranks As The 50th Greatest Heavyweight Of All Time
  42. More Skilled, Ray Robinson or Archie Moore?
  43. Best selling fantasy fight?
  44. Any Collectors in here?
  45. 200lb fighters from the past would weight 245lb today
  46. Angelo Dundee on the Ali vs Frazier III, "Cut em off" myth.
  47. Cus D'Amatos Lesson in Fear
  48. Has anyone ever been to the IBHOF?
  49. Hagler fighting orthodox v.s SRL
  50. Steve Collins: What do people here think of him?
  51. Give me a good 80's slugfest!
  52. Was Muhammad Ali Overrated Purley In Terms Of Excitment?
  53. Why past fighters were greater and deserved to be ranked higher: heavyweight
  54. Is Battling Nelson/Ad Wolgast still around?
  55. Where do you think Larry Holmes shoud be on a P4P list and HW list?
  56. Who had the better career Been or Eubank?
  57. Wlad tribute to Ali.
  58. Who would be in the top 10 in a small ring.
  59. Bruce Seldon vs John Ruiz
  60. Putting These Fighters In Order?
  61. Time magazine: Sugar ray robison article
  62. Tiger Flowers
  63. Mike McCallum:What do people here think of him?
  64. Judging Boxers Historically: Are We Looking at It Wrong?
  65. Name 4 fights, you have watched more than 5 times
  66. What fight had the best commentary?
  67. A question about Billy Fox.
  68. Boxers who were never the same after being knocked out
  69. Naseem Hamed....Underrated Resume & Overall Just Plain Underrated?
  70. Monzon vs Burley @ 160lb
  71. Iran Barkley vs Roberto Duran
  72. Johnny Nelson
  73. Larry Holmes and Wladimir Klitschko. Titlereign comparison.
  74. Could Eddie Machen had defeated Rocky Marciano around 1956/1957?
  75. Your thoughts on Willie Meehan
  76. What were these fighters best weights?
  77. Thoughts on Jake Lamotta
  78. Thoughts/Views On Jack Dempsey's Resume Of Wins?
  79. Fights of Carlos Monzon to suggest?
  80. Greatest Fighters by Decade.
  81. [req] Eddie Futch: his analysis of fighters
  82. Time for trivia again.
  83. Halton boxing history
  84. Stanley Ketchel rated Sam Langford as easy!
  85. R.I.P Alan Rudkin
  86. Rating Pernell Whitaker Above Ray Leonard?
  87. Lennox Lewis's ATG HW Rating, Purely Of Resume Of Wins?
  88. Ray Mercer vs Ike Ibeabuchi
  89. Mike Tyson vs James Tillis Exhibition fight 1987
  90. Name your most out of the ordinary fantasy fight predictions?
  91. Which boxers do you think similar style to eachother
  92. Tommy Burns - most underrated Heavyweight?
  93. Dempsey-Wills Info on the First Contract
  94. Your scorecard: 1986 bout between Mike Tyson and Quick Tillis
  95. Top 10 Best Boxing Fights in History
  96. How Many Top 10 Ranked Fighters Did Lennox Lewis Defeat?
  97. Fights That Never Happened: Leonard vs Pryor
  98. Best KO of all time?
  99. Halton Boxing History
  100. liverpool boxing stadium
  101. Interesting hagler bit
  102. Greatest Brawlers Ever
  103. "Luis Rodriguez Was Faster Than Both Ali & Leonard" - A.Dundee
  104. Does anybody...
  105. some questions about boxing hall of fame
  106. What is the `Rarest`fight in your collection
  107. Gene Fullmer and Carmen Basilio
  108. 1945 Sugar Ray Robinson VS 1977 Roberto Duran
  109. Rick Fariss's interesting story on Jose "Mantequilla" Napoles
  110. Jess Willard not as bad as many seem to think
  111. Joe Gans vs Pernell Whitaker
  112. In order which one of these
  113. Don King the greatest promoter ever
  114. Gerald McClellan
  115. If you could spend an hour talking to any boxer in history - Who would it be and why?
  116. Why Muhammad Ali betrayed Malcolm X Part 1
  117. Muhammad Ali brags about preaching at a KKK convention
  118. Charley Burley - Analyzing Genius (Video)
  119. Cool hagler interview from the late 80s or early 90s
  120. Share:Some Boxing History
  121. Why Muhammad Ali betrayed Malcolm X Part 2
  122. Which of these UK boxers is a bonafide ATG in your opinion?
  123. Did Marvin Hagler Assault His Girlfriend?
  124. Benvenuti vs Kim
  125. ATG fights before they were greats
  126. Floyd Patterson a great fighter
  127. Junior Witter would have made Ricky Hatton look like a retard
  128. Michael Spinks...The HEAVYWEIGHT: What level of fighter would he be in the seventies?
  129. Marvin Hagler vs Alan Minter
  130. boxers with fastest hand?
  131. Best Resumes?
  132. I would like to do a top ten list of all divisions with your help.
  133. James Toney vs Marvin Hagler @ 160
  134. Khaosai Galaxy vs Vic Darchinyan
  135. How was Robinson outside the ring?
  136. old fight footage
  137. thoughts on Luisito Espinosa
  138. Your favourite rivalries?
  139. Do you think Pacquaio could beat a prime Duran @ 135?
  140. Spinks-Langford
  141. Bruce Seldon
  142. Fighters who have been an inspiration to you.
  143. The greatest fighters of each nation.
  144. Top 50 Pound for Pound revisited.
  145. Question for tyson fans
  146. Do they belong in the IBHOF?
  147. Bob foster vs ATG LHWs
  148. Came across some decade-old magazines at the weekend
  149. Boxing Rules
  150. Boxing Early History
  151. Boxing Today
  152. History of Boxing
  153. The biggest waste of talents.
  154. Hall of Fame 2010 ballot: who would you vote for?
  155. Duran's "No Mas"
  156. Leonard vs Hearns II who won
  157. Tommy Hearns vs Mike McCallum @ 154
  158. Mike McCallum vs Julian Jackson:What do you think of the stoppage?
  159. Historian's Rankings of the All Time Top 10 Greatest Heavyweights
  160. What are Joe Louis's 5 greatest fights?
  161. Joe Louis's 5 greatest fights?
  162. Jersey Joe Walcott interview after defeating Charles
  163. Ray Mercer?
  164. ESPN:Mike Tyson on HOF ballot for 1st time
  165. Differences Between Modern Boxing and Ancient Boxing
  166. Who is your favorite heavyweights?
  167. Which athletes from other sports would make a good boxer??
  168. Better Resume Of Wins, Tyson or Dempsey?
  169. Could Of Past Fighters Been Greater, With Diets, Vitamins, Strength & Conditioning?
  170. International Boxing Hall of Fame - Old-Timers
  171. Henry Cooper
  172. Why do boxers "lose" their legs?
  173. Willie Pep Articles
  174. Fastest white boxer?
  175. Better fighter: Holley Mims or Fernando Vargas
  176. Bert Sugar ''Amir Khan Is The Floyd Patterson Of This Era''
  177. How good was Eddie Machen?
  178. Johnny Owen
  179. Favourtie division
  180. Who you regard as the 2nd greatest P4P?
  181. Better one punch KO: Shavers/Ellis or Lennox/Rahman II?
  182. Puncher vs Slugger vs Brawler / Swarmer vs Infighter
  183. How would Ali's mind games work on the following:
  184. Roberto Duran vs Meldrick Taylor @ 140
  185. Ranking Carmen Basilio Over Marvin Hagler, Can It Be Justified?
  186. Would of De La Hoya Been A ATG Lightweight?
  187. Lets say these past fighters have a Super Six. Who Wins?
  188. Video: Roberto Duran vs Iran Barkley HL
  189. Harry Greb vs Ray Robinson.
  190. Dave Sands vs Carl "Bobo" Olson II
  191. Tyson, Peak Years: 1985-89
  192. Bert Sugar ''Carlos Monzon Is NOT a Top 50 ATG''
  193. My thoughts on Julio Cesar Chavez's ability.
  194. Post your Top 10 Pound for Pound in no/order.
  195. Your Top 10 Fav All Time Boxers?
  196. Emanuel Steward'' Duran Was Strictly A Power Puncher''
  197. Best Southpaw Slayers?
  198. Is Pernell Whitaker The Most ''Skilled'' Fighter Of All Time?
  199. Jimmy Ellis Middleweight contender to WBA heavyweight Champion
  200. Michael Spinks vs Ezzard Charles @175
  201. Virgil Hill vs Michael Spinks @ 175?
  202. Where do these fighters rank on your p4p list?
  203. Prime Michael Spinks vs Wladmir Klitschko
  204. Fighters who didnt cut weight and just boxed at there natural weight?
  205. Who do you rank as the higher jimmy young or Jimmy Ellis?
  206. Steve Collins = Over rated?
  207. Most Entertaining Lightweight Fights of All Time!!!!!!
  208. Great opening round
  209. Where do you rank these fighters on your P4Pound list?
  210. Ezzard Charles. How good was he?
  211. Lewis vs Marciano
  212. Shannon Briggs Chances Of Winning?
  213. Joe Frazier on the heavy bag, interview!
  214. Ali's betrayal of Frazier
  215. David haye vs Evander Holyfield @ cruiserweight
  216. Ring Magazine ''Alexis Arguello Would KO Floyd Mayweather''
  217. David Haye vs Prime Lennox Lewis @ h/w
  218. Current Wlad vs. Prime Lennox
  219. Mike McTigue's Light Heavyweight Championship Run
  220. I thought Jimmy Young vs Ossie Ocasio was on youtube...
  221. Tomasz Adamek vs Yaqui Lopez
  222. How do you rate Archie Moore's Chin?
  223. Harry Greb Against these 5 Heavyweights!
  224. Your thoughts on Heavyweight Contender Nino Valdes?
  225. Is it True as a amateur Mike Tyson was stopped in the first round in a fight?
  226. Wilfred Benitez
  227. Bert Sugar ''Pernell Whiatker IS NOT a Top 40 ATG''
  228. Herol Graham vs Julian Jackson: what do you think of this fight?
  229. What Round WSould Ray Leonard KO Floyd Mayweather Jr?
  230. Would Agless Archie Moore be in the CW, LHW, or HW c=if he competted nowadays?
  231. Who is the better Klitschko and why
  232. Pacquiao vs Benitez at 147lb
  233. How Badley Do Post Prime Losses Hurt Fighters Legacy?
  234. Ranking Vitalis power amongst the ATGs
  235. George foreman vs Max Schmeling fantasy fight
  236. How good could Les Darcy have been?
  237. Top 5 Pound for Pound based on "skills" only.
  238. Where do these fighters rank on your Heavyweight lists?
  239. If Tyson didn't lose to Douglas would he have self-destructed and lost soon after?
  240. What was your Thrilla in Manilla score before it was stopped?
  241. Should Roberto "No Mas" Duran Be Remembered As A Coward?
  242. Teddy Atlas and Jack Newfield dissect the Tyson myth
  243. Name fighters who were Warriors and would ratehr die than lose
  244. What is the worse decison you saw scored a Draw?
  245. better puncher - mike tyson or joe louis?
  246. Roy Jones Jr - "Ken Norton vs Larry Holmes was the Greatest Fight I Ever Saw"
  247. P4P The Greatest Fighter who ever Lived
  248. 20 Greatest Fighters, PURLEY based of Resume Of Wins
  249. Fighters who were let down by their "lack of a chin"
  250. Your choice of Top 5 Toughest ever fighters