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  1. Where Do You Rank Calzaghe On Your h2h ATG List
  2. This is amazing.
  3. Why is it that people think that speed=skill?
  4. Would body builders make good boxers?
  5. Philadelphia Jack O'Brien ''All Of My Fights Were Fixed''
  6. 1940s+ fighters
  7. ali, goin to war
  8. Buster Douglas pulls off the biggest upset in boxing history!!!!
  9. James "Quick" Tillis, his career and where he is now.
  10. Mike Weaver
  11. What's my Line? Muhammad Ali
  12. What would your IBHOF look like?
  13. George Foreman vs. Alex Stewart
  14. Would Of Shane Mosley Become A ATG Lightweight, If He Had Stayed At The Weight?
  15. Pure boxing displays
  16. Fighters who were unbeatable in their prime.
  17. Lewis/McCall II The Weirdest Fight In History
  18. Attention Boxing History Section!
  19. is Vitali better or worse than Primo Carnera
  20. Top fighters you love to watch the most and top fighters you hate to watch
  21. salvador sanchez vs azumah nelson
  22. More Skilled, Floyd Or Burley?
  23. Best Ivan Calderon Fights
  24. Tyson - Holyfield 1
  25. Lewis v Grant - why was this fight allowed
  26. Gil Turner vs Johnny Saxton
  27. Where can I get Vernon Forrest vs. Sergio Mora II?
  28. rank morales, barrera, pacquiao & marquez in terms of greatness...
  29. How do you rank fighters?
  30. Your Favourite Boxer in each weight class?
  31. Who had the best...
  32. Kid Gavilan vs Gil Turner
  33. How Great Was Stanley Ketchel?
  34. Your Fav NON ATG Fighters?
  35. Terry Norris
  36. Based PURELY on Skill, Were Does Wlad Rank With The ATG HW's?
  37. Technique
  38. Poll: Who had the greatest Chin?
  39. Charles-Marciano 1 film
  40. If Foreman would have beat the count against Ali?
  41. Remastered Fights
  42. Charley Burley's Puching Power
  43. Hasim Rahman Was Better Than Shavers. Much Better than Shavers.
  44. Hopkins & Jones during thier reign as champions
  45. Boston and Philadelphia
  46. Anyone know if Hagler has ever been down?
  47. Eubank-Watson I,II: What are your thoughts on these fights?
  48. Shavers, Foreman, Louis, Tyson - who was the hardest puncher
  49. Mike Hunter vs Alexander Zolkin (1) have you seen this fight
  50. Fighters that you hate to love?
  51. Lightheavyweight ATG list
  52. What Great fighters put on alot of weight between fights?
  53. Championship Boxing by Jack Dempsey
  54. Is Sonny Liston A Top 10 ATG Heavyweight?
  55. Your Thoughts On Jimmy Mclarnin?
  56. James Toney:Is he a ATG?
  57. Post your favourite boxing highlight videos.
  58. who was the most aggressive fighter of all times
  59. Rocky Marciano - Hero (HD)
  60. Riddick Bowe - How good was he
  61. Ricardo "Finito" Lopez - Where Do You Rank Him?
  62. Archie Moore or Ezzard Charles?
  63. A short montage of Sam Langford.
  64. Sonny Liston>Joe Frazier?
  65. was lloyd honeyghans win over don curry a fluke?
  66. Top Ten Pound-for-Pound, with a twist...
  67. P4P Harder Puncher....Ray Robinson Or Julian Jackson?
  68. Prime Charley Burley Vs The Following.........
  69. Thoughts On James J. Corbett?
  70. Thomas Hearns - How do you rate his Boxing Skills
  71. Most knockdowns in a fight?
  72. Leo Gamez
  73. good read: That Ninth Round: A Boxing Historian Struggles to Maintain His Interest
  74. What is a "journeyman".
  75. Who do you rank higher Sam Langford Or Harry Greb.
  76. Which boxer had the best apparel?
  77. Moving weight classes.
  78. Ranking Hearns As A Greater Fighter Than Leonard?
  79. Rocky Marciano Vs Roland LaStarza I:Does footage of this fight exist?
  80. Wladimir Klitschko Has The Greatest Right Cross Of All Time
  81. P4P Who Was The Better Puncher Razor Ruddock or Ali
  82. Should Nigel Benn Be In The IBHOF?
  83. Fights From The Past That You Need To Watch?
  84. Damn, Frank Bruno Beaten Up Lennox Lewis.....
  85. Some questions for the boxing historians here
  86. Which fighters from the 50's-60's would you recommend?
  87. Mexican Boxing Legend Carlos Palomino In Profile
  88. Joe Gans Or Jack Dempsey?
  89. Jose Napoles vs Thomas Hearns
  90. Which fighters influenced your favourite fighters?
  91. Benny Leonard Or Muhammad Ali?
  92. The 10 Best Lightweights Of All Time With A Catch......
  93. Do You Agree With Monte Cox, That Ali's Peak/Prime Was The First Frazier Fight?
  94. Is Wlad Greater Than These Heavyweights?
  95. Edwin Viruet and Estsban De Jesus
  96. Comparing your Favourite fighter of all time to your favourite active fighter.
  97. Archie Moore vs Ezzard Charles fights:Does footage of these fights exist?
  98. Your top 3 pound for pound.
  99. Prime Thomas Hearns @147
  100. nice read: roy jones jr. biography of a champion
  101. Liston vs. Vitali Klitschko
  102. ReEvaluating Past Greats (In regard to Eastern Euros)
  103. Bob Fitzsimmons Or Sugar Ray Leonard?
  104. The Theatre Of War
  105. More Skilled, Frazier Or Marciano?
  106. Boxers who had no amateur fights?
  107. Who Could Beat Prime Pernell Whitaker @ 135lb?
  108. Rate these body punchers...
  109. Meldrick Taylor vs Manny Pacquiao at 140
  110. lennox lewis iron jaw
  111. Multiple "Undisputed World Champions"............List Them
  112. Antonio Tarver:What do people here think of him?
  113. More Skilled, Hagler Or De La Hoya?
  114. George Foreman vs Lennox Lewis Prime for Prime.
  115. Hagler vs Calzaghe Prime for Prime 164 Ibs.
  116. Which fighters were had the best Heart, grit, determination and never gave in?
  117. Thoughts On Angelo Dundee?
  118. Boxers Who Always Complain/Moan?
  119. More Skilled, Hopkins Or Jose Napoles?
  120. Was Larry Holmes's HW Era ''Weak''?
  121. Name Past Fighters Who Defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr?
  122. Trever Berbick?
  123. good read:What can the 2000ís learn from the 70ís?
  124. duran overrated?
  125. Do you like the current judging system?
  126. Who Has The Greater Fighters Of All Time, PR Or Mexico?
  127. RIP Rocky Marciano
  128. Jeff Simms `The man who split the louiville Lip`
  129. Jeff Sims `The man who split the louiville Lip`
  130. Klitschko Brothers would murder midget Joe Louis
  131. Bernardo Mercado
  132. Ayub Kalule
  133. cuevas's power fiction?
  134. Sugar Ray Robinson...
  135. Willie Pep vs Armand Savoie / Fabela Chavez
  136. Georges Carpentier
  137. 1982 Gerry Cooney vs 1997 Lennox Lewis
  138. Who Would You Take Out The IBHOF?
  139. Were You A Fan Of Muhammad Ali's Trash Talking/Taunting?
  140. has Bolo Punch ever actually contributed to any of the threads that he makes?
  141. is prime mike tyson(rapist) overrated?
  142. Iran "The Blade" Barkley
  143. Monte Cox (Boxing Writer)
  144. Peter Jackson or Lennox Lewis?
  145. Azumah Nelson
  146. Alexis Arguello At 147lb
  147. Zale vs Hearns @ 160lb
  148. Cerdan vs Fullmer
  149. Your Take On Joey Maxim?
  150. Oscar De la Hoya vs Terry Norris
  151. Jake LaMotta and Rocky Graziano
  152. Margarito vs Hearns
  153. "thrilla in manilla" Geatest fight in boxing history?????
  154. Stylistic Groups
  155. Fights which summed up a boxer and showed his greatness
  156. Roy Jones Jr vs Merqui Sosa - Bad Stoppage?
  157. James Toney vs Tim Littles:Have you seen this fight?
  158. Bowe vs Lewis Olympic Final Fix
  159. Trivia
  160. Do You Think Roy Jones Has Always Done Steroids Throughout His Career?
  161. What has been the most effective style over the years?
  162. Interesting and Strange boxing trivia?
  163. Do the current heavyweights lack desire compared to their forebearers?
  164. History Section, Will Andre Become A All Time Great?
  165. Who Punched Harder, Marciano or Shavers?
  166. Rate Them!
  167. Ray Robinson's JAB?
  168. wayne mccullough vs jeff fenech @ 122
  169. Ken Buchanan vs Roberto Duran
  170. Sonny Liston vs Nino Valdes: Does footage of this fight exist?
  171. Petition for Boxing History Moderator.
  172. British columbia amateur boxing hall of fame
  173. Archie Moore vs Primo Carnera
  174. Why are the top four/five threads in here to do with present day boxing?
  175. Roy Jones Jr
  176. Signature Punches
  177. Who is the greatest boxer in the past thirty years?
  178. Vitali Klitschko vs Primo Carnera......... Who Wins?
  179. 2003 Vitali Klitschko vs 1976 Joe Bugner
  180. What fights have you seen of Marcel Cerdan
  181. List the 5 greatest pre 1975 fights you have watched
  182. Where Do You Rank Muhammad Ali's Resume Amongst the ATG Heavyweights?
  183. Does Joe Louis vs Billy Conn prove Ali destroys Louis?
  184. Is Harold Johnson A ATG?
  185. Is Mike McCallum More Skilled Than.......
  186. More Talented, Floyd Patterson or Lennox Lewis?
  187. YAHOO:Boxingís most influential: Nos. 51-100
  188. when was this?!!
  189. Did Leonard duck Pryor?
  190. Has there ever been a case like Terry Norris?
  191. Roy Jones vs Montell Griffin I: Eddie futch is a genius
  192. Frankie Liles: What do people here think of him?
  193. Fighters Who Were Extremly Unorthodox
  194. Was Andrew Golota A Underachiever?
  195. Floyd Patterson
  196. Rank the 1930's Heavyweights(excluding Joe Louis)
  197. Alexis Arguello's Skills?
  198. Micheal Nunn sentenced to 24 years
  199. Roy Jones vs Montell Griffin II: What did Griffin do wrong
  200. Is Joe Louis Overrated?
  201. The cross defense : when did it become obsolete ?
  202. Heavyweight Champions - Past vs Present
  203. Louis's 'bum of the month' club...
  204. Sam Langford or Roberto Duran?
  205. Sung-Kil Moon
  206. Sam Langford>>>Muhammad Ali?
  207. IBHOF For Amatuers?
  208. When did these fighters become past prime
  209. Hopkins vs Calzaghe prime
  210. Hopkins vs Calzaghe:Are their resumes similiar
  211. Thinks
  212. boxing myths that needs some correcting...
  213. Why didnt Hagler fight Herol Graham?
  214. dave tiberi vs Felix Sturm
  215. Rank these hw's H2H
  216. Forgotten British crowd pleaser's
  217. Herol Graham and the WBA
  218. Stories That Really Get You Angry?
  219. Monte Cox ''Louis Having A Bad Chin Is Pure Nonsense''
  220. Why did it take so long for there to be a boxing Hall of Fame?
  221. Did Sugar Ray Robinson "Duck" Charley Burley and Holman Williams?
  222. How Did Lee Oma Get Double DQ'ed For "Clowning Around"
  223. Frankie Liles vs Joe Calzaghe at 168
  224. Training vids
  225. Prime Bernard Hopkins vs. Current Wladimir Klitschko
  226. The greatest/funniest boxing quotes?
  227. Lennox Lewis's Punching Power
  228. The Ring Magazine's Greatest Fighters....A to Z!
  229. Does Wlad Have A ATG Jab?
  230. Lennox Lewis vs. Wladimir Klitschko... who has more punching power
  231. Joe Louis / James Braddock fight
  232. Larry Holmes was he really over the hill vs Tyson
  233. *Delete*
  234. Was Rocky Graziano any good?
  235. Who's The Worst Champion In Each Division (All Time)
  236. Bert Sugar ''Jake Lamotta Is 27th Greatest Fighter Of All Time''
  237. i'm sorry but how can SRR be the GOAT when he is a 145-160lb fighter?
  238. Jimmy McLarnin vs Today's Welterweights
  239. The Greatest Female Fighter of All Time?
  240. Fighters whose one weakness cost them dearly.
  241. Riddick Bowe Talking About Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson etc etc
  242. Mike Tyson vs the Klitschkos
  243. Rare Video Fight Thread
  244. Favorite Trainers and their quirks
  245. Todays Super-Sized Heavyweights what are your thoughts
  246. Why did Antonio Cervantes and Roberto Duran never fight?
  247. Your favourite and least favourite fighter and why?
  248. What was your favourite era for boxing?
  249. James`Buster`Douglas was not a one hit wonder
  250. What if Vitali's comeback opponent had been Jack Dempsey?