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  1. Joe Calzaghe vs Steve Collins 1997?
  2. The Magic Man's Top 10 P4P ATG of ALL TIME
  3. Common Mistakes made by Fighters
  4. Chavez and Tyson stationary fighters?
  5. Wilfred Benitiz vs Donald Curry at 147
  6. The top 3 most important changes in 20th century boxing?
  7. Evander Holyfield vs Lennox Lewis II: scorecards
  8. If Pacquiao and Mayweather fight
  9. The official Marvin Hagler appreciation thread
  10. Mike Tyson in his prime
  11. Mike Tyson vs Oliver McCall?
  12. Dream Card of the 1990's 4 fights?
  13. Rank These Fighters In Order........
  14. Harry Greb vs Marvin Hagler
  15. Who knows who R. Jones Jr's favourite fighter of all time is?
  16. Pryor's Arguello (I) beats prime Kostya: Agree or Disagree?
  17. JCC fantasy fights
  18. Salvador Sánchez:Which fights would you recommend?
  19. Best inside/Mid range fighters
  20. Picture: Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier later in life.
  21. Ali Was A Great Fighter, But Way Overrated In Terms Of Boxing Ability'' Larry Holmes
  22. Gene Tunney vs Joe Frazier...........
  23. Faster Hands - Tyson or Ali
  24. Higher ATG: Rocky Marciano or George Foreman?
  25. Lennox Lewis is like Bluebeard
  26. If Liston trained hard and well for a 15 round fight,
  27. Who Should Be Remebered As The Greater Fighter, Roy Jones Jr Or Sam Langford?
  28. Top 10 Defensive Boxers of All-Time (P4P)
  29. How would the super heavyweights have fared in Louis's era?
  30. Aaron Pryor VS Floyd Mayweather
  31. Diego Corrales vs Joel Casamayor II: Disgraceful decision or not?.
  32. Who was the Bigger Puncher Robinson, Hearns, Mccellan, Mugabi or Graziano?.
  33. R.I.P Mac Foster
  34. Wilfredo Gomez or Wilfred Benitez
  35. Greatest come from behind wins ever??!
  36. Just watched Cory Spinks vs Zab Judah II
  37. Sugar Ray Leonard VS Roberto Duran(P4P All Time Great)
  38. Calzaghe vs G-Man
  39. Thomas Hearns Knockouts [Video]
  40. Muhammad Ali vs. Vitali Klitschko Computer Matchup
  41. Paulie Williams?
  42. Classic Boxing Pictures
  43. Joe Frazier's Chin?
  44. Were's The Great A?
  45. Did Roy Jones Jr take steroids/enhancement drugs for his entire career?
  46. Mesi, Stewart,, Foster, Lyles
  47. Carmen Basilio
  48. Packey McFarland
  49. Why don't we all just ignore the trolls??
  50. In Reality Is Sam Langford A Notch Above Ray Robinson?
  51. Muhammad Ali talks about the Old Heavyweights with Howard Cosell
  52. Question about the Ring Belt.
  53. Eubank on his resume!
  54. The Perfect Boxer
  55. Best out of the 3?
  56. Glen Johnson's controversial losses - Has anyone seen these?
  57. lennox lewis the greatest heavyweight of all time.
  58. Ken "Jawbreaker" Norton's Style
  59. Biggest Punchers Joe Frazier Fought.........
  60. Sugar Ray leonard highlight [Vid]
  61. Harder Puncher, P4P Ruben Olivares Or Sandy Saddler?
  62. (POLL) Should Prince Naseem Hamed Be Inducted Into The IBHOF?
  63. Which other fighter could have taken those punches Frazier took
  64. When did boxing stop allowing cuts to be bandaged during a fight?
  65. R.I.P Denny Moyer
  66. Henry Armstrong fought at Catchweight?
  67. More Proof That Armstrong/Jenkins Was A Catchweight Title Fight
  68. Who was the best white heavy weight?
  69. Given The Chance's Could Of Charley Burley Been As Great As Ray Robinson?
  70. Rocky Marciano VS Jack Dempsey
  71. Pacquao vs Mayweather
  72. Thoughts On Michael Moorer's Legacy & Greatness?
  73. Roy Jones Jr Or Jack Dempsey?
  74. Herol Graham
  75. Rate These Heavyweights In Order Of Greatness.....
  76. What happened to Dempsey 1919?
  77. greater legacy... dela hoya or calzaghe?
  78. Prime mclellan vs. Prime hagler
  79. Rate these guys in terms of boxing ability
  80. Jersey Joe Walcott
  81. Who Was More Talented Wilfredo Benitez Or Nicolino Locche?
  82. Floyd Mayweather Jr or Marcel Cerdan. Who's The Greater Fighter?
  83. How does a prime Mccallum match up against the greatest middle of all time Monzon?
  84. Which fighters did Lewis fight who was at the Top of their Game
  85. Non ATG Fighter With The Best Resume Of Wins?
  86. The NOT so obvious - Could've been a great fight Thread
  87. (Poll) Is Joe Fraizer Overrated?
  88. Average fighters who floored ATGs
  89. The Morales vs Barrera Trilogy
  90. Freddie Steele
  91. Rank These Fighters In Order!
  92. Who do you regard as the best referee from this list?
  93. Morales vs Pacquiao II:Why did Erik agree to fight at 130 lbs?
  94. What's Jake Lamotta's Secret?
  95. Any1 Know Marvin Hagler's Diet?
  96. Name me some fighters who over come all the odds to be champions!
  97. Name me some fighters of the last 20 years who had alot of defeats before getting a
  98. Old School Boxers Physique's Compared To Current Fighters Physique's.
  99. Rate these guys in terms of boxing ability part 2
  100. where do you rank Sonny Listons jab in all time heavyweight boxing?
  101. Rocky Graziano
  102. 175 Super Six
  103. Tony Canzaoneri Discussion Thread
  104. Muhammad Ali: The Greatest Coward and Hypejob of All Time
  105. The best defensive fighters carry their hands low?
  106. Archie Moore vs Walcott: Who had the higher skill set?
  107. These Fellow Fighters Are Greater Than Bernard Hopkins!
  108. Most popular non-American fighters of all time?
  109. When did the WBO Title become considered a legitimate world championship?
  110. 30 years ago from today....
  111. Joe Calzaghe puts on a masterclass against Roy Jones
  112. Mayweather Wrong about going from Ordinary to Extraodinary
  113. Old School Boxers Diet's?
  114. Fight Films
  115. Top 10 Heavyweight contenders
  116. fighters with bad chins who made alot of money.
  117. Nicolino Locche vs. Takeshi Fuji
  118. What if Tyson faced Ruddock...
  119. Ray Robinson - Randy Turpin II. Premature stoppage?
  120. Fighters who were very tall for there weight class but still had a good chin?
  121. What's the story behind the SRR vs. Neil Morrison NC?
  122. Put these fighters in order of punching power?
  123. List: Top 10 Greatest Black Heavyweights of All Time
  124. Joe Calzaghe's Greatness
  125. Really What Was Hasim Rahman Ever Doing Holding The Undisputed HW Title?
  126. Manny Pacquiao Ain't As Great As The Following........
  127. Name fights where the following techniques are used
  128. Question about Muhammad Ali and the Ring Magazine?
  129. Educational thread regarding the underrated Rahman and Maskaev
  130. Joe Calzaghe Cound't Carry Bob Fitzsimmons Jockstrap!
  131. Roy Jones vs Lennox Lewis
  132. Top 10 body punchers of all time.
  133. Joey Giardello
  134. Toney vs Holyfield: What do you think of this fight?
  135. Fighters who where homosexuall?
  136. Old interview with Foreman
  137. Taylor-Wright revisited - Winky clearly won this fight
  138. Abe Attell
  139. ''The Life and Crimes of Don King: The Shame of Boxing in America By Jack Newfield
  140. Dirtiest Fighter Ever?
  141. Marciano is not a top 10 ATG, not even top 50
  142. Stanley Ketchel Was A Pure Bad Ass......
  143. Lennox Lewis A Top 10 ATG Heavyweight...Really?
  144. Top 5 boxers off all time based on heart
  145. Fighters Who Were So Close To Victory, But Had It Snatched Away?
  146. Hopkins vs Taylor I:What do you think of this fight?
  147. Randy Turpin
  148. What Were These Fighters, Most Impressive Performances?
  149. Is Wladamir Klitschko A ATG Puncher?
  150. Is Prince Naseem Hamed overrated?
  151. Mike Tyson ATG Living Legend of the Sport
  152. Top 10 fighters in each division based on (H2H) difficulty level of their opposition
  153. Ali's Punching Power?
  154. Tyson vs Douglas - One of the ATG Fights
  155. What does it mean to say that a fighter is "in his prime"?
  156. Your top 20 Pound for pound.
  157. Lewis v Tyson - your thoughts on the police presence
  158. Prime Sonny Liston vs Larry Holmes
  159. Who was the most ducked HW of the 1990's?
  160. Most Skillful Fight?
  161. Worst Performances You Have Ever Seen?
  162. who was faster... hector camacho sr. or meldrick taylor?
  163. leonard-hagler
  164. Highest Earnings Boxers Of All Time?
  165. Fighters Who Were Ripped Of By There Promoters
  166. The Greatest Mexican Fighters, 11 To 20?
  167. Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Where do you rate him?
  168. The 2 115-115 scores in the Chavez-Whitaker fight
  169. P4P Is George Foreman The Hardest Puncher Of All Time?
  170. Tyson was no more robbed against Douglas than Lewis was against McCall
  171. List Brothers who Have Fought Each Other In The Ring........
  172. Why did George Foreman
  173. Favourite Trainers?
  174. The Toughest Boxers Ever?
  175. The Greatest KO ever?
  176. Top 5 Middleweights?
  177. The Funniest Quotes in Boxing (Video)
  178. Has anyone ever seen a straweight fight?
  179. If you could be one boxer who woudl you be?
  180. Who Was Faster Roy Jones Jr Or Ray Leonard?
  181. Funniest George Foremans Quotes?
  182. Holyfield vs Foreman:What do you think of this fight?
  183. James Toney vs Evander Holyfield: How does this fight play out?
  184. Best Left Hook Of All Time?
  185. Greater Fighter... Julio Cesar Chavez Or Alexis Arguello?
  186. The greatest arab boxer?
  187. Roberto Duran vs Floyd Mayweather @ 154
  188. If you could change one thing about Boxing?
  189. Anyone else agree that Roy Jones always had a glass chin?
  190. What If Leon Spinks Trained Hard And Stayed Focused?
  191. More Skilled, Duran Or Floyd
  192. The best and worst nicknames.
  193. Was Jack Dempsey Over-rated?
  194. How Far Off Is Chad Dawson, From Becoming A ATG LHW?
  195. How was Duran...
  196. Jack dempsey and rocky marciano interview
  197. Eusebio Pedroza vs. Patrick Ford
  198. Who Was More Naturaly Talented, Roy Jones Or Ray Robinson
  199. Joe Frazier said the judges were paid off in the 2nd fight with Muhammad Ali
  200. Gerald McClellan Cast Iron Chin?
  201. History section needs a mod
  202. Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams
  203. Henry Cooper?
  204. was james toney weight drained against roy jones?
  205. how would jose napoles do in today's welterweight scene?
  206. What Do You Think Of This?
  207. Roy Jones:Why do people hate this guy?
  208. Can somebody post..
  209. greatest heavyweight over last thirty years?
  210. Pete Sanstol & Panama Al Brown sparring
  211. Beau Jack and Ike Williams discuss their fight
  212. George Foreman - Hardest Hit
  213. Julian Jackson vs Dennis Milton - Brutal KO
  214. Is Roy Jones banging that girl?
  215. Heavyweight champions and contenders of the 80s
  216. which one is more difficult...
  217. Cus D'Amato ''Beau Jack Was The Greatest Lightweight Of All Time''
  218. Carlos Ortiz's Greatness?
  219. Jake Lamotta's Boxing Brain
  220. Name Every Boxing Book You've Read
  221. Who Was Stronger: Wlad Klitschko or Muhammad Ali
  222. Amateur fight: Kostya Tszuy vs. Vernon Forrest
  223. Thoughts on Kostya Tszyu?
  224. Was Oscar Bonavena Robbed Against Joe Frazier The 1st Time?
  225. Eusebio Pedroza weight problems
  226. Blueprints:The fights which revealed how to beat certain fighters
  227. Ron Lyle on mayweather/Paquaio. Foreman, Shavers etc.
  228. Prime Jersey Joe Walcott vs Cassius Clay
  229. Fighters who's careers were cut short and are over rated, under rated
  230. Video: The Best Of Kostya Tszyu
  231. Who's the Best Lightweight of All Time?
  232. Mike Tyson
  233. Rahman vs Frazier
  234. the loss was more popular than the win
  235. Corbett-Sullivan colorized rendition (Lubin)
  236. Buster Mathis
  237. Your Take On John.L.Sulivan
  238. Ezzars Charles
  239. Who was the Stronger fighter Rocky Marciano or Jim Jeffries?
  240. Lewis' Most Exciting Fight?
  241. Favorite Journeymen of the past
  242. Does anyone else laugh when people call Quitali Klitschko an ATG?
  243. the klits
  244. Lets All Give Vitali Love:39 Year Old HW Champ, No Excuses. Top 3 ATG HW
  245. Shavers or Briggs Who Was Better and Who Was Bigger Puncher
  246. Harold Johnson
  247. Salvador Sanchez vs Julio Cesar Chavez @ 130lb
  248. Who's The Best ''TextBook'' Boxer Ever?
  249. how would duran-ayala have played out back then @ 154??
  250. How Many Rounds Past the 7th Did Buster Mathis Win Before Fighting Frazier?