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  1. Felix Savon
  2. How big was Trinidad vs. DLH?
  3. Prime Muhammad Ali vs Prime Jack Dempsey - Who Wins?
  4. Tyson vs Ruddock II: A look back at a great fight
  5. Rare Tyson photos
  6. Evander Holyfield vs Razor Ruddock
  7. Would Frazier have beaten Ali the 2nd time if Foreman never happened?
  8. Who hit harder ?
  9. Greatest Ambassador for Boxing
  10. When was the last time the Pound for Pound number 1 was a heavyweight?
  11. Trinidad vs Joppy Highlights HQ
  12. Shavers - L Holmes Interview!
  13. Which brother has more raw punching power
  14. How good do you think Ray Robinson was............
  15. Emile Griffith vs Dick Tiger
  16. Fighters who are overrated as punchers
  17. Bring back the O.G divisions !
  18. Ali's Impact
  19. I know this is wrong...
  20. Name your TOP10 Greatest heavyweights of all timw
  21. Hatton vs Cotto
  22. Were Jack Dempsey's Gloves Loaded In Toledo, Ohio 1919?
  23. Quarry vs Shavers
  24. George Foreman: After the Fall
  25. What fights are you ashamed to have not seen..........
  26. Cleveland "Big Cat" Williams vs Evander Holyfield
  27. Chavez vs Whitaker - Worst Robbery in Boxing History?
  28. Your thoughts on Stanley Ketchel
  29. All time great's who were clean living (didnt drink alcohol or smoke all year round)
  30. Rare Chavez Interview!
  31. Emanuel Augustus
  32. Would Ricardo "Finito" Lopez have 1 loss if...
  33. Let's Be Real, Floyd Mayweather Would've Beaten Sugar Ray Robinson If They Fought
  34. Modern fighters making extensive use of the mixed guard
  35. Greatest Body Puncher
  36. In Your Opinion, how many members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic team would have won gold?
  37. Boxers Who Were Intellectually Challenged......
  38. Joe Frazier ducked who?
  39. Jose Becerra
  40. where does Mayweather rank in the ATG P4P list?
  41. What was Mark Breland's downfall as a pro?
  42. jake lamotta and jc chavez
  43. I Don't Know How To Start This...
  44. carlos ortiz vs niccolino locche
  45. Sorry Again...
  46. Sonny Liston
  47. Roberto Duran VS Julio Caesar Chavez
  48. Pipino Cuevas VS Carlos Palomino
  49. Tim Witherspoon: Which fights would you recommend?
  50. Witherspoon vs Tyson:How does this fight play out?
  51. Did Joe Louis hit Buddy Baer after the bell?
  52. Is there any truth in the rumor Jerry Quarry beat George Foreman up in sparring?
  53. Frankie Liles vs. Tim Littles II
  54. What is your opinion of Lennox Lewis?
  55. duran's loss to benitez...
  56. Mathew saad Muhammed vs Bernard Hopkins 15 rounds lightheavyweight fight
  57. Leonard and Pryor
  58. julian jackson vs tommy hearns
  59. The best performance from a fighter who was 40+...
  60. who had better handspeed- Tyson or Ali?
  61. fighters who always abstained from women when boxing
  62. Rate these British Fighters in Order
  63. Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton Trilogy.....Who Won Each Fight?
  64. What were Muhammad Ali's 5 best fights?
  65. Measuring CHIN! What is your criteria?
  66. Cus D'Amato Ominous Prophetic Words Regarding Comeback Ali
  67. Showboaters from the past?
  68. What fights did Muhammad Ali underestimate his opponents the most?
  69. 'Barbardos Demon' Joe Walcott
  70. Gerrie Coetzee Research
  71. Holyfield "Foreman Hit Me Harder Then ANYONE"
  72. Namw some fighters who were fighting and beating world class comp with 15 fights or l
  73. Fighters that fought through injury in boxing history...
  74. Super Six Of the 90's Super Middleweight (Britain & Ireland)?
  75. Manny Pacquaio VS Oscar Dela Hoya
  76. Julio Caesar Chavez VS Manny Pacquaio
  77. Jack Johnson VS Joe Louis
  78. Muhammad Ali Takes Multiple Bombs From Earnie Shavers
  79. Boxers you wish there was more footage off.
  80. Was Liston passed it for Ali?
  81. What happens when you exchange shots with Julian Jackson?
  82. Eddie Mustafa Muhammad's Bodypunching on Marvin Johnson
  83. Super-six ATG version?
  84. Is this Calzaghe story true and what happend???
  85. ATG Fighters who never fought in Madison Square Garden
  86. Great Opening Rounds in Boxing History
  87. A Question About Harry Greb........
  88. Gabriel Campillo vs Beibut Shumenov II - The biggest ROBBERY I have ever seen
  89. Nigel Benn vs Joe Calzaghe Prime 4 Prime???
  90. Manny Pacquaio VS Erik Morales
  91. Question about the Ring Belt
  92. How would Mike Tyson have fared against a great swarming fighter?
  93. How did Brian Nielsen beat Larry Holmes?
  94. Hagler Commentary?
  95. Rate Chavez's defense.
  96. Dave Sands
  97. Sonny Liston VS Rocky Marciano
  98. Larry Holmes VS Joe Louis
  99. Diego Corrales vs Joel Casamayor II: Disgraceful decision or not?
  100. Tommy Hearns VS Roy Jones JR.
  101. Earnie Shavers VS Cerry Cooney
  102. Who was the Bigger Puncher Robinson, Hearns, Mccellan, Mugabi or Graziano?
  103. Azumah Nelson vs Brian Mitchell at 130?
  104. Who has more raw punching power....
  105. Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Aaron Pryor-prime
  106. Chris Eubank vs Bernard Hopkins??
  107. Question About Sugar Ray Robinson........
  108. How Great is Sam Langford?
  109. Throwback fighters
  110. Frazier, Tyson, Qawi: Rate these guys in terms of defense
  111. Fights where one guy absorbed way too much punishment
  112. Did Holyfield duck Ruddock?
  113. Opinions of Jimmy Wilde
  114. SRR left handed?
  115. Tyson vs. Douglas...Great Tid-bit/articles on why Tyson was going to lose
  116. Floyd Patterson said Johansson hit him harder than Liston
  117. Muhammad Ali vs Jack Johnson
  118. Best Ted Kid Lewis fight...
  119. Any Jack Dempsey fan here?
  120. British/HW/Champion Fighter Joe Beckett fights
  121. Roberto Duran vs. Kid Gavilan
  122. 1990s Foreman vs 1990s Tyson
  123. Its about time!
  124. Anybody else heard of that new Hall of champions
  125. How would Dwight Qawi do against...
  126. Salvador Sanchez
  127. Alexis Arguello VS Julio Caesar Chavez
  128. Aaron Pryor VS Manny Pacquaio
  129. Meldrick Taylor vs Pernell Whitaker at 147
  130. 10 fighters who aren't in Hall of Fame -- but should be
  131. Lewis would not have beaten Holyfield in his prime.
  132. Was Tyson favoured much against Lennox in '02?
  133. Is it true that Tito and Whitaker backed out a Quartey fight
  134. What would Prime Tyson vs Prime Tua be like?
  135. Muhammad Ali Reviews Frazier-Foreman I w/ Howard Cosell *Funny*
  136. What if... different ref in McKinney-Barrera
  137. David Tua and Holyfield sparring
  138. Whitaker vs Ramirez 1
  139. Ranking of the 1940-1960 lightheavyweights
  140. Pernell Whitaker vs Sugar Ray Leonard
  141. Joe Frazier Had a Glass Chin?
  142. I read a Jack Blackburn quote today...
  143. I thought this was mildly amusing....
  144. Frazier vs Patterson
  145. 1976 Wide World 0f Sports boxing special w/Muhammad Ali & cosell
  146. Did Foreman vs Frazier I end in a knockout?
  147. 30th Anniversary of Duran-Leonard I
  148. Interesting Observation During Ali-Norton II
  149. Henry Armstrong's title reign is overrated
  150. how good was willie pep?
  151. Name the best Michael Spinks fights to watch
  152. Vintage Fighter
  153. Why didnt Chris Byrd and James Toney ever fight each other?
  154. Jersey Joe Walcott thread.
  155. Kevin Kelley vs. Troy Dorsey
  156. does anyone know where i can get amateur records from
  157. Where do you rank duran in
  158. Henry Armstrong and Joe Frazier
  159. Roy Jones Jr vs Evander Holyfield at C/W
  160. What's up with ali's gloves in fight III with frazier?
  161. Manny Pacquaio VS Salvador Sanchez
  162. Roy Jones question ??
  163. Question: What Are the Top 10 Best Match Ups That Never Happened?
  164. Klitschko brothers vs These fighters
  165. Rank these 3 Heavyweights
  166. Question about Tyson vs Douglas
  167. Holmes and Foreman??
  168. Muhamamd ALi - Video Timeline with Commentary
  169. Prime Mike Tyson Vs Prime David Tua
  170. George Foreman and Sonny Liston sparring
  171. Does Hilario Zapata deserve induction into the IBHOF?
  172. Al Jones , was he avoided in the late 60's ?
  173. Cassius Clay vs Henry Cooper 1.......Torn Glove Controversy
  174. Smelling Salts Were Banned in the 50's. Stone Roses On Suicide Watch.
  175. George Foreman v Muhammad Ali - Round 1 Analysis
  176. If Ali Fought John Ruiz Would It Technically Be a Hugging Contest?
  177. How would Rocky Marciano do against Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson?
  178. Frazier vs Louis
  179. Barney Ross & His Ties With The Mafia & Terrorists
  180. List your top 30 (super) heavyweights (201+ unlimited weight) of all time
  181. List Your Top 30 Greatest Heavyweights (176+ Unlimited Weight) Of All Time
  182. Alexis Arguello
  183. Michael Spinks versus Marciano-both at 185
  184. Sonny Liston Vs Ernie Terrell Full Exhibition Fight (Video)
  185. Muhammad Ali Vs Superman - Movie Trailer
  186. your 10 Greatest Heavyweight Fights of All Time
  187. Why did Liston throw the 2nd fight with Ali?
  188. Roy Jones vs James Toney: How could Toney of won this?
  189. Barney Ross and why he's a hero
  190. Cleveland Williams' counter punches?
  191. 100 years ago on 4th of July. Fight of the century.
  192. joe calzaghe's resume?
  193. Jones vs Tarver II :What would've happened if tarver didn't had that left landed...
  194. Mike McCallum vs Marvin Hagler: How does this fight play out?
  195. Fighters who are tailor made for other fighters
  196. Jack Johnson and the Mann Act
  197. How high do you rate James Toney's Punching Power?
  198. who really deserved to get ‘Fighter of the Decade?
  199. George Foreman vs Sonny Liston
  200. Cleveland Williams/Tim Witherspoon who wins?
  201. Opinions on this list of fighters
  202. What To Expect If You Blog To Make Money
  203. Opinions on this list of fighters-Part 2
  204. Opinions on this list of fighters-Part 3
  205. Opinions on this list of fighters-Part 4
  206. Max Baer vs The Klitschko's - How Does He Fair?
  207. fighters who were never proven to have juiced,but you suspect did
  208. Maxie Rosenbloom = Definition of a "Featherfisted" Fighter
  209. List your favourite Marvin Hagler fights
  210. Mike Tyson: When did his prime end?
  211. Boxing moments of the last decade - Video
  212. What fighter would be the greatest street fighter?
  213. Jake La motta vs Gerald Mcclellan
  214. Leonard, Holmes and Dundee on Tyson-Spinks
  215. Why was Graciano Rocchigiani stripped of the WBC Light Heavyweight title?
  216. Why Rocchigianni was stripped of his title.
  217. Mike McCallum vs Michael Watson:Have you seen this fight?
  218. Mosley vs Tito and Quartey vs Cotto
  219. Your favorite displays of pure boxing (Boxing lesson etc)
  220. Does anyone remember (or has anyone heard of) a retired fighter named Harold Brazier?
  221. How good could Frank Bruno have been if he hadn't trained like a body builder?
  222. runcorn boxing history
  223. How long have you been watching?
  224. What happened to boxing?
  225. Bob Fitzsimmons Vs Modern Boxers?
  226. How many times was Liston down in his career?
  227. Which of these Hall of Fame boxers would have the best chance to beat Mayweather?
  228. Excellent article on Johnson-Jeffries
  229. Meldrick Taylor vs Howard Davis Jr
  230. liverpool boxing stadium
  231. Hearns wanted to fight Tyson?????
  232. Your Thoughts On Bruce Lee?
  233. Alexis Arguello suicide confirmed
  234. James Toney vs Mike McCallum I: Waht are your thoughts on this fight?
  235. Was beating Frazier big George's claim to fame?
  236. Orlin Norris , could he fight any better ?
  237. Pros who had a short amateur career or
  238. Panama Al Brown picks apart Teddy Baldock
  239. Are Today's Fighters Better than Fighters From The Past? Hell Yes
  240. Styles like Tyson and Frazier
  241. Thoughts on Llyod Honeyghan
  242. Ken Norton vs Larry Holmes: YOUR scorecard for the fight.
  243. This is crazy funny! It's only 2 rounds.So watch it.
  244. Does anyone collect Boxing Posters ??
  245. Eusebio Pedroza vs Salvador Sanchez
  246. Poet's top 20 P4P
  247. Boxing Books
  248. Thoughts on "Irish" Jerry Quarry?
  249. SBleeder's 100 All-time P4P List
  250. Joey Giardello vs Rubin Carter......Not A Robbery