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  1. 1942 Willie Pep vs 1938 Henry Armstrong
  2. What was Rocky Marciano's amateur record?
  3. Name some bad amateur boxer's who made good Pro boxers
  4. Roy Jones Jr Or Rocky Marciano? Who Greater?
  5. James Toney at his best against a faded,weight drained brawler
  6. ''Original'' Joe Walcott
  7. Is Roberto Duran A TOP 10 ATG?
  8. Tough Communities and tough fighters.
  9. Ray Mercer 1988 Olympic Final
  10. Prime Oscar De La Hoya vs. Prime Julio Cesar Chavez
  11. Who was better Nigel Benn or Chris Eubank?
  12. Fighting Harada?
  13. On this Day 1967: Ali Refuses Induction Into Armed Services
  14. Who would win: Carlos Monzon or Marvin Hagler?
  15. What In Your Opinion Is Jack Johnson's Best Win?
  16. Name a fighter that you think could have DECISIONED Prime Roy Jones.
  17. Trivia: Show how Jimmy Wilde could have defeated Primo Carnera!
  18. Floyd Mayweather vs Thomas Hearns at 147lb
  19. Nigel Benn vs Michael Nunn Prime 4 Prime?
  20. ESPN'S 50 Greatest Fighters Of All Time. Thoughts?
  21. Meldrick Taylor Vs Kostya Tszyu Prime 4 Prime
  22. if Hagler moved up to 175, and Marciano went down to that, who would win?
  23. Julian "The Hawk" Jackson
  24. Wfan.com boxing special on air now
  25. Mayweather-Corrales Round 7
  26. ......Cherry Pickers......
  27. Sugar Ray Robinson vs Ezzard Charles at 160lb
  28. Foreman's Worst/Most Biased Commentary?
  29. Bert Sugar- looks very bad again
  30. Floyd Mayweather's new place in history...
  31. Is Floyd Mayweather Jr Greater Than These Fighters?
  32. Chris Eubank vs James Toney Prime 4 Prime?
  33. The best throwback fighter in boxing today?
  34. How many future Hall of Famers Did Mayweather Beat?
  35. The Most Overrated Fighters - By Weightclass
  36. ATG Rankings
  37. Erik Morales VS Salvador Sanchez
  38. Floyd Mayweather Jr Or Sandy Saddler. Higher On A ATG List?
  39. Archie Moore Or Willie Pep?
  40. Facing Ali - Documentary
  41. Oscar Bonavena
  42. Joe Calzaghe vs Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnsen Prime 4 Prime?
  43. Angelo Dundee VS Eddie Futch
  44. Don King VS Bob Arum
  45. Worst 'Champion' in Boxing History
  46. Roberto Duran vs. James Toney at middleweight
  47. If Ali would have fought Forman in a 20 foot ring?
  48. Poll....Higher On A ATG List Robinson Or Ali?
  49. Dwight Muhamed Qawi called Marvin Hagler out
  50. How does Bob Foster match up against these 5 former Cruserweight champions?
  51. Was Agapito Sanchez beating Manny Pacquiao?
  52. Did Foreman deserve his title shot in his comeback
  53. John Ruiz HOF worthy?
  54. ATG Fighters Who Lost There Biggest Fight?
  55. Aaron Pryor Or Mike Tyson?
  56. Floyd Mayweather Or Jimmy Wilde?
  57. Battling Nelson vs Ad Wolgast
  58. Harry Willis, ATG Heavyweight?
  59. Sonny Liston and head to head match-ups
  60. Question for everyone....
  61. Is these a past or present middleweight who could of knocked out or stopped Hagler?
  62. Mathew Saad Muhammed or Joe Calzaghe who was the greater fighter?
  63. Jose Napoles Or Roy Jones Jr
  64. Favorite decade
  65. Name another middleweight who could of done what Roy Jones did and beat wba
  66. Nigel Benn or Virgil Hill who do you rate as the greater fighter?
  67. Tommy Morrison's win over George Foreman is under rated
  68. Pacquiao Or Ross?
  69. Roberto Duran sucked
  70. Best heavyweight jab ever?
  71. Roy Jones Jr. or James "Lights Out" Toney?
  72. Leonard vs Hearns II
  73. Top 2 ATG
  74. Ike Williams?
  75. Who is-was your favorite fighter(s)?
  76. Could current middleweight champion Sergio Martinez last the 15 round distance
  77. Hearns was a freakishly big welterweight?
  78. Name play
  79. who you rank higher
  80. pound-for-pound the best ever
  81. Dwight Qawi: Which fights would you recommend?
  82. 70's Foreman with the mind of 90's Foreman
  83. Jack Johnson - Joe Jeanette Sparring
  84. Why didnt a Carlos Monzon vs Hugo Corro fight happen??
  85. Fighters who didnt know how good they were?
  86. Thomas Hearns or Ted kid Lewis who was greater?
  87. Ricardo Mayorga or Juan Roldan who was greater?
  88. Funny Sugar Ray Robinson video.
  89. James Tillis says Tyson hit harder than Shavers
  90. Nigel Benn vs Sugar Ray Leonard 1990???
  91. 1941 Billy Conn vs 1952 Rocky Marciano
  92. Floyd Mayweather Or Micahel Spinks?
  93. In honor of my A's historic perfect game: Who was the best fighter ever from Oakland?
  94. Boxers who were bullied?
  95. Yaqui Lopez
  96. Bennie Briscoe KO's Tony Mundine
  97. Oscar De la Hoya vs Ray Leonard in the Amatuers?
  98. Greatest Heavyweights of The Past 20 Years
  99. Is a Miguel Canto a ATG?
  100. Antonio Tarver In IBHOF?
  101. Give Me Your Top 10 Puerto Rico Fighters In Order!
  102. Bert Sugar ''Pep, B. Leonard, Greb, and Louis are Greater Than Ali''
  103. How to beat a aggressive southpaw and
  104. Bob Foster Hardest P4P Puncher Ever?
  105. Prime Chris Eubank vs Joe Calzaghe
  106. Mike Tyson vs James Toney: whose higher on the ATG list?
  107. Griffith - Paret 3
  108. Was Bob Foster a big lightheavyweight?
  109. Was Muhammad Ali scared of George Forman?
  110. Ted ''Kid'' Lewis
  111. Why is Roberto Duran rated so high?
  112. How Great Is Lennox Lewis's Resume?
  113. Thomas Hearns Hearns vs Bob Foster lightheavyweight fight
  114. Primo Carnera vs Nikolai Valuev
  115. Greater HW. Max Schmeling or Lennox Lewis?
  116. Juan Manuel Marquez or Aaron Pryor?
  117. Ike Williams Or Floyd Mayweather Jr?
  118. Joe Louis vs Mike Tyson
  119. Carlos Monzon or Pernel Whitaker who was greater?
  120. Manny Pacquiao or Emile Griffith?
  121. Howard Cosell?
  122. sugar ray robinson nyc golden gloves pics.
  123. Scorecards:How did you have Tapia-Romero?
  124. Who are top 3 fighters for each division?
  125. The Magic Ticket....
  126. your thoughts on British Commentators
  127. Cluade Abrams ''Roy Jones Jr Is The Greatest Fighter Of All Time''
  128. Gene Fullmer
  129. ATG Fighters, That YOU Don't Enjoy Watching?
  130. How many times did Harry Greb beat Gene Tunney?
  131. The Best Face Fighters?
  132. Have any of these fighters got a good chance at geting in the ibhf?
  133. Who is the most skilled boxer Henry Armstrong ever fought?
  134. Eusebio Pedroza vs Juan LaPorte
  135. Prime Gerald Mccellan vs Prime Juan Domingo Roldan
  136. Henry Armstrong
  137. Billy Conn vs Sugar ray Robinson lightheavyweight fight
  138. Eubank when predicted to lose, and pre-Watson tragedy
  139. Harry Greb
  140. Salvador Sanchez VS Erik Morales
  141. Charley Burley Or Roy Jones Jr?
  142. Rank These Fighters In Order Of Most Wasted Potential
  143. Is Felix Trinidad a ATG?
  144. Sonny Liston vs Mike Tyson
  145. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Benny Leonard
  146. my top ATG 3 of each division
  147. Carlos Monzon - educate me.
  148. Bennie Briscoe Or Fernando Vargas?
  149. Who was the greater fighter?
  150. Mayweather VS Roy Jones @ 155
  151. Sugar Ray Robinson vs Harry Greb vs Henry Armstrong - Better Resume?
  152. Junior Jones?
  153. None ATG Fighters Who Had ATG/Great Resume's?
  154. Is Marco Antonio Barrera A ATG?
  155. Holman Williams or James Toney who do you rate as the greater fighter?
  156. James Toney vs Bernard Hopkins: Whose higher on the ATG list?
  157. Rocky Marciano
  158. Evander Holyfield vs Michael Spinks
  159. Elite Fighters with Glass Jaws
  160. Is Mike Tyson A ATG?
  161. Is Sammy Angott A True All Time Great?
  162. James Toney vs Bernard Hopkins: How does this fight play out
  163. Lennox Lewis No1 fan stops the nuthugging
  164. Did Riddick Bowe Duck Lennox Lewis?
  165. Bob Montgomery
  166. Lennox Lewis vs Ernie Terrell
  167. Donald Curry vs Pernell Whitaker at 147
  168. Is Floyd Patterson a ATG HW?
  169. Is Paul Malignaggi One Of The Worst Fighters To Ever Win A World Title?
  170. Did Joe Frazier Duck The Big Punchers of His Era?
  171. one of the best greb photos i've seen
  172. Ezzard Charles vs Harry Greb
  173. Should Gene Tunney be ranked ahead of Dempsey P4P?
  174. 2010 Paul Williams vs 1982 Tony Ayala Jr At 154lb
  175. Would Hagler's Chin Hold Up From The Following Heavyweights?
  176. Fighters Who Were Never The Same After A Certain Fight?
  177. What In Your Opinion Is The Biggest Upset In The History Of Boxing?
  178. Chalky Wright?
  179. Greater Resume - Sugar Ray Robinson or Roy Jones Jr?
  180. Pernell Whitaker should've been FOTD for the '90s
  181. Is Azumah Nelson a ATG?
  182. Past Or Present Fighters, Who Lacked ''Killer Instict''
  183. How Much Do Hopkins's Losses To Taylorx2, and Calzaghe Effect His ATG Ranking?
  184. Prime Mathew saad Muhammed vs Prime Roy Jones 15 round
  185. Carlos Monzon comes out of a 2 year retirement to fight Hagler How does he do?
  186. If you could direct a film about any boxers life,who would you choose?
  187. ATG Fighters Who ''Clearly'' Ducked A Certain Fighter?
  188. George Foreman pep talk to Diosbelys Hurtado after Pernell Whitaker fight
  189. Is Max Schmeling A ATG?
  190. Out Of This List, Who Is The Most Underrated Fighter?
  191. best duran fight
  192. Joe Louis Belts
  193. Foreman's Greatness, With Out The Comeback?
  194. Fighters who won titles in 3 or more decisions and never lost title in ring
  195. Joe Frazier: I would've beat Marciano and Tyson no problem''
  196. Winky Wright Or Riddick Bowe?
  197. ''John L Sulivan Is Greater Than Roy Jones Jr, Monzon, Arguello, Benitez, & Hopkins''
  198. Roberto Duran VS. Davey Moore
  199. Eusebio Pedroza
  200. Did Rocky Marciano's managment avoid fights against Ninio Naldes and Tommy Jackson?
  201. The 5 biggest names in boxing ever?
  202. who in boxing history can OUTBOX floyd mayweather jr.?
  203. Is Oscar De La Hoya A ATG?
  204. Carlos Monzon Or Manny Pacquiao?
  205. Shortest time to a world title.
  206. Ray Leonard Or Roberto Duran?
  207. Jack Dempsey or Sam Langford who do you rate as the greater fighter?
  208. Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman - the importance of fetching the ring
  209. Floyd Patterson
  210. Prime winky wright vs prime oscar de la hoya?
  211. Jack Johnson vs Jack Dempsey
  212. Muhammad Ali and Ray Leonard under rate Big Punches
  213. Will Tom Johnson make the ibhf?
  214. Do you ever use Google News Archive to see old articles of your favorite fighters?
  215. Just rewatched Tyson vs Golota
  216. Historical Significance/ Vazquez-Marquez
  217. Is Floyd Mayweather Jr A ATG?
  218. Marvin Hagler Or Rocky Marciano?
  219. Marvin Hagler say's Eugene Hart was the Hardest Puncher he faced
  220. Ron Lyle
  221. Jack Dempsey or Harry Greb?
  222. why didnt Whitaker fight Norris
  223. Stanley Ketchel or Salvador Sanchez?
  224. Is ______ an ATG?
  225. Why we never saw Tyson-Foreman
  226. Top 5 Greatest Resume Of Wins?
  227. Jim Jeffries vs Evander Holyfield
  228. Question about Harry Greb...
  229. Fighters who came throught the hard way
  230. Naseem Hamed or Pipino cuevas who was greater?
  231. Crowd pleasing Kill or be Killed fighters
  232. Sugar Ray Robinson, THE MAN
  233. Ali ruled down vs Mildenberger?
  234. Let's talk about Chris Eubank.
  235. Kid Gavilan displays how to handle a southpaw
  237. Hansen-Green; best ever boxingmoment in Denmark.
  238. Tony Tucker?
  239. A PRIME Holmes vs Tyson
  240. Hardest hitters - any weight - top ten in your opinion
  241. Tyson-Sanders Exhibition
  242. Kassim Ouma Profile: "I've lost track how many people I've killed."
  243. Delete , there is a newer duplicate by mistake
  244. What was the diference in their styles ?
  245. Kid Gavilan's Chin
  246. Earnie Shavers's Loss To Bob Stallings?
  247. Who's The 3rd Greatest Heavyweight Of All Time?
  248. Ali and Frazier not in same class as Dempsey and Tunney
  249. Tom Bethea
  250. Harold Johnson outpoints top heavyweight Eddie Machen