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  1. Fighters who hit there prime at a late age?
  2. Who's The Greatest Fighter You Have Seen Live?
  3. Who In Your Opinion Is The Best Amatuer Boxer Of All Time?
  4. Higher On A ATG List. Ray Leonard Or Jack Dempsey?
  5. Boxing scene historians help
  6. Thoughts???
  7. Marciano is overrated - agree or disagree
  8. Your Top 10 Least Liked Fights? Past Or Present?
  9. Ricky Hatton's Greatness?
  10. Whats the difference between a
  11. What is the greatest Amateur fight ever
  12. Is Floyd A Bad Match Up For Alexis Arguello?
  13. Grade Marvin Hagler Resume Of Wins?
  14. Boxers with some of the best punching power under Super middleweight
  15. If Frazier won Manila, or Norton won the 3rd fight, would be judge Ali differently?
  16. The sad story of Rocky Lockridge
  17. Have You Ever Seen So Much Crap Posted Like This?
  18. Box2008 and his spewed garbage
  19. Pound for Pound question
  20. Ruiz and history
  21. Michael Spinks, What A Fighter!
  22. Who had the better stamina and cardio Marciano Or Basilo?
  23. Who Punched Harder Ketchell or Mccellan?
  24. What Middleweight would have the best chance of stopping a prime Dick Tiger?
  25. What heavyweight champions could beat the following fighters.
  26. 1986 Mike McCallum vs........
  27. Trivia: Can you name these 6 men?
  28. You Top 10 Least Favourite Fighters To Watch?
  29. The Return of Antonio Margarito
  30. What Heavyweight Champions had the best stamina?
  31. What heavyweight champions had the most heart?
  32. How does Jack Dempey match up against today's heavyweights?
  33. Rocky Marciano G.O.A.T?
  34. Name some big punchers below 130?
  35. The Myth of Sugar Ray Robinson and "Pound for Pound"
  36. 1996 David Tua vs. 2004 Corrie Sanders
  37. Who are the most overrated punchers in boxing history?
  38. How would prime Michael Spinks do in 2010
  39. 1970/1971 Joe Frazier vs 1959/1960 Sonny Liston
  40. 1995 Frank Bruno vs 1970 Bob Foster At HW
  41. name some contenders from the past who you feel beat The Klitschko`s
  42. Boxers who stole another boxers nickname
  43. Notable Quotes from Boxing champions
  44. Sonny Liston's most impressive performance...
  45. Who in your opinion is the greatest.....
  46. Alberto Santiago Lovell
  47. 1981 Alexis Arguello vs 1964 Jose Napoles
  48. Will/Should Fernando Vargas Be Inducted Into The IBHOF?
  49. Ike Ibeabuchi vs Lennox Lewis
  50. Is Sam Langford The G.O.A.T?
  51. Emille Griffith Or Michael Spinks?
  52. If You Were Allowed To Spend A Day With One Fighter Past Or Present, Who Would It Be?
  53. World Champs, who won it in their teens?
  54. [VIDEO] Rocky Marciano on Muhammad Ali
  55. [VIDEO] Mike Tyson Talks About Rocky Marciano
  56. Boxers who dated famous Women
  57. Is Jack Dempsey Overrated?
  58. Joe Calzaghe Or Carlos Zarate?
  59. What Harry Greb Fight Would You Most Like To See?
  60. Cleveland "Big Cat" Williams KO
  61. Dick Tiger Or Jake Lamotta?
  62. Is Naseem Hamed A ATG Featherweight?
  63. Nikolay Valuev Or Tony Galento. Who's The More Capable/Greater Fighter?
  64. Mike McCallum or Aaron Pryor? Who's Greater?
  65. Any of these fighter's got a claim to the hardest puncher all time pound 4 pound tag?
  66. Roberto Duran and Nigel Benn sparring.
  67. George Chuvalo
  68. Muhammad Ali vs The Supersized Heavyweights
  69. Did Kalule and Pryor meet as amateurs????
  70. Why was Nelson beating Fenech regarded as such an upset?
  71. Ali Or Pep?
  72. 1948 Sandy Saddler vs 1938 Henry Armstrong
  73. Greater HW. Frazier Or Marciano?
  74. Boxers who were at one point considered the greatest of all time.
  75. Leonard-Mayweather
  76. RIP - Arthur Mercante
  77. Is Tony Zale A ATG?
  78. Higher On A ATG List? Lennox Lewis Or Jake Lamotta?
  79. Herol Graham vs Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank?
  80. Marcel Cerdan vs Carmon Basilio
  81. Who In Your OPINION is The Greatest European Fighter?
  82. Need help from hhascup, TheGreatA, or anyone else
  83. If Holmes was in his prime, would he have still lost to Tyson?
  84. Bob Foster Or Ricardo Lopez?
  85. Besides Ali I, What's Frazier Most Impressive Performance?
  86. Shane Mosley vs Whitaker and Duran's comp at 135 and 147
  87. Arthur Mercante dies at age of 90
  88. Jake Lamotta @ HW Vs The Following.......
  89. What Fighters Do You Look Up To, On A Personal Level?
  90. What's Sam Langford Best Win?
  91. Sonny Liston vs Larry Holmes
  92. Fighters We Know For A Fact That Have Taken PEDrugs/Steroids?
  93. Out of the ring heroics
  94. Your favorite featherweight fights?
  95. Rocky Marciano's Most Impressive Performance?
  96. 2010 Wladamir Klitschko vs 1992 Riddick Bowe
  97. Your Least Fav Fight From Every Weight Class?
  98. Rare Film My uploads on Youtube
  99. Boxers who did Acting?
  100. Monday, April 12, 2010 Upcoming Events: Barney Flores Presents The 2010 JO and SR B
  101. Mayweather vs Gatti: A Flashback
  102. 1995 Mike Tyson vs 2010 Vitali Klitschko
  103. Boxers Who Became Broke After They Retired?
  104. Qawi ''Holyfield Was On Juice''
  105. Lets say Conn beats Louis, How High Would He Rank On A ATG List?
  106. How does a guy go from fighting at 175 to 213 pounds in just four months?
  107. Caballero and Williams are very much alike..
  108. Wosrt Boxing Books You Have Read?
  109. Champions who cleaned out their division avoiding no-one
  110. Kostya Tszyu vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. @ 140
  111. Could Carlos Monzon of won the lightheavyweight title?
  112. Carmen Basilo how does he match up with the avoided fighters of the 40's?
  113. David Haye or Tommy Farr?
  114. Andy Ganigan attacked/ beaten March 26th
  115. Gene Tunney vs Ezzard Charles?
  116. If Ali were never stripped of his title in 1967, could he have beaten Louis' record?
  117. What 10 Fights Would You Most Like To See On Footage?
  118. Manny Pacquiao's first fight at 122 weight class
  119. Any one else think bob foster had a very weak title reign?
  120. Won but Died
  121. 1st Soviet boxer to defeat an American
  122. Tournament of Champions
  123. Marvin Hagler or Barney Ross?
  124. What Was Ezzard Charles Most Impressive Performance?
  125. How Great Was Carmon Basilio?
  126. Higher On A ATG List? Roy Jones Jr or Jack Dempsey?
  127. How Many Years Have YOU Followed Boxing For?
  128. Bowe-Holyfield 3
  129. Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Hector Camacho at LW
  130. Who had the best record against southpaws?
  131. An undefeated Mike McCallum vs an Undfeated Mike Nunn
  132. Juan Manuel Marquez's Greatness?
  133. Roberto Duran>>>>>>Benny Leonard, Willie Pep, Ray Leonard? Do You Agree?
  134. Floyd Mayweather Jr Or Carlos Ortiz?
  135. Bob Fitzsimmons G.O.A.T?
  136. which klit ranks higher?
  137. The greatest Cruiserweight fight of all time.
  138. Who in your opinion is the best....
  139. Why do people give lennox lewis so much **** for kicking tyson's ass?
  140. Is a Prime Michael Nunn the biggest threat for
  141. Jake Lamotta Or Bernard Hopkins?
  142. Where you rank Roy Jones Jr in your ATG list?
  143. 1944 Charley Burley vs 1949 Ray Robinson
  144. Thoughts On A Prime Robinson's Draw With Jose Basora and Henry Brimm?
  145. Sergio Martinez vs. Julian Jackson
  146. charley burleys defense was amazing
  147. Fighters With A Unbreakable Will?
  148. Put These Fighters In Order
  149. Top 10 Light-Heavies from best to worst
  150. Is Roy Jones Greater Than These Fighters?
  151. The best of all time have one thing in common
  152. Lennox Lewis vs Joe Louis?????
  153. Fighters who were expected to do nothing, but went on to become champion or contender
  154. Anyone know who this is?
  155. Who in your opinion...
  156. Ali or Louis?
  157. Sugar Ray Leonard Is NOT at Top 15 ATG!!!!!!
  158. ATG's with Poor Resumes..
  159. Does Manny Pacquiao make your Top 5 P4P Fighters in History?
  160. Is Pacquiao really a 7 weight champ?
  161. The greater Leonard?
  162. Haye to pay Povetkin step a side cash, is Haye scared
  163. Moore or Charles?
  164. Eddie Chambers vs Razor Ruddock
  165. What do people match up fighters
  166. Rs: Boxing deaths
  167. Top 10 Middleweights from best to worst
  168. "Rusty" George Foreman vs Ron Lyle Video
  169. Mike Tyson vs Joe Louis
  170. Joe Louis vs these fighters
  171. Top 10 Fighters P4P Last 40 Years?
  172. What made Fernando Vargas good ?
  173. Mayweather states he is better than Ali and SRR
  174. Fighters who turned to drink?
  175. Greatest 40 fighters of the last 40 years?
  176. Mickey Walker Underrated?
  177. Roy Jones Jr Or Carlos Monzon? Who's Greater?
  178. Carbajal vs. Finito
  179. Joe Calzaghe vs Carl Froch?
  180. Joe Calzaghe Or Mike McCallum?
  181. Higher On A ATG List? Arguello Or Hearns?
  182. Harry Greb Or Muhammad Ali. Who's Greater?
  183. Did Edwin Valero do enough to warrant IBHOF induction?
  184. Carlos Monzon vs Billy Conn Middleweight fight 15 rounds
  185. Prme Bnn and Eubank vs Super Six??
  186. Roberto Duran VS Manny Pacquiao @135
  187. Geoge Foreman VS Larry Holmes
  188. Holmes VS Tyson
  189. 1919 Jack Dempsey vs 1938 Joe Louis
  190. Aaron Pryor or Ricardo Lopez? Higher On A ATG List?
  191. Taylor-Chavez Debacle: Whose Fault?
  192. History Section Rank These Fighters In Order!
  193. Who would you rank Higher Micky Ward or Angel Manfredy?
  194. Best Exits from the Sport?
  195. Fighters you have seen-fights gone to
  196. ATG Fighters who are classed as "Rubbish" coz of one Defeat
  197. Panama Al Brown
  198. Boxing becomeing a old man's sport?
  199. The Battle Of Joes: Louis Versus Frazier
  200. Trivia: 6 x Who am I?
  201. What Does Pacquiao Have To Do, To Surpass Ray Leonard?
  202. Could Muhammad Ali beat Joe Louis after his 3 1/2 year lay-off?
  203. Joe Calzaghe's Greatness?
  204. Boxingchat
  205. If Hasegawa wins...
  206. everyone talks about srl 4 great wins
  207. P4P: Calzaghe vs Mayweather
  208. Check this out
  209. How Great Do You Feel Jake Lamotta Was?
  210. Did Vassiliy Jirov Reach His Full Potential?
  211. Would Laszlo Papp have won the middleweight title?
  212. Favorite Rising Star?
  213. Tommy Morrision's Amatuer Record!
  214. Rocky Lockridge vs Gomez
  215. Could Bob Foster KO Jake Lamotta at 175lb?
  216. Is Joe Louis A Top 5 ATG?
  217. Joe Calzaghe vs Lucian Bute?
  218. 1980 Matthew Saad Muhammad vs 1974 Carlos Monzon At 175lb
  219. How highly do you rate Junior Jones?
  220. Opinions On This Historians?
  221. Higher On A ATG List. Charley Burley Or Bernard Hopkins?
  222. Alfonso Zamora
  223. Has Eusebio Pedroza Got A Claim As The Best FW Of All Time?
  224. Why does sonnyboyx2 hate lennox lewis so much?
  225. Who was the most composed fighter?
  226. Teddy Yarosz
  227. Jones vs Tarver II: Was it a lucky punch?
  228. Top 10 Welterweights from best to worst
  229. Archie Moores best fights
  230. Michael Nunn links
  231. Your thoughts on former world title challenger Erick Harding?
  232. Billy Conn how does he match up against these 6 devasting punches?
  233. Who do you rank as the greater fighter Mickey Walker or Thomas Hearns?
  234. Jones vs Michalczewski - who ducked who?
  235. Tall Puncher's vs Short Pressure Fighters?
  236. Tommy Ryan breaks down the top fighters of 1907
  237. Best fighters at there weight category
  238. Higher On A ATG List. Lennox Lewis Or Wilfred Benitez?
  239. Tony "Two Ton" Galento vs Chris Arreola?
  240. Manny Pacquiao Or Jimmy McLarnin?
  241. The Little Warriors Appreciation Thread
  242. Anyone else getting virus's in here?
  243. Wiilie Pep G.O.A.T?
  244. Lennox Lewis Or Sonny Liston?
  245. Arreola Vs. Louis
  246. Oscar DeLa Hoya VS Roberto Duran
  247. Roy Jones Jr Or Tony Canzoneri?
  248. Joe Calzaghe Or Jersey Joe Walcott?
  249. Is Ray Leonard A Top 10 ATG?
  250. Manny Pacquiao Or Bob Fitzsimmons?