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  1. How Did Dwight Qawi Achieve So Much In The Sport, When Starting At Such A Late Age?
  2. Jose Napoles
  3. What was the biggest and most anticipated fight in boxing history?
  4. ATG Fighters Who Had A Brief/Short Title Reign?
  5. Which win is most important for Big George?
  6. Jack Dempsey
  7. Would Tyson of beaten Holyfield, Foreman and Lewis between 86-90 befoe douglas defeat
  8. Jerry Quarry vs Jack Sharkey
  9. Who in your opinion was the best volume puncher of all time?
  10. Top 5 historical fights @ heavyweight?
  11. Which Klitschko will be rated higher?
  12. At this moment who is the greater fighter Manny Pacquiao or Billy Conn?
  13. The 20 Greatest Fighters of the 20th Century
  14. Triva: 5k For Right Answer!
  15. Any one else think Jimmy Wilde was over rated?
  16. Fighter To Get The Most World Title Shots, But Never Win A World Title?
  17. Meldrick Taylor's Career & Potential
  18. IF they fought a 10 fight series?
  19. Roberto Duran???
  20. Trivia: 5 (6?) HOF'ers who all fought each other!
  21. Kindly rate in order of impressiveness/importance
  22. Most overrated fighter of the last decade?
  23. Willie Pep Overrated or Not??
  24. The Hardest Hitting Heavyweights Video Compilation Part 3
  25. How would Froch do if he was around the Super Middleweights of the 90's?
  26. Who were some fighters who relied on their physical talents
  27. Roy Jones Jr. Vs. "The Comeback" George Foreman
  28. Orlando Canizales
  29. Who were the most one-dimensional ATG's
  30. Rate These Performances In Order Of Impressivenes!
  31. Ruben Hurricane Carter
  32. Fighters who's careers were made or broken by hindsight or revisionist history
  33. Looking for ANY info you can give me on my Great Uncle Troy Bellini
  34. Who In Your Opinion Is The Greatest Trainer Of All Time?
  35. 30 Most Exciting Fighters of the last 30 years
  36. Jake Lamotta vs Thomas Hearns
  37. How is Marvin Hagler not the best MW of all time?
  38. Who's the greatest lightweight of all-time?
  39. Emmanuel Augustus is The Greatest Fighter Of All Time
  40. Picture of the Statue of Joe Louis's Fist in Down Town Detroit!!!
  41. Fighters Who People Think Are Overrated, But You Don't?
  42. If you had one pich which one of these fighters get your vote to be in the ibhf?
  43. Ring Magazine ''Aaron Pryor>>>Jones Jr, Hearns, Mclarnin, Burley, Frazier.
  44. Name your favourite contender(a fighter who did not hold a world title)
  45. Overrated Bad Decisions?
  46. Why didnt fighters ever go to Mike Tysons
  47. Marvin Hagler vs Jake Lamotta
  48. Any websites that has old fights?
  49. Put these HOFers in order of greatness
  50. Muhammad Ali vs Benny Leonard - Who Ranks Higher P4P?
  51. Most exciting fighter of every generation?
  52. If Floyd Defeated Mosley and Pacquiao, Would He Have A Legit At Being The Greatest?
  53. Put these fighters in order of greatness
  54. Rate these 7 fighters in order of greatness
  55. rate these 8 fighters in terms of legacy..
  56. B. Leonard/Ali breakdown
  57. Pick Who Was Greater?
  58. Roy Jones Jr Or Jake Lamotta?
  59. Bert Sugar's 100 Greatest Fighters List......Give Me Your Opinion!
  60. 64 Liston vs 74 Ali
  61. Nigel Benn vs Joe Calzaghe Prime 4 Prime?
  62. Has anybody seen Michael Spinks vs. Eddie Davis?
  63. 2003 Roy Jones vs. 1983 Tim Witherspoon
  64. Jack Dempsey or Carlos Monzon?
  65. Suppose Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Donald Curry swapped time periods...
  66. Eder Jofre Or Manny Pacquiao?
  67. Historians........Rate These IBHOF's In Terms Of Greatness!
  68. Carlos Monzon
  69. Fighters who everyone thinks is underrated, but you don't?
  70. Mike Tyson or Panama Al Brown?
  71. Does anyone know what Curry's beef with Leonard was about
  72. Fighters Who In Big Fights, Just Came To Survive?
  73. ..
  74. How High do You rate Jack Johnson in your ATG heavyweight list?
  75. Fighters who went undefeated in more than 10 title fights for their career.
  76. Name me some fighters who had bad stats to there careers
  77. Why is boxing history so kind to illegal substance users?
  78. Higher On A ATG List? Stanley Ketchel Or Sandy Saddler?
  79. Ring Magazine's 80 Greatest Fighters Of The Last 80 Years........Give Me Your Opinion
  80. Put these former tv favourites in order of greatness
  81. Rate these 5 fighters in order
  82. Who was the Greatest Fighter Joe Louis Defeated?
  83. Joe Calzaghe vs James Toney Prime 4 Prime?
  84. Prime Lennox Lewis vs Prime Riddick Bowe?
  85. Does anyone have pics of Tyson's father/brother
  86. Back in 1995 how would of Bernard Hopkins vs Terry Norris went?
  87. De La Hoya vs Tszyu at 147
  88. Rate These IBHOF Fighters In Order Of Greatness!
  89. To make it in todays boxing do you need to have the big amateur background?
  90. James Toney vs Prime Lennox Lewis
  91. Where was the first Hispanic world champ from?
  92. George Benton
  93. Felix trinidad
  94. LHW vs Big HW
  95. George Foreman - Making History
  96. MUST SEE. Bert Sugar's First TOP 100 Fighters List (DONE IN 1984)
  97. Great Comebacks
  98. Who takes Floyd Mayweather vs Carmen Basilio at 147
  99. Ali is greater than Robinson
  100. Worst chins in heavyweight history?
  101. Jake Lamotta or Manny Pacquiao?
  102. Henry Armstrong Or Muhammad Ali? Who Do You Feel Was Greater?
  103. More Accomplished HW Lennox Lewis Or Joe Frazier?
  104. Sumbu Kalambay vs James Toney
  105. was a prime mike tyson predictable
  106. top 5 most predictable fighters
  107. how will mayweather jr
  108. Michael Spinks vs. John Ruiz
  109. Amazing Freddie Steele Footage vs Dundee
  110. Writing a article on fighters with no amateur background in boxing
  111. How come there are no more great White lower weight fighters?
  112. How did you score Ali vs Norton III?
  113. weigh in's
  114. Exciting debuts?
  115. Tony Canzoneri Or Carlos Monzon?
  116. Manny Pacquiao vs Julio Cesar Chavez at 135lb
  117. Archie Moore or Ray Leonard?
  118. ATG Fighters, Who Disliked Training?
  119. Describe Joe Louis In One Word?
  120. Did Muhammad Ali miss his Best years?
  121. Eddie Machen vs Jack Sharkey
  122. Sugar Ray Robinson as a WW-could anyone have beaten him?
  123. Has Jeff Chandler got a claim to being the greatest bantamweight ever?
  124. Dwight Muhammed Qwai should be rated in the top ten greatest lightheavyweight of all
  125. Harold Johnson One of the most under rated fighters of all time?
  126. Ron Lyle how does he match up with todays Heavyweights?
  127. Most famous boxer ever?
  128. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter "The 16th Round" autobiography
  129. Was Tyson Shot or in his Prime vs Lewis
  130. Joe Frazier vs Larry Holmes
  131. What Are Your Thoughts On Sandy Saddler?
  132. Lennox Lewis vs Ron Lyle
  133. Very controversial stoppages/decisions that you agreed with?
  134. Joe Frazier beats both Klitschkos
  135. The Top 5 British Boxers Of the 90's?
  136. De La Hoya best fights
  137. How many Heavyweights did Joe Louis beat that rank in the top 15 off all-time?
  138. Jimmy Mclarnin or Jose Napoles?
  139. (One Pick) What Is The Most Impressive Performance You Have Ever Seen?
  140. Arturo Gatti vs Gabriel Ruelas (1997)
  141. Roy Jones Jr or Nicolino Locche?
  142. Alexis Arguello vs Nicolino Locche at 135lb
  143. How do you think Froch, Margarito, Andrade etc. would've done 50+ years ago?
  144. Lennox Lewis vs Roy Jones: who ranks higher on the ATG list?
  145. Riddick Bowe ducked Lewis: for the final time
  146. Dwight Muhammad Qawi Tribute Video
  147. Mayweather VS Mosley Undercard
  148. Bowe vs Lewis in 1993 who would have won
  149. Kid Gavilan KO
  150. Michael Spinks Or Jake Lamotta? Who Was Greater?
  151. Great Who Could Of Achieved More?
  152. British Boxing Hall of Fame
  153. Fighters who were destined to become ATG's, but ???
  154. Lennox Lewis vs Michael Grant
  155. Who Is The Most Elusive Fighter Of All Time?
  156. Prime LHW Dwight Muhhamad Qawi vs Hopkins/Calzaghe at 175lb
  157. Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn
  158. List your best fighters of all-time in each division
  159. Harold Johnson vs Ezzard Charles
  160. Mike McCallum vs Bernard Hopkins: who do you rank higher on the ATG list?
  161. Boxers who beat every boxer they ever faced, but who were not undefeated?
  162. List Your Most Underrated Fighter Of Each Division
  163. Wille Pep Or Pernell Whitaker?
  164. What Colour Should Hispanic Fighters etc Monzon, Be Classed As, Black Or White Raced?
  165. A Near Prime Jung-Koo Chang Showing The Art of Pressure Fighting
  166. In The Pantheon Of Great Asian Fighters Where Do You Rate Yoko Gushiken?
  167. I dont get Harry Greb's boxing Record
  168. Roy Jones Jr Or Alexis Arguello, Who Was Greater?
  169. Newspaper Decisions
  170. Why didn't Wills fight Tunney?
  171. Which fighter from before your time made the biggest influence on you?
  172. Bernard Hopkins Or Salvador Sanchez? Who Is Greater?
  173. Is Wladamir Klitschko A Greater HW Than The Following?
  174. Joe Frazier Or Felix Trinidad Who Ranks Higher On A ATG List?
  175. 1996 Evander Holyfield vs Vitali Klitschko
  176. What would be the Biggest fight in boxing history?
  177. Best Boxer Analyst HBO Had?
  178. Score cards:Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier 1
  179. Non ATG Fighters Who Have Better Resume Of Wins, Than A ATG Fighter?
  180. Why did it take Frazier 3 years to give Ali a rematch?
  181. Late and foul punches.
  182. 2003 HW Roy Jones Jr vs 1995 Mike Tyson
  183. Did Emanuel Steward Blame Jack Johnson for the deaths of innocent blacks?
  184. What Types Of Drugs Was Joe Louis Addicted To?
  185. Frank Bruno
  186. Famous fighters associated with the underworld?
  187. Historians Rate These Fighters In Order Of Greatness!
  188. Prime Marvin Hagler vs Prime Roy Jones Jr At 175lb
  189. Past Or Present Boxers Who Lifted Weights?
  190. Who Are The Best Boxing Historians?
  191. Overrated Trainers?
  192. Did Dempsey Take A Dive?
  193. time machine question
  194. 15 rounds day of fight weighin how does Mayweather match up against these 5 fighters
  195. Ring Magazine fighter of the year
  196. just watched the David Tua fight
  197. Alexis Arguello vs Ricky Hatton at 140
  198. Jake LaMotta in his prime
  199. Bernard Hopkins Or Charley Burley, Who Ranks Higher On A ATG List?
  200. 1988 Iran Barkely vs Kelly Pavlik at 160lb
  201. Hatton Vs Mancini at 140..?
  202. 2001 Marco Antonio Barrera vs 1984/1985 Azumah Nelson At FW
  203. Jack Dempsey
  204. How Much Current Boxing Do You Watch?
  205. Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson pre fight hype
  206. Could Muhammad Ali lay on the ropes against Mike Tyson?
  207. Elusive aggresive fighters
  208. Harry Greb article
  209. Carlos Monzon Vs Jake LaMotta
  210. Bernard vs Haye
  211. Higher On A ATG List, Roy Jones Jr Or Joe Frazier?
  212. Post Your Top 10 HW Welterweight List!
  213. Who Are The Ten Best Fighters Of The Last 10 Years Not To Have Won A World Title?
  214. 1931 Tony Canzoneri vs 1938 Henry Armstrong At 135lb
  215. If John Ruiz Beats Haye, Will He Be Inducted In The IBHOF?
  216. Carmen Basilo vs Holman Williams 147 who takes it?
  217. Randy Sandy
  218. James Toney
  219. In Your Opinions How Many Decision's Should Of Ali Not Got?
  220. 1917 Benny Leonard vs 1938 Henry Armstrong At LW
  221. Nigel Benn vs Rocky Graziano
  222. History section rank them!!!!!!!!!
  223. ATG Fighters, With Weak Resume's?
  224. Aaron Pryor Or Wilfredo Benitez? Who Should Rank Higher On A ATG List?
  225. Was Carlos Zarate A ATG?
  226. The Most Underrated Black Murders Row Member?
  227. Is The IBHOF Corrupt/Biased?
  228. 1980 Marvin Hagler vs 1957 Gene Fullmer
  229. 1976 John Conteh vs 2003 Antonio Tarver at 175lb
  230. 1965 Jose Napoles vs 1978 Roberto Duran At 140lb
  231. List Your Top Ten Greatest Southpaw's In Order
  232. Fighters Who Failed To Live Up To There Pre Fight Talk?
  233. Diego Corrales vs Duran..(punching power only)
  234. Snopkins - Post Your Top 10 P4P ATG List
  235. How bad did the loss to Leonard hurt Hagler
  236. 1986 Julio Cesar Chavez vs 1979 Alexis Arguello At 126lb
  237. Journymen Who Could Of Been Something?
  238. I got a cool picture -
  239. 1952 Jersey Joe Walcott vs 1956/1957 Floyd Patterson
  240. ATG Fighters Who Went Off The Rails, In Retirement?
  241. The Most Underrated Title Reign?
  242. 1967 Bennie Briscoe vs 1963 Rubin Carter
  243. Did Joe Frazier Underestimate George Foreman In their 1st Fight?
  244. 2010 Wladamir Klitschko vs 1982 Larry Holmes
  245. Who is the worst boxer that you consider an all-time great?
  246. what are the most inspirational fights?
  247. Anthony The Man Mudine
  248. Similiar styles
  249. Grade Joe Fraziers resume
  250. Grade the following fighter's resumes