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  1. Archie Moore vs Ken Norton At HW
  2. "Two Seconds From Glory" - Meldrick Tayler
  3. Fighters who reached 100 fights without being KOD?
  4. Controversial - should heavyweight history be revised?
  5. What Were Cus D'Amato's Thoughts On Roberto Duran?
  6. Why do some people question Hagler's chin?
  7. After what Dempsey did to Sharkie, i have no sympathy for his long count
  8. Let's talk about Charley Burley?
  9. The Undefeated
  10. Mike Tyson Top 10 Most Outrageous Quotes
  11. Only one word describes this picture: "GREATNESS"
  12. Which boxing greats have suffered from Dementia pugilistica?
  13. Article on Mayweather vs. "The Greats"
  14. Whitaker vs Duran - who would win?
  15. A funny Jack Johnson moment..
  16. Roy Jones's downfall another side
  17. How do you decide who is a big puncher
  18. ESPN's Hardest Hitters in Heavyweight history
  19. Some interesting facts about Sonny Liston..
  20. Like a Cat playing with a Mouse before eating it
  21. just watched MICKY WARD VS EMANUEL BURTON..amazing
  22. Who do you rank ahead: Ali or Louis?
  23. Who Here Thinks That Liston Took A Dive?
  24. John ruiz had a great chin
  25. Sugar Ray Robinson vs Joey Maxim!
  26. Worse Records
  27. Most Knockouts by Letter of the Alphabet
  28. What good or great heavyweights were KO'ed by body shots?
  29. Pick a city (any country) and name its 3 best fighters all time
  30. Who In Your Opinion Are The 10 Greatest African Fighters?
  31. fighters who were Freakishly tall for there weight class
  32. Your own personal history (Did you ever pick a fight?)
  33. Who was the best puncher out of the following: Foreman, Shavers, or Tyson?
  34. Top 10 Greatest Middleweights of the 1980s
  35. ducks
  36. Earnie Shavers vs Wladamir Klitschko
  37. Some trivia again.
  38. Did Carlos Monzon avoid any one?
  39. How does Joe Louis do against these fighters?
  40. All Time Great Fighters Who Just Cound't Handle A Certain Fighters Style?
  41. Why Earnie Shavers never became champ?
  42. Who was the better puncher?
  43. Fighters who beat 7 different Hall of Famers or more?
  44. Boxer's from your area..?
  45. Was Muhammad Ali a 'Coward' for dodging the Draft to Fight in Vietnam????
  46. Oscar De La Hoya
  47. The Lack Of Respect For Hector Camacho!
  48. why isnt tyson spinks in the same breath as ali-liston 2?
  49. Prime Roy Jones beats every LHW in history
  50. Wilfredo Bentiez vs Marvin Hagler
  51. Ezzard Charles vs Jake LaMotta why didnt it ever happen?
  52. The 10 levels of Professional Boxing
  53. Roy Jones Had A Good Chin In His Prime!
  54. The Shortest Boxing Champion: Boxing History
  55. Underrated defensive fighters
  56. Alexis Arguello's loss to Vilomar Fernandez?
  57. Who had the Best Left-Hook ever, pound 4 pound?
  58. Top 200 Boxers of All-Time - Personal List
  59. Larry Holmes vs Floyd Patterson
  60. Mike Tyson And Jake Lamotta On Talk Show Together
  61. Tell me how do you think each of these fights may end
  62. what did they do before boxing (pro / amateur) ? / why did they start so late ?
  63. What was Larry Holmes biggest victory
  64. Fighters Who Were Never Interested In unifying The Division?
  65. Boxing Trivia
  66. When did same day weigh-ins stop?
  67. Pacquiao is not the best says Roach
  68. Your Favourite Highlight/Tribute Videos?
  69. Prince NAZ P4P Hardest puncher
  70. The sorting of 70's heavies / top10 of the 70's
  71. Brutal KO!
  72. Davey Moore (Featherweight)
  73. Rate these fighters
  74. Does any one know Rocky Marciano's amateur record?
  75. Why Did Davey Moore get a shot at the WBA 154 Title so soon?
  76. Who wins these fights?
  77. Sam Langford vs James Tiger Smith
  78. What Did Davey Moore Think Of Duran (Postfight)
  79. Gene Fullmer's Thoughts On His 3rd Fight With Dick Tiger (As Told By Him)
  80. is Marciano`s 49-0 record FLAWED!
  81. Marciano or Dempsey?
  82. Why hasn't Earnie Shavers been inducted into the BHOF?
  83. 20 years today since Douglas knocked out Tyson
  84. Ring Magazine ''Felix Trinidad Is The Greatest Puerto Ricon Fighter Of All Time''
  85. The Hardest working and cleanist living fighters? past or present
  86. How would of Micky Walker done against dempsey?
  87. Who fought more bums? Hamed, Tyson, or Roy Jones?
  88. Sonny Liston Vs Floyd Patterson I Full Fight
  89. Do you consider Mike Tyson a P4P all-time great?
  90. How Highly Should Julio Cesar Chavez Be Rated In A ATG Sense?
  91. Heavyweight Tournement
  92. 1972 Lightweight champion Roberto Duran vs Lightwelterweight champion Nicolino Locche
  93. Which one of these fighters has the best chance of Stopping a prime Ray Robinson?
  94. Top 25 Non-HOF Boxers of All-Time
  95. Sports Writer John Owen's ''Archie Moore Was The Greatest Fighter Of All Time''
  96. Recommendation thread. Roberto Duran vs Iran Barkley.
  97. Who Is The Greatest Cuban Fighter Of All Time?
  98. Great fighters and former Champions who hit therer prime at a late age
  99. Strange/Bizarre Knockouts Throughout History
  100. Who holds the record???? please complete..
  101. Muhammad Ali,Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson on Talk Show
  102. Did Frazier and Foreman disrespect the Holmes Era
  103. Freddie Roach and Floyd Mayweather sr Arguing
  104. Boxing Images Needed
  105. Trivia:
  106. Fighters who were very tall for there weight class, But! had a good chin
  107. Did Roberto Duran have much of a amateur career?
  108. Rate the following guys P4P all time.
  109. List your top 5 middleweights of all-time
  110. The most underrated HW of all Time in your Opinion?
  111. Ezzard Charles vs Manny Pacquiao - Who ranks higher P4P?
  112. opinions and/or uploaded fights about the following
  113. comparisons :
  114. Big collection of old boxing video clips for free
  115. Duran - Simms......over looked classic.
  116. Rate the following Fighters P4P all time!
  117. Who wins these fights?
  118. Fighting Harada or Manny Pacquiao?
  119. Michael carbajal
  120. Thoughts about "Facing Ali"
  121. If you could change the rules of the game...
  122. Anyone else sees a bit of McCallum in Bradley?
  123. Overrated Big Punchers?
  124. Bert Sugar ''Joe Frazier Is A Greater Heavyweight And Fighter, Than Larry Holmes''
  125. Aaron Pryor Has Become Underrated!
  126. ATG's who lost to the best fighter on their record
  127. Fighters Who Got Far Being One Dimensional?
  128. Deflating the Ali Legend
  129. Top 10 Greatest Punches ever (Video)
  130. Trivia 1
  131. Trivia 2
  132. Trivia 3
  133. How Will History Remember Rocky Marciano?
  134. What did Panama Lewis 'mix' in Aaron Pryor's bottle?
  135. Current Sergio Martinez vs 1982 Tony Ayala Jr At 154lb
  136. Who Is The 3rd Greatest Heavyweight Of All Time?
  137. Charley Burley vs Jake Lamotta at 160lb
  138. Trivia 4
  139. Trivia 5
  140. Trivia 6
  141. Trivia 7
  142. History revision: miserable "great" Lewis
  143. Rate These 5 Fighters P4P In Order Of Greatness
  144. Underrated Big Punchers?
  145. What In Your Opinion Is The Biggest Robbery Of All Time? (JUST ONE PICK)
  146. Why Did The NSAC Pass Ali To Fight Holmes?
  147. George Foreman Hitting Heavy Bag..
  148. Freddie Miller
  149. Fight of the Year you did not like that much...
  150. How is greatness measured?
  151. Name your five favorite rounds in history
  152. Sot Chitalada
  153. What In Your Opinion Is The Best Fight That Could Of Happened But Never Did?
  154. The Top 10 Greatest Argentina Fighters
  155. jack johnson fought like john ruiz....
  156. Ali vs Patterson on Speed Bag, Who was faster?
  157. how heavy was joe louis
  158. Non Heavyweight Fighters, That Were Still World Class In There Late 30's?
  159. List the top 5 fighters who tuck up boxing late!
  160. How did you score Holmes vs Norton?
  161. Who In Your Opinion Are The 10 Greatest Mexican Fighters Of All Time (IN ORDER)
  162. Ray Leonard or Harry Greb? P4P Who's Greater?
  163. Fighters That You Need To Learn More About, Or Watch More Of?
  164. Who are the Greatest Fighters who grew up in Middle-Class or Upper-Class Families?
  165. Who were some fighters whose styles you found hard to watch
  166. Overrated Defnsive Fighters?
  167. Underrated Wins/Win, For A Ceratian Fighter?
  168. Fighters Who Often Get Called A ATG, But You Don't Think They Are?
  169. Mancini Vs Kim
  170. Which all time Great hit his prime the Latest?
  171. Who are the Top 20 Greatest British Fighters?
  172. Fighters who took severe beatings, but won
  173. ATG Fighters, Who Were Inconsistent?
  174. Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Robinson @ 160
  175. Was Jake Lamotta ever reprimanded or punished for his involvement with the Mafia?
  176. Mike silver interviews
  177. Great Fighters, Who Just Get Remembered Soley For One Fight?
  178. Charley Burley Or Thomas Hearns?
  179. Lennox Lewis Or Jim Jefferies, Who Should Be Remembered As The Greater HW?
  180. The Crab/Cross arm stance/style
  181. Who do you regard as the better middleweight?
  182. EG Last Chaos by Eternia Games
  183. Jack Johnson (197 lbs) vs Joe Louis
  184. but nobody I ever saw or ever fought could box like that Lee Ramage
  185. Rate Thre 5 Fighters In Order Of Greatness
  186. Fighters Whose, Losses Were Only Against ATG Fighters?
  187. Muhammad Ali against the great light heavyweights
  188. Bert Sugar ''Willie Pep Is A Greater Fighter Than Muhammad Ali''
  189. (POLL) P4P Is Joe Louis The Hardest Puncher Of All Time?
  190. Carlos Monzon Or Barney Ross?
  191. What Non Heavyweight Had The Best Jab Of All Time?
  192. ATG Fighters Who Had Terrible Stamina?
  193. Smokin Joe Frazier
  194. Do you believe that Aaron Pyror was drugged up vs Alexis Arguello?
  195. Need help
  196. Ken Buchanan website
  197. Rate These 5 Fighters In Order Of Greatness
  198. Name Your Top 10 P4P Hardest Punchers Of All Time! (IN ORDER)
  199. What were some fights that were suprisingly good?
  200. Underrated and Overrated
  201. Who was the most succesful fighter in history with only mediocre talent
  202. Who are some fighters that you just don't like?
  203. Packey McFarland - The white Floyd Mayweather??
  204. John Conteh vs Carlos Monzon At 175lb
  205. "Conn makes more mistakes in a minute than Ramage in a whole fight".
  206. ATG Fighters Who Cound't Punch?
  207. Welterweight Title def.
  208. Jack Johnson Or Micky Walker?
  209. Donald Curry vs Roberto Duran at 147
  210. David Tua vs Heavyweight Greats?
  211. What Is The Biggest (Non Heavyweight) Upset In Boxing History?
  212. Boxing Historians Do You Think Manny Pacquiao Has Ever Take Steroids Or Performing E.
  213. Willie Pep or Ray Leonard?
  214. Is James Toney A ATG?
  215. Who Is The Best Defensive Fighter Of All Time (ONLY ONE PICK ALLOWED)?
  216. What's the best thread "The Underdog" has created this week (ONLY ONE PICK ALLOWED)?
  217. Ray Mercer
  218. best southpaws of all time
  219. Fighters That You Thought Were Gonna Be Great, But Flopped?
  220. Which was the bigger upset?
  221. Who are the Underrated Defensive Fighters of All Time?
  222. Muhammad Ali and the draft
  223. Who has performed more upsets in boxing history?
  224. Miguel Canto
  225. Lookin for info on Leonard Morrow
  226. Perenll Whitaker Or Archie Moore?
  227. Name 5 Fighters Who Think Don't Deserve To Be In The IBHOF?
  228. Felix Trinidad was an overrated cheater
  229. Who were Muhammad Ali's 10 best opponents?
  230. ATG Fighters Who Had Little To No Defence?
  231. Joe Frazier Or Michael Spinks?
  232. Who was the Grestest Late starter to boxing?
  233. Tito part II
  234. Who Wins These Hypothetical Match-Ups?
  235. SouthPaws that use th shoulder roll
  236. Trivia 8 - Flyweight to Heavyweight
  237. Old Benny Leonard beaten down by Jimmy McLarnin
  238. Who In Your Opinion Is The Most Durable Fighter In The History Of Boxing?
  239. Carlos Monzon Or Thomas Hearns?
  240. If Louis was green against an old Schmeling in the first fight..
  241. Other than Boxing whats your next favourite sport
  242. IBHOF-Trivia: Boxing's "6-division men"
  243. Prime John Conteh vs Prime Dwight Qawi At 175lb
  244. Who is the Most underrated Fighter in Boxing History?
  245. Who In Your Opinion Had The Hardest Shot Power? P4P?
  246. Shocking/Interesting Amateur Results. Past Or Present!
  247. How does Paul Williams match up with these 5 fighters?
  248. How does a prime Sugar Ray Robinson match up with these 5 fighters?
  249. Floyd Patterson as a middle weight
  250. What Is The Biggest ''Duck'' In The History Of Boxing?