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  1. Who ranks higher? Trinidad or De La Hoya?
  2. How did you score Ali vs Frazier I?
  3. Joe Frazier Talks About Rocky Movies "Im Rocky"
  4. Sugar Ray Robinson: Bright Lights Dark Shadows of a Champion
  5. If Jones had moved to cruiserweight in 2003
  6. Paul Williams place in history
  7. Congrats to little red, chang, finkel and cosell
  8. Ferdie Pacheco the worst commintator ever?
  9. How do you rank Aaron Pryor?
  10. is finito lopez an atg?
  11. NIGEL BENN has dismissed Naseem Hamed as a boxing fake
  12. Who could beat a prime Roy Jones?
  13. why wasn't lennox vs vitali HBO PPV?
  14. Who ranks higher: James Toney or Oscar DLH
  15. My Floyd Patterson painting
  16. Can Pacquiao be compared to Stanley Ketchel?
  17. Who are the best boxing brothers of all time?
  18. Boxers who never did weights/pushups?
  19. where do yank fighters that their isnt any/much film of?
  20. Prime Donald Curry vs Prime Shane Mosley at 147
  21. Who was the best heavyweight in their prime?
  22. Did you ever hear this about Tim Anderson(I know who?)
  23. Boxers who tuck up the sport late?
  24. Sam Langford
  25. Who hit harder Graziano or Mccellan?
  26. Azumah Nelson
  27. Paul Spadafora
  28. The Gods Of War: Series Introduction
  29. Muhammad Ali never said "No Vietcong ever called me n---er"
  30. Tito's handwraps.. how much does it hurt his legacy?
  31. Who's the best defensive fighter of all-time?
  32. Fights of the Decade?
  33. Light heavyweights Jack Delaney, Gene Tunney, Bob Foster
  34. Does anyone else feel like crying at the state of NSB right now?
  35. The Florentino Fernandez vs Rocky Rivero battles
  36. Evaluate George Foreman's Legacy Pre-First Retirement
  37. Greater Heavyweight - Floyd Patterson or Max Schmeling?
  38. tszyu vs whitaker
  39. What is your favourite fight?
  40. Can you name guys who maybe shouldn't have been in the HOF?
  41. How did you score Whitaker-De La Hoya?
  42. Why was it that Ray Robinson was the best?
  43. List Your Top 3 Heavyweights, Middleweights, Welterweights of All Time
  44. How do you rate Fritzie Zivic's career and resume?
  45. Boxing History; what are your P4P top 10 changes that should be made in Boxing?
  46. Historical Middleweight Tournament
  47. Thomas Hearns vs Donald Curry - Who's the more accomplished Welterweight?
  48. How does the great carlos monzon match up against a fleet footed, flashy type fighter
  49. good boxing books?
  50. Hagler vs. Leonard!!
  51. Just watched the Facing Ali documentary
  52. Greatest Draw?
  53. VIDEO: Gentleman Jim Corbett vs John L. Sullivan 1892
  54. WTF? Muhammad Ali actually sang Nursery Rhymes to Frazier in the 3rd Fight
  55. How did Sam Langford..
  56. Mosley's lightweight legacy
  57. Pound-For-Pound Biggest Fighters of All Time
  58. Who caused the downall of the history section?
  59. Max Schmeling KO's Adolf Heuser in round 1
  60. What do you think of Lennox Lewis's resume?
  61. Mayweather's stupidity
  62. Look at the physical shape the heavyweights were in during the 70's
  63. Memorable Lines by Announcers
  64. Remembering Rafael Ruelas vs Freddie Pendleton
  65. They crucified Rustico Torrecampo
  66. Oscar should have won against Mayweather
  67. what are your thoughts on Bobby Chacon
  68. Mike Tyson vs Snipes was to be Tyson's return fight
  69. name fighters who have put on over 30lbs during their career
  70. Why do a lot of boxing fans
  71. Benitez vs. Whitaker
  72. What is boxing history's opinion on the pac v floyd controversy?
  73. Pacquiao`s lawsuit evidence - Floyd accuses him & his country
  74. prospects who became nothing
  75. Bert Sugars top 100- is he too old school?
  76. Fights that made Boxing a joy to watch
  77. What division has seen the most GREAT fighters?
  78. Your Favorite Top 20 Fights.
  79. What are your thoughts on Holman Williams?
  80. why do some say benny leonard is the ATG lightweight?
  81. Mario Kindelan
  82. What does being a contender really mean anymore?
  83. Hagler vs. middleweights of 90's and 00's
  84. Leonard vs any current fighters from 147-160
  85. Howcome George Foreman never fought Earnie Shavers?
  86. homicide hank vs sweet pea
  87. New Year's trivia: 5 easy(?) questions for the boxing historian.
  88. Name some real life Rocky Balboa's
  89. Who In Your Opinion Is The Best Fighter Of All Time?
  90. Name Fights when a fighter went down 3 times and either got a win or a draw?
  91. How would Benn and Eubank do against Roy Jones?
  92. Rocky Graziano
  93. The Most Complete Fighter?
  94. Journey men and club fighters who turned it around and become champions or conteners?
  95. Could Roberto Duran have beaten Tommy Hearns in a rematch?
  96. Roy Jones Vs Muhammad Ali, Prime4Prime, Skills wise, who'd win?
  97. who is greater? fritzie zivic or floyd mayweather jr?
  98. Who's the greatest southpaw in boxing history?
  99. Freddie Pendelton
  100. Bert Sugar Top 10 Heavyweights
  101. Best HW of the 80s - Tyson or Holmes?
  102. The Most Underrated Fighter Of All Time?
  103. Joe Frazier VS one of the Klitschkos, who would win? (jab, jab, jab?)
  104. Signature moves
  105. Mathew saad Muhamed vs Bob Foster
  106. What Pretty Well Known Fights From The Past Haven't You Saw That Are Avaible On......
  107. Who are the cleanist living boxers? past and present
  108. sam langford vs joe gans
  109. Poll: Who do you blame for the Pac v Floyd impasse
  110. Tony Ayala
  111. Fantasy Fight Posters Thread - Post Yours
  112. Anyone else agree SRR is overrated?
  113. Who In Your Opinion Is The Greatest Least Talked Fighter On The History Section?
  114. Jeff Fenech
  115. Frank"the animal"Fletcher
  116. Tony Sibson
  117. Tommy ''Hurricane'' Jackson
  118. Prime 4 prime who would win Lennox Lewis vs Tyson/Holy
  119. Is Aaron Pryor A ATG?
  120. Was Prince Naseem past his prime against Barrera?
  121. Locche-Pryor
  122. Name Some ATG Fighters Who Avoided Fighters?
  123. Bert Sugar ''Jack Dempsey is greater than Ray Leonard, Pernell Whitaker, Archie Moore
  124. Lewis stuns Tyson for famous win
  125. Triviatime! Part 1.
  126. Who In Your Opinion Is The Hardest P4P Puncher Of All Time?
  127. Paul Spadafora!!!
  128. Can you believe it?
  129. Manny Pacqiuao vs Alexis Arguello
  130. Henry Armstrong
  131. Emanuel Augustus
  132. Worst Decision?
  133. lets do a super six of lightweights...
  134. The Best Boxing Film Of All Time? Poll
  135. Which state has the best Golden Gloves
  136. Dynamite the Lennox Lewis nuthugger/fanboy or Sonnybox just a pure irrational hater
  137. Greatest fighters with bad chins?
  138. Lets End The Debate.......Did Ray Leonard Avoid A Showdown With Aaron Pryor?
  139. Any one else think Herol Graham should of got the decison against mccallum?
  140. Joe Louis....a Communist???
  141. The oldschool members of boxingscene
  142. Most Knockdowns In One Round?
  143. Top 10 Boxing Upsets In The Past and Present
  144. Is it true that Gerald McClellan and Michael Moorer boxed each other as amateurs?
  145. WTF! Original Joe Walcott Didn't Get Inducted Into IBHOF In The First Year!
  146. The Liston vs. Clay/Ali Fights
  147. Where do you rank the Klitschko's all-time?
  148. Rolando Navarette
  149. Who Are Your Top 20 P4P Greatest Fighters Of All Time.........
  150. I need some assistance locating a place to find a list of famous trainers strengths
  151. Being 'exposed' as opposed to being 'exploited'.
  152. What is it that you love about boxing?
  153. Who Are The Ten Greatest Fighters Never To Hold A World Title?
  154. Can someone help me please?
  155. The Top 20 greatest asian fighters?
  156. Ken Buchanan vs. Jim Watt
  157. Out of these fighters, who is the greatest one?
  158. How Would Lennox Lewis Do Against The ATGs In Their Primes? (No Haters Please)
  159. Scorecards
  160. Bernard Hopkins Over Rated! any one agree?
  161. old timers - modern fighters
  162. Fighters Who Get Called ATG's, But In Your Opinion Aren't.
  163. Answer me this
  164. Where do you rank Naseem Hamed all-time?
  165. What Great Fighters Do You Least Like To Watch?
  166. Riddick Bowe highlight video
  167. Your All Time favourite Fighters to watch
  168. Sad News: Joe Rollino dies at 104 years old
  169. Trivia. The triples.
  170. Who In Your Opinion Is he Greatest Middleweight Of All Time?
  171. How Would Roy Jones Do Against The ATGs In Their Primes? (No Haters/Huggers Please)
  172. How Would Bernard Hopkins Do Against ATGs In Their Primes? (No Haters/Huggers Please)
  173. How Would Floyd Mayweather Do Against ATGs In Their Primes? (No Hater/Huggers Please)
  174. Fighters born in the wrong eras
  175. what is the most brutal one punch KO ever
  176. How would Many Pacquiao do against these ATGs in their prime
  177. Views on Golota vs Bowe fights
  178. Prince Charles Williams vs Arthur Abraham at 175 who takes it?
  179. Who is the greatest son of a former Champ boxer in History?
  180. Whats you DVD collection ?
  181. Best Bare Knuckle-19th Century boxers?
  182. "Boxing Funnies"
  183. According To Emmanuel Steward, Pacquiao is greater than.......
  184. Ali post 1971 come back fights - what if...
  185. Who Should Be Remembered As The Greater Fighter, Dick Tiger Or Joe Calzaghe?
  186. Prime Lennox Lewis vs Wladamir Klitschko
  187. Best fighter ever, pre 1940.
  188. Should Hearns and Pacquiao both have been Disqualified?
  189. Who would you prefer to leave Boxingscene?
  190. What ATG Heavyweights Do You Think A Prime Earnie Shavers Could Beat?
  191. What went wrong with Ouma?
  192. Who do you Regard as the second Greatest fighter to retire undefeated?
  193. Bob Foster Tribute - By The Boxing Union
  194. Highest James Toney Has Been P4P
  195. Paul Williams Vs The Following? (No Fanboys)
  196. the most technical fights you have seen?
  197. Fighters Whose Lives Were Ruined By Don King..
  198. Could Joe Louis have been a dancer?
  199. Breathtaking Performance From Roy Jones Jr against Mtendere Makalamba Amateur Bout!
  200. Top 10 heavyweights from diffirent era's
  201. Carlos Monzon vs Bob Foster
  202. Floyd Patterson vs Don Grant
  203. How great could he have been?
  204. 1991 James Toney vs 1985/86 Thomas Hearns At 160lb
  205. What do you guys think of my ATG P4P List??
  206. Does Anyone Think Ray Mercer Should Of Got The Decision Against Lennox Lewis?
  207. Did Roy Jones handpick his opponents?
  208. De La Hoya vs Gatti
  209. Great British boxing footage
  210. Fighters Who Left The Sport Without Taking Beatings Near The End Of There Careers?
  211. Is it true that Sugar Ray Robinson..
  212. How things change......
  213. Boxing world records
  214. Would Pep Be No1 ATG If He'd Won The Series With Saddler?
  216. Top Ten Turnaround KO's
  217. Muhammad Ali Tribute (GP)
  218. List your top ten chins! of all time
  219. Ezzard Charles or Ray Leonard?
  220. Prime Dick Tiger vs Prime Jake Lamotta At 160lb
  221. Whos is your favorite Boxer? why?
  222. greatest performances...
  223. Locche vs Fuji highlight
  224. Which Fighter has the Greatest Resume Past Their Prime
  225. Bert Sugar ''Jake Lamotta Is Greater Than Marvin Hagler''
  226. Playing a bunch of Joe Louis fights on ESPN classic
  227. What are the least technical fights you have ever seen?
  228. Who Should Be Remembered As The Greater Fighter, Jeff Chandler Or Ricky Hatton?
  229. Who Took More Risks In There Career, Roy Jones Jr Or Floyd Mayweather Jr?
  230. Alexis Arguello vs Salvador Sanchez
  231. Whitaker did well here for being a past it cocaine addict
  232. Was Larry Holmes made bitter by the lack of respect
  233. Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan fight
  234. Joe Gasn vs Floyd Mayweather Jr at 135- In two fights
  235. The Modern Day Charley Burley
  236. Jack Dempsey before he met doc kearns
  237. The overrated Roberto Duran
  238. Did The Steroid Scandal Lower Shane Mosley's Legacy And How He Will Be Remembered?
  239. The K bros against the old timers
  240. Old Timers
  241. How good is John Ruiz
  242. Hardest hitting Welter/Light/Middle?
  243. Duran-Whitaker
  244. Earnie Shavers Vs Bob Foster At HW
  245. Gene Fulmer vs Gil Turner III (A Great Brawl)
  246. Enough With The Roberto Duran Hate!!!
  247. Let's Get One Thing Straight....Ali is The Greatest Ever
  248. The Bizzare Career Of Ray Mercer, Was He A Underachiever?
  249. was Fight of the Century Ali`s greatest performance
  250. What makes SRR the greatest?