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  1. Carmon Basilio's Love For Training and a Insight Behind His Training Camp
  2. Tommy Hearns Vs Pernell Whitaker
  3. Foreman-Schulz fight
  4. Fairly rare fights I have just posted
  5. The meanest looking lightweights
  6. Terry Norris's 1st DQ loss
  7. MMA Fighters Who Became Pro Boxers..
  8. Boxers Who Became MMA Fighters..
  9. Some Interesting Terry Downes Comments.....
  10. Why is Duran considered the greatest LW?
  11. R.I.P. - Roland La Starza
  12. Saoul Mamby
  14. Cus D'Amato's Thoughts On How Roberto Duran Stacks Up Against Past ATG Lightweight's
  15. who are the best fighters from these divisions from each era
  16. Top 5 Best Boxing TRAINERS
  17. Boxing Videos
  18. Newspaper decisions
  19. Now Take Notice!
  20. legal substance in the first ali fight??if so what was it??
  22. ali was 31-0 25 ko's before his boxing exile
  23. Tiger Flowers ''The Early Days''
  24. Do The Evolution...
  25. Who is the GREATEST ASIAN BOXER?
  26. If Cus Damato Lived And Continued To Train Tyson
  27. Why Trinidad vs Norris and Trinidad vs Chavez never happened?
  28. What was I thinking? Bad fight predictions.
  29. Aaron Pryor vs Alexis Arguello 2?
  30. Great fights that no one talks about
  31. Aaron Pryor vs Gary Hinton = Worst Decision Ever!
  32. Duran-Barkley: who won?
  33. What fights do you think are overrated
  34. What fighters dissapointed you when you finally got to see them
  35. Can anyone confirm this?
  36. Vicious KO by Bennie Briscoe
  37. Ike Quartey vs Oba Carr, agree with the decision?
  38. Jake LaMotta vs Eugene Hairston II
  39. I've Been Watching John Ruiz.. Do I Need Help?
  40. Aaron Pryor - Can somebody clear this up
  41. Does Anyone Talk Italian ?
  42. When Larry met Ali
  43. Fights You Have To Watch
  44. What are your thoughts on prince charles Williams?
  45. Mike Tyson, Jake LaMotta, joins David Brenner {video}
  46. DANIEL MENDOZA: Father of scientific boxing
  47. Can we questions Naseem Hamed's heart ?
  48. Why is Ray Leonard still outside the top 10 ever?
  49. Ali Marathon Starting Tonight at 8pm on ESPN Classic
  50. Why isn't Curry in HOF?
  51. Bruno's punching power compared to Foreman's, Shavers, Cleveland Williams
  52. Will Tyson be inducted into the HOF?
  53. Class Act by Tyson Here
  54. Great Welterweight Sugar Ray Robinson footage
  55. Pick a fight we can all watch tonight.
  56. Lennox Lewis vs Joe Louis
  57. Most title fights - without ever beating a champion?
  58. Mike Tyson Vs Sonny Liston
  59. Armstrong vs Ali - Who's greater?
  60. fighters who's power increased as they moved up in weight
  61. The Worst World Champions?
  62. Crisanto Espana
  63. Does Any1 Think Roy Jones In His Prime Was A More Natrually Gifted Fighter Than Ray
  64. If Posters were Boxers
  65. Does anyone find boxing history interesting?
  66. Can anyone identify? Boxer from 40s
  67. Freddie roach: His story
  68. Canto and Olivares Have A Laugh At Hector Camacho
  69. Ken Norton vs Prime Muhammad Ali
  70. Leonard vs McCallum at 154
  71. Better middleweight - Hagler or Hopkins?
  72. Pick a fighter, make an argument
  73. Can You Judge Greatness w/o Video Evidence?
  74. The Best Pound 4 Pound list
  75. History Repeating Itself ?
  76. A nine-year-old boy’s love
  77. Has there ever been skills shown like that
  78. i watched 30-30 last night..ali-holmes
  79. John Tunney's Love For Boxing, better known as the father of Gene Tunney
  80. Who punched harder in their prime?
  81. 35 years since the rumble in the jungle
  82. Tyson Vs. Lewis: Is This Statement Ignorant?
  83. What is KEY for a fighter like...
  84. Glen Johnson vs Nigel Benn At 168
  85. The Story Of Harry Greb vs Kid Norfolk I
  86. Has There Ever Been Lies Shown Like That?
  87. FRASER SCOTT - Pacific Northwest contender
  88. Hamed getttin hammered
  89. Does the shot that knocked Lewis out
  90. Tyson that fought Lewis VS Ali that fought Holmes
  91. Paul Ingle
  92. Iran Barkley On His Lose To Kalambay
  93. Jose Luis Lopez
  94. If Witherspoon that fought Holmes had fought '88 Tyson
  95. Joe Louis fights that went the distance?
  96. Henry Armstrong On Ceferino Garcia's ''Bolo'' Punch
  97. Some Great and Very Interesting Marco Antonio Barrera Quotes
  98. Muhammad Ali gives Bush the crazy sign
  99. Fighters who retired as champion and never made a comeback
  100. Poll: The '13th' Round ?
  101. How many predictions did Ali get right?
  102. How will history remember Bernard Hopkins?
  103. Who was better?
  104. watched pryor aguello 2 yesterday
  105. Mike McCallum vs Michael Watson
  106. Interesting Ali Training Fact
  107. Oscar Bonavena vs George Chuvalo
  108. How good was Rubin Carter?
  109. Poll: Did Duran Win The Lightweight Title Fairly?
  110. Ray Robinson gets shot
  111. Archie Moore vs Roy Jones - Greater LHW
  112. Prime Vitali Klitschko vs Prime Lennox Lewis
  113. How great was James Toney
  114. Earnie Shavers
  115. Joe Gans vs Benny Leonard - Greater LW
  116. Jack Dempsey
  117. How do you rate Jose Napoles?
  118. Joe Frazier vs George Foreman 1 & 2 "Down Goes Frazier"
  119. Best offensive fighters in History
  120. The level of Lewis' opponents
  121. Aaron Davis
  122. Jake LaMotta
  123. The Best Latin American Boxer, ever?
  124. The Best Late Comers?!?!?
  125. Poll: Brian London Vs David Tua?
  126. If Tyson fought in the '70s
  127. Foreman vs Moorer II.........What May Have Been.
  128. Vicente Saldivar
  129. How did you score the Hagler-Antuofermo draw?
  130. London vs Johansson fight video
  131. Who were the most dominant smaller men?
  132. Hasim Rahman On Fighting Rocky Marciano ......
  133. Ray Leonard offered Aaron Pryor 500k to fight him?
  134. Best Heavyweight never to win the World title
  135. Jack Johnson vs Jack Dempsey
  136. Hatton vs Cotto at 140
  137. Holyfield vs Lewis - Who's the greater HW
  138. Poll: Better Resume, Ali or Foreman ?..
  139. Terry norris chinny chin chin
  140. Muhammad Ali - The Legend lives on
  141. Look-alikes in the boxing world!
  142. Are these boxers bona fide great HALL OF FAME quality?
  143. Who would like to see Mr Boxers Top 100 fighters
  144. Quarry-Foster
  145. Name some prize fighters who had very little amature experience?
  146. POP QUIZ: Get some easy points!!!
  147. "Sugar Shane Mosley
  148. have you any rare`fights in your collection
  149. Ted "Kid" Lewis & Jack Britton
  150. Were these fights recorded?
  151. Holmes vs Butterbean
  152. anybody rooting against pacman so he doesnt make history?
  153. Wilfredo Gomez-Lupe Pintor highlight vid
  154. How did the Pacman won against Cotto?
  155. Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Seales III
  156. What would have Happened if Tyson didn't bite Holyfield's ear?
  157. Mike Tyson arrested after L.A. airport scuffle
  158. Historians Pac Vs Cotto Predictions
  159. Roberto Duran fights the greatest fighter he ever fought
  160. Was Holyfield on roids in the first tyson fight?
  161. Who's the most athletic boxer of all-time?
  162. Julian Jackson vs Arthur Abraham @MW
  163. Alexis Arguello Vs Jim Watt
  164. Manny Pacquiao
  165. Jack Johnson music video
  166. Name some great fighters who turned pro with out the big promoters and mangers
  167. The Buster Douglas who beat Tyson vs. The Riddick Bowe who beat Holyfield
  168. Best fighter that used the Peek-a-Boo
  169. The great trainers and fighters on Dempsey: Simply the best
  170. There is always a guy that has your number
  171. Bnb??
  172. Has Miguel Cotto done enough to be voted into the IBHOF?
  173. Tiberio Mitri vs Randy Turpin
  174. Holyfield VS Floyd Patterson
  175. How Often have the 2 best fighters in the world fought each other in boxing?
  176. Question, Boxing Historians
  177. Archie Moore Fighting As A Middleweight (RARE)
  178. Poll: Who was the greatest British fighter?
  179. How boxing has evolved
  180. Your Ultimate Fighter....
  181. Kostya Tszyu
  182. Roy Jones Jr Vs Bernard Hopkins Full Fight
  183. If Ali never came back...
  184. Bob Fitzsimmons
  185. Pep against the featherweights now
  186. Reggie Johnson Stuns James Toney
  187. Jiro Wantanabe Highlight
  188. How would the following fighters do.....
  189. Which past/present HW boxer could have beaten Lennox Lewis?
  190. Pascaul Perez
  191. How would billy conn match up aginst these 5 fighters of today?
  192. Pep or Leonard?
  193. Edwin Rosario's best win?
  194. Roberto Duran Proves The Douters Wrong......
  195. What do you guys think of Joe Frazier
  196. So What do you lot think of Mike Tyson
  197. Mike Tyson Was NOT An Inside Fighter
  198. Ali 64 ( Liston1 ) vs Frazier 71
  199. Michael Spinks Eddie Mustafa Muhammad rematch
  200. Boxing 2009 - Simply Inspirational [HD]
  201. Tua, Frazier, Marciano, and Tyson...what were their styles; who wins; who was better?
  202. Manny Pacquiao vs. Azumah Nelson @ 130lbs
  203. Your Favorite Division
  204. Felix Trinidad Anybody?
  205. My 100 greatest P4P fighters of all time
  206. Were Have Posters ''Kid McCoy, London Ring Rules, Yogi, Portuge Puncher, Gone?
  207. Tyson was lucky
  208. Kid Gavilan vs Gil Turner Classic fight
  209. Was Norton a 'real' champion?
  210. Who are the best none heavyweight to take up boxing late? 23+
  211. Roy Williams
  212. Evander Holyfield Disscussions Thread (PLZ Post)
  213. Great rare films of Benny Leonard, Barbados Joe Walcott, Jack McAuliffe, many more
  214. Tyson vs Douglass Docu
  215. Name me Some average fights who made alot of $?
  216. How would of Henry Armstrong done against the 154 Lamotta who beat janiro?
  217. László Papp
  218. Duran vs LaMotta @ 160lbs
  219. Were is Poster ''Terry A''
  220. Great fighters who got better the longer the fight went on
  221. My top 10 all-time P4P list
  222. Why is it that everything "BACK THEN" was better?
  223. How big was the commonwealth belt back in the days?
  224. Need ghotos of Patterson Vs Johansson 2 for painting i am having made
  225. Need photos of Patterson Vs Johansson 2 for painting i am having made
  226. Jimmy Wilde KO'd by Tancy Lee
  227. Muhammad Ali - "Chase That Feeling"
  228. Good Interview From 3-24-1995
  229. greatest fights in the lighter weights
  230. How high do you rank Larry Holmes in your all time rankings
  231. C`mon lets here the flak for this
  232. Carter's boxing career self destructs!
  233. The significance of round 8
  234. If Douglas hadn't gotten up
  235. Joe Louis vs Mike Tyson
  236. Boxing History Forum is too obsessed with Heavyweights
  237. Great 118 pounders
  238. Great 126 pounders
  239. No one appreciates BNB for real?
  240. Tyson Vs Tillman Amateur Fight I and II
  241. Michael Spinks Vs. Prime Lennox Lewis
  242. What fighter's loss saddened you?
  243. What ATG's were chinny?
  244. Pernell Whitaker Discussion Thread
  245. Your scorecards for Toney - Jirov?
  246. Great 112 pounders
  247. Best combination puncher
  248. Fighters whose loss made you happy
  249. Ali-Liston rematch:no fix
  250. No one ever talks about Tysons speed, he has to be the GOAT heavyweight in speed