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  1. Sven Ottke - A true legend?
  2. Which 5 are the most under appreciated?
  3. How would you describe Carlos Monzon's style?
  4. Carlos Palomino
  5. Old Middleweight Appreciation Thread
  6. Best heavyweight of the 90's??
  7. John Ruiz vs Mohammad ali?
  8. Vassiliy Jirov-the most underated CW ever?
  9. Jose napoles moved up and challenged carlos monzon, for the middleweight title
  10. Name me some cast iron chins that have been dropped?
  11. HBO's legendary night myths
  12. Prime Tyson vs comeback Tyson?
  13. Whats so great about Pernell Whitaker??
  14. What exact age did Dick Tiger Start Boxing?
  15. want to know more about oscar bonavena
  16. Azzumah "The Professor" Nelson vs Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao at 126, who wins?
  17. What Heavyweight Champions never fought a top 10 Heavyweight?
  18. Name me some great fighters who had bad starts to there pro careers?
  19. Carlos Ortiz vs "Old Bones" Joe Brown
  20. If Gman had won over Benn, who could have possibly beat him
  21. What are your top 50 favorite fights of all time
  22. Young Corbett III
  23. Who is the oldest fighter to take up boxing and have a good career no heavyweights
  24. Ayub Kalule
  25. Tony Tubbs
  26. Leotis Martin
  27. Best Lightweight of the 3
  28. Do You Think Footage Of Holman Williams or Lloyd Marshell Will Ever Come About?
  29. How did u score Hagler-Leonard?
  30. excellent article about the origins of boxing and MMA
  31. Who has the biggest fight collection in the world?
  32. Roy Jones vs. Bernard Hopkins in 2001
  33. Floyd Patterson vs Dwight Muhhamad Qawi at 175
  34. Ray Robinson and Joe Louis - Strengths and weaknesses
  35. Kalmbay vs Hagler?
  36. Terry Norris thread
  37. The Bobby Czyz appreciation thread
  38. Footage Of Kid Chocolate????
  39. Best welterweight of all-time
  40. Gunnar Barlund
  41. Any good boxing gyms in Las Vegas?
  42. Just how much Sonny Liston footage is about?
  43. Is It True That Bert Sugar Said Ray Robinson Avoided Tony Zale?
  44. Buddy McGirt
  45. Has anybody got Dick Tiger vs Emille Griffith 1 on You Tube?
  46. Is Joe Louis's Debut Fight On Footage?
  47. The old school ATG's best fights.
  48. Mosley, Duran, Whitaker, Camacho
  49. Do You Think Sam Langford vs Ketchel or Jack Johnson could be on footage?
  50. Billy Coon Footage(Besides The Louis Fights)?
  51. Jack Johnson and his jazz band
  52. In his prime how good do you feel Joe Frazier was?
  53. Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao's inspiration
  54. Greatest Japanese fighter of all time
  55. blog on youtube about heavyweight and mma
  56. joe frazier vs heavyweights of today
  57. pernell whitaker vs wilfredo benitez
  58. Andre Direll Vs Roy Jones Jr
  59. Do you consider these fighters ATG's?
  60. Muhammad Ali analyzes Foreman-Frazier I
  61. If Liston didn't quit after the 6th round against Ali?
  62. Harry Greb vs Stanley Ketchel at 160
  63. Tarver's legacy
  64. Ezzard Charles vs Bernie Reynolds
  65. Antonio Cervantes
  66. The Story of Philippine Boxing
  67. Tom "Boom Boom" Johnson
  68. Jose Torres
  69. Wilfred Benitez
  70. Boxers who were eccentric
  71. Controversy about JC Chavez record
  72. Young Stribling
  73. Juan Manuel Marquez vs Sweet Pea at 135
  74. Jess Willard vs Jack Johnson
  75. The greatest junior middleweights
  76. Why Boxing is so popular in UK and not in France?
  77. History assignment for the nerds.
  78. Floyd Mayweather vs Jose Napoles @ 147
  79. why does rock marciano get hated for fighting old men walcott and moore?
  80. First Recorded Match
  81. Dempsey - Cooney short cut
  82. Bob Foster interview
  83. Muhammad Ali Rare 1970 Sparring Session Pre-Quarry I
  84. Vitali Klitschko - "Too Late to be Great"
  85. Sugar ray robinson vs. Manny pacquiao
  86. Tony Canzoneri vs Jack "Kid" Berg
  87. Kevin Kelly "Warrior"
  88. Jimmy Ellis
  89. Mayweather's Defense vs. Whitaker's
  90. Alexander Zolkin
  91. (POLL)Alexis Arguello Or Floyd Mayweather, who is the greater fighter?
  92. If Nunn had beaten Toney...
  93. what fight allowed you to understand the sweet science
  94. Jirov vs Thomas Adamek ?
  95. Graciano "Rocky" Rocchigiani
  96. *Extremly Rare Footage* Jose Napoles Fighting As A Lightweight
  97. *Rare Dick Tiger KO's*
  98. Fighters who were know to cut alot of weight when there was still day of fight weigh
  99. Roberto Duran vs Pro Wrestler
  100. Montell "Ice" Griffin
  101. 5 best jewish fighters all time
  102. When was Hearns past his best/prime?
  103. When was Hearns past his best/prime?
  104. Carmen Basilio
  105. Boxer from the 70's
  106. Thoughts On This Top 20 Heavyweight List
  107. Greatest French fighter(s)?
  108. Jeff Harding
  109. Muhammad Ali vs Floyd Mayweather Jr, Who Is The Greater Fighter?
  110. Miller Lite Commerical - Billy Martin & Alexis Arguello
  111. Alex Stewart vs Ezra Sellers
  112. Is Manny Pacquiao an all-time great?
  113. Do Any Of You Fellow Boxing History Poster Watch Or Like MMA?
  114. Boxrec morons
  115. Which Middleweights were better then Hopkins?
  116. Who are the best fighters ho were small for there weight class?
  117. Trying to find my cousin....
  118. Duran vs. Pacquiao @ 135
  119. Sugar Ray Robinson looks very ordinary to me
  120. Julio Cesar Vasquez
  121. How Many Fighters Retired Undefeated?..
  122. Boxers who suffered a lot of KDs but were never knocked out or stopped?
  123. Who ranks higher in the ATG list Roy Jones or James Toney?
  124. So, who is it folks?
  125. Toney vs Holyfield fight
  126. Jack Dempsey vs Lennox Lewis in their prime
  127. Mustafa Hamsho-the best middleweight that never won a title?
  128. Classic HW action
  129. Heavyweights: 1970's vs 1990's
  130. this whole "Size doesnt matter" thing has to stop.
  131. UNDER 200 lbs Vs OVER 230 lbs..?
  132. Steve Collins today
  133. Where Does Haye rank on an ATG Cruiserweight list?
  134. How would you rank JF Castro?
  135. Who is the most skilled Heavyweight since Ali ..............
  136. Holyfield-Bowe Trilogy
  137. WORLD CHAMPS... If It Wasn't For Cuts?
  138. Benitez vs Duran question
  139. Packey McFarland
  140. Where does Frankie Liles rank on the smw ATG?
  141. Is Holyfield a more accomplished fighter than Tyson?
  142. Greatest Resumes
  143. Who Fought The Most World Champs?
  144. Tyson's Heart
  145. Did Bobby Joe Young KO Pryor with a head butt
  146. Who is Ray Robinson fighting in these clips?
  147. Greatest Eskimo boxer?
  148. Ray Robinson vs Joey Maxim Footage Question?
  149. Overated by fans/media more so that overtated fighters
  150. The greatest continental European boxer ever?
  151. Roy Jones Jr.'s Legacy
  152. What I find amazing!
  153. What size shoe was Marvin Hagler
  154. The boxer that scares you the most
  155. P4P vs all time lists at a particular weight
  156. Mohammad Ali, is he really the Greatest?
  157. Is Floyd Mayweather Jr an All Time Great?
  158. Joe Louis vs Billy Conn II
  159. Is Ali punch drunk and suffer from Parkinson's
  160. Best light welterweight of all-time
  161. Anybody else sick of die hard tyson fans with their Coulda Shouldas?
  162. Who can beat a prime Lennox Lewis?
  163. Boxing-trivia
  164. Can David Tua Win The World Title?
  165. Prime Tyson vs Prime Foreman
  166. Sam Langford
  167. Great Weightlifting Boxers
  168. Hello To All
  169. Bob Sheridan Vs Howard Cosell
  170. Boxing - Trivia
  171. Did Shannon Briggs really beat George Foreman
  172. Did Shannon Briggs really beat George Foreman
  173. What went wrong for Trinidad?
  174. Who was the british boxer that died some time ago?
  175. Tua v Ruiz (2)
  176. If Toney fought Hearns at 160/168?
  177. Who was the better Boxer ..........Duran or Pryor
  178. Young George Forman vs Old George Forman
  179. Gerrard: We have to dig deep
  180. Who did a better job against Tony Tucker, Tyson or Lewis.
  181. Wilfredo Vasquez vs Orlando Canizales Who won
  182. Whitaker vs Rivera I
  183. Best Heavyweight Jabbers?
  184. who is more underrated? mccallum or azumah nelson?
  185. Micky Walker or Benny Leonard?
  186. McCallum's chin?
  187. Chavez vs Taylor I - Who won?
  188. putting henry armstrong in the top 3 p4p is nuts....
  189. Did Liston take a dive in Ali 2?
  190. Greatest one punch kayos you witnessed live on tv or in person
  191. Do you think Larry Holmes held back on Muhammad Ali when they fought?
  192. Curious question about stepping up in weight...
  193. Lmao! I found this hilarious...
  194. Which style is easiest to adapt?
  195. Give me your top 5 best LEFT HOOKS in HEAVYWEIGHT history?
  196. Marciano considered a heavy hitter?
  197. Ali tribute with Howard Cosell. Moving vid.
  198. good books about boxing history and biographies of famous boxers
  199. Jack Johnson
  200. The First Time Joe Louis Ever Broke Training Camp
  201. Top 10 Heavyweights of the 60/70s
  202. Rating the All Time Heavyweights in 10 Categories
  203. Jack Dempsey vs Tony ''Two Ton'' Galento
  204. Can Riddick Bowe Answer the Bell?
  205. Manny Pacquiao before the fame
  206. looking for rarity great boxing pictures
  207. The Ballard Of Les Darcy ( GREAT READ )
  208. Mike Tyson under-appreciated
  209. Payback Comes to Sexual Predator Mike Tyson, Who Broke All the Rules—Until a Victim F
  210. Did Tim Witherspoon Beat Larry Holmes ?..
  211. Larry Holmes On His Fight With Ali.
  212. Some Extremely Interesting Larry Holmes Comments
  213. how would you define ken norton's career??
  214. Jones or Hopkins - Who ranks higher?
  215. I ****ing hate!! Mike Tyson fans
  216. Did SRR have...?
  217. Top 10 Most OVERRATED Fighters
  218. how come..
  219. flywieghts,bantamwieghts,featherwieghts
  220. Hearns' best weight?
  221. Theres No Way Muhammad Ali Beat Ken Norton In There 3rd Fight.
  222. Bennie Brisoce's Amature Accomplishments and his thoughts on Ali.......
  223. Ike Williams On Ray Robinson
  224. The Story Of Isidore Rasosky Better Known As The Farther Of Barney Ross
  225. Hagler's loss to Leonard
  226. Norton vs Ali 3, my scorecard.
  227. Ezzard Charles's Love For Clothes
  228. The Least talker
  229. George Foreman's fate
  230. Buster Douglas vs Hasim Rahman
  231. Was Ali ever hurt in his fight with Foreman?
  232. In-Chul Baek
  233. What fight did you watch recently/last night
  234. WHO IS your TOP 5 favorite?
  235. How would these fighters do against Ali?
  236. Tyson/Holyfield debate
  237. Tony Zale ''The Early Years''
  238. Salvador Sanchez vs Wilfredo Gomez
  239. meldrick taylor
  240. Peter jackson … "faster and smoother than joe louis"
  241. Mando Ramos highlight
  242. Some Interesting Joey Giardello Comments......
  243. Was Joe Gans the welterweight champ?
  244. Hagler Vs Calzaghe
  245. How did you score Collins-Eubank 1?
  246. Ray Arcel's Post Fight Thoughts To Zale vs Graziano II
  247. Some Interesting Wilfredo Gomez Comments......
  248. Rare footage of Archie Moore, Ray Robinson
  249. Sugar Ray Robinson - Prime?
  250. Top 10 Most AMAZING Moments