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  1. Jack Dempsey GOAT
  2. All-Time Favorite Fighters
  3. Glen Johnson vs Past ATG LHW Fighters
  4. What Heavyweights In Your Mind Defeat A Prime Joe Louis (Past Or Present)?
  5. Sugar Ray Robinson Sports-Century Video
  6. Delete
  7. How did ray robinson generate so much power?
  8. Poll: Could Marciano Have Beaten Holyfield?
  9. Carlos Monzon vs Bennie Briscoe
  10. Jake La Motta Now Hits 'em With His Punch Line
  11. How was Holyfields punching power at cruiserweight?
  12. Young Stribling: Unbelievable Record
  13. Bag video
  14. Muhammad Ali (The Greatest Of All Time)
  15. Pryor's victory over Arguello tainted?
  16. Is Vernon Forrest a HOF'er
  17. Are any of you boxing historians MMA Fans?
  18. Vernon Forrest interview with some insight
  19. Excerpts from the Book "Hands of Stone"
  20. Joe Frazier vs Vitali Klitschko
  21. Jersey Joe Walcott Traning (Rare Film)
  22. Number of fights vs. quality of fights.
  23. Sorry guys...
  24. Titles Vacated Due To Death?
  25. Larry Holmes vs Joe Louis
  26. Salvador Sanchez vs Aaron Pryor. Who wins??
  27. Lennox Lewis vs Larry Holmes
  28. The Could have been Dream fights for Forrest
  29. Old Jack Dempsey Footage
  30. Poll: Frank Bruno.. Massive Puncher.. Yes or No?
  31. Rock Vs Iron ( Marciano V Tyson )
  32. Greatest quick fight
  33. ''Mantequilla''
  34. Do you consider Holyfield's power underrated or not ?
  35. Gene Tunney vs Evander Holyfield
  36. How would a Post War Joe Louis do against
  37. Joe Louis vs Gene Tunney
  38. What fights havent you seen. mainly from the past
  39. funniest knockouts....
  40. Lennox Lewis vs. ...
  41. Who has won the most boxing titles?
  42. Ali more impressive against Chuvalo 1st or 2d time?
  43. Buck Smith.. King Of The Journeymen..
  44. George Foreman dodging Jerry Quarry?
  45. Jack Johnson vs Joe Louis
  46. Did arturo gatti commit suicide?
  47. Poll: Who's The Greatest Welterweight..?
  48. Who's prime is more overrated ?
  49. ...Freddie Steele...
  50. Lewis Vs ATG's opposition...
  51. Tyson vs Frazier?
  52. Max Baer showing some of his moves...
  53. Prime Jimmy Young vs Joe Louis
  54. History of Catchweight Fights
  55. What Heavyweight Champion took the best punch?
  56. Nicolino Locche vs Carlos Ortiz
  57. Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard
  58. If Ali never fought again after 1967
  59. Did anyone listen to this radio show
  60. The greatest defensive fighter in boxing history...
  61. Boxers who's chin was their downfall...
  62. Willie Ritchie vs Mexican Joe Rivers
  63. Best p4p fighter of the 19th century
  64. Best uppercut of all time was
  65. When did Muhammad Ali start to slide ?
  66. Roberto Duran vs SRR at Welterweight
  67. "Gentleman" Jim Corbett and Charles "Kid" McCoy
  68. Mike Tyson vs Jersey Joe Walcott
  69. John C Heenan
  70. Mike Tyson Vs Rocky Marciano Simulation Trailer
  71. Chuck Davey VS Art Aragon
  72. Why Ali is one of the greatest
  73. Riddick Bowe vs tyson who wins
  74. Prime Lennox Lewis vs Current Vitali Klitschko
  75. Virgil Hill: an appreciation
  76. Joe Frazier vs these 5 Heavyweights.............
  77. Marvin Hagler vs Jake Lamota
  78. Archie Moore vs Prime Roy Jones at LHW
  79. Muhammad Ali gets knocked out...
  80. Prime Bhop could stop prime Hearns
  81. Max Baer Vs Mike Tyson
  82. Doug "Cobra" DeWitt
  83. Jim McNeill
  84. W.Klitschko vs Golota
  85. Rope-a-dope
  86. If Jerry Quarry was fighting in his prime today...
  87. 1967 Ali vs. 1971 Frazier
  88. Gerrie Coetzee-The Bionic Hand
  89. Best glass-jaws
  90. The Forgotten Classics of Jerry Quarry
  91. List shot fighters and fighters past their best
  92. Sumbu Kalambay
  93. When was Ali hurt the worst in his career?
  94. Vitali's punching power
  95. what are your thoughts on bert sugar?
  96. Francesco Damiani
  97. Better trainer Futch or Duva
  98. Ali and Frazier were not enemies.
  99. Can anyone school me on Al Hostak?
  100. Does anyone on here think Muhhamad Ali is overrated?
  101. In Memory Of Salvador Sanchez
  102. In Memory Of Arturo Gatti ( 1972 - 2009 )
  103. Joe Frazier vs Joe Louis
  104. Carl Froch vs Nigel Benn (primes)
  105. why monzon owns hagler....
  106. Better fighter, better career?
  107. Which of the great Heavyweights never got a gift decision?
  108. The Jab of former champ Buster Douglas
  109. Mike Tyson vs. Muhammad Ali
  110. What was the duration of Duran's prime?
  111. Ineed help figuring out who this boxer is...
  112. What's your opinion of Maxie Rosenbloom?
  113. Prime Tua vs Prime Tyson
  114. biographys of boxers, books
  115. ATG's: Best technical pressure fighter of any era?
  116. Yaqui Lopez
  117. I just saw Banks vs Watson I for the first time.
  118. What If Floyd Patterson Had Fought At Light-Heavyweight Instead Of Heavyweight?
  119. Do you have to have a huge heart to be considered a great fighter ?
  120. Why couldn't Bob Foster be successful as a HW?
  121. Bob Foster vs Roy Jones
  122. most underrated fight in the boxing history
  123. Best left hook...
  124. What are your thoughts about Tommy Morrison?
  125. Fantasy Late 80's/Early 90's Middleweight Tournament
  126. Muhhamad Ali(74) vs Prime Rocky Marciano
  127. Bernard Hopkins vs James Toney
  128. Does naseem hamed deserve induction into the ibhof?
  129. Bennie Briscoe highlight
  130. Aaron Davis vs. Mark Breland
  131. Nigel Benn vs Joe Calzaghe
  132. Southpaws famous for right hook?
  133. most fights
  134. Fighters who would go into the ring injured
  135. What Does Wladamir Klitschko Have To Do To Become A ATG?
  136. boxing gloves of the past, mma gloves, and caulieflower ear.
  137. Sam McVea vs Battling Jim Johnson
  138. Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay sparring with Ingemar Johansson
  139. thomas hearns beats ray robinson at welterweight....
  140. Cassius Clay vs Muhammad Ali
  141. The 10 greatest chins of all time.
  142. If a prime uninjured Patterson vs Clay
  143. Joe Louis vs Joe Frazier
  144. Tommy Hearns's Strategy Against Marvin Hagler
  145. What If Tony Ayala Never Went Inside..?
  146. Duane Bobick
  147. Top 10 welterweights?
  148. Quotes On Henry Armstrong
  149. Post You All-Time Great Lists! (No Trolls)
  150. Do you know Biko Botowamungu?
  151. Favorite fight of all-time
  152. Roberto Duran vs. Aaron Pryor at 140: How would it go?
  153. McCall vs Lewis (2)
  154. Eddie Mustafa Muhammad appreciation thread
  155. how many ATG heavyweights does the buster douglas who ko'd tyson beat....
  156. sonnyboyx2 Chronicles.
  157. Razor Ruddock-the greatest underachiver?
  158. What's the general sentence given for sexual assault in the US?
  159. Does freddie Roach deserve induction into the ibhof as a trainer?
  160. What fights did Ali train the hardest for?
  161. How well would Frazier do at LHW?
  162. The most exciting Carlos Monzon fights?
  163. How does gerald mccellan do against the monzon who turned up in the valdes rematch?
  164. Lewis vs Holyfield - rare moment of a discouraged Holyfield.
  165. Ezzard Charles was to fight Roy Harris
  166. Dennis Andries
  167. Hearns vs McCallum
  168. Floyd Mayweather vs Willie Pep at Super Featherweight
  169. What If London Prize Ring Rules is still on effect?
  170. Floyd Mayweather v Battling Nelson who wins
  171. Is Iran Barkley overrated
  172. Why Sugar Ray Leonard Never Gave Wilfred Benitez a Rematch?
  173. Nothing special about the FAB FOUR, Controversy is what made them great.
  174. Marvin Hagler Overrated Legacy?
  175. Why?
  176. Prime Louis would beat Tyson
  177. Tommy Loughran
  178. Roger "Black Mamba" Mayweather
  179. Reggie Johnson vs Antonio Tarver
  180. Who should be remembered as the greater fighter, Joe Louis or Roberto Duran?
  181. Hearns vs Breland sparring VIDEO
  182. How well do you know your Philadelphian Light Heavyweights?
  183. Frankie Liles
  184. Holyfield vs Frazier who wins
  185. Something thats been puzzling me
  186. Pancho Villa or Pacquiao Manny??
  187. History of the middleweight division
  188. Prime Bowe would beat prime Tyson
  189. Serious interview with Ali before the first Quarry fight
  190. How great was Donald Curry
  191. where do you rate Big John Tate
  192. Jimmy Wilde vs Benny Lynch who wins?
  193. When do you feel Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe were out of their prime?
  194. who hit Oliver McCall the hardest
  195. Charley Burley vs Marvin Hagler at 160
  196. Give me a few fighters with..........
  197. Golota-Bowe II. Saddening.
  198. Dwight Qawi vs Tomasz Adamek at 190
  199. Think boxing is corrupt? This is nothing compared to '50s
  200. Burley vs Leonard
  201. Louis-Ali, another argument
  202. joe hipp vs tommy morrison
  203. Happy Birthday Rocky
  204. Michael Olajide
  205. Greatest tv fight card you ever saw!!!!!
  206. anyone have Barney Ross footage?
  207. Dick Tiger vs Mikkel Kessler at 168
  209. Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. Bruce Curry
  210. Henry Armstrong Discussion Thread
  211. Could my son be the greatest?
  212. Julio Cesar Chavez title defences?
  213. If Ali had 2 more tune-up fights before the Frazier fight?
  214. Hopkins vs. Monzon @ 160
  215. Juan Manuel Marquez vs Roberto Duran
  216. Dwight Muhammad Qawi tribute
  217. Carlos De Leon
  218. World Champions Who Never Won There Title In The Ring?
  219. Mario Martinez beat Azumah Nelson imo
  220. Greg Haugen
  221. Alexis Arguello or Wilfredo Gomez
  222. Sanchez vs Arguello who wins SFW
  223. Are there any non-speculatory reasons Frazier and Norton never fought?
  224. What Exact Age Did Ron Lyle actually take up boxing?
  225. Duran vs Mosley 135
  226. Kostya Tszyu vs Floyd Mayweather @140
  227. On this day in boxing history - Sept. 7th - 1894
  228. Describe me these fellow fighters styles.......
  229. Holyfield VS Muhammad Qawi
  230. What do you think Elmer Ray's best punch was?
  231. 17 year old Salvador Sanchez fights Jose Chavez 1976
  232. If Muhammad Ali and George Foreman had an immediate rematch, who would have won?
  233. Mark Epton???????
  234. Herol “Bomber” Graham: The Nearly Man
  235. What on earth was the referee doing stopping Benitez against Davey Moore ?
  236. Benitez/Trinidad
  237. Matthew Hilton?
  238. McCallum would of beaten Hearns, Duran and Hagler
  239. What Rare Fight Films are around?
  240. On an ATG Heavyweight list is Frazier ranked over Foreman?
  241. Leonard/Jones
  242. Great portraits of great fighters.
  243. Sergey Kobozev
  244. One World Title vs Multiple World Titles
  245. Monzon-Benvenuti II. Somebody please explain...
  246. Chris Byrd VS Post Holyfield Tyson
  247. Rank these fighters p4p
  248. Roberto Duran vs. Manny Pacquiao - 135
  249. Has anyone read Four Kings: Last Great Era of Boxing?
  250. How does Sergio Martinez do against these fellow fighters?