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  1. Benny Bass.....Who has heard of him?
  2. Why don't we see the Joe Frazier style anymore?
  3. Floyd Patterson vs Pete Rademacher
  4. whats your favorite mexican vs. rican fight?
  5. What are some old fashioned training methods?
  6. Estaban De Jesus
  7. How would Evander Holyfield do in the 60's-70's?
  8. Alfredo Angulo and Bobby Chacon
  9. Jose Napoles
  10. Ray Mercer
  11. The fine right hand of Larry Holmes.
  12. Jack Dempsey and Floyd Patterson
  13. Has anyone seen the Sonny Liston movie 'Phantom Punch'?
  14. Clay Muhammad Ali and his Gang vs Mr Tooth Decay
  15. 10 Greatest Light Heavyweights
  16. Fighters who won their first world title at a weight class that wasn't their best
  17. Which Ali would have been greatest?
  18. How much of a chance does Bob Foster have in stopping a prime Dwight Qawi
  19. Muhammad Ali Sparring Encouters...
  20. Harry Greb Headgurad
  21. George Foreman's Son Set To Fight.....
  22. Top 10 best at 140?
  23. Julian Jackson Interview
  24. Ivan Calderon vs Ricardo Lopez
  25. Jorge Adolfo Febles Pez
  26. Hagler Vs. Hopkins: who wins? explain.
  27. your top 10 fighters of all time! everyone who posts on this section tell me them!
  28. Classic Amateur Cinema
  29. Pazienza-Ward
  30. Joe Brown vs Wallace 'Bud' Smith III
  31. Listen Up Boxing History Regulars!
  32. so shot diseased holyfield with bad heart beats tyson but cant beat him in his prime?
  33. Greatest trainers of all time
  34. Pernell Whitakers Greatest Fights?
  35. The Heavyweight division is really for Cruiserweights?
  36. Mr. Carbo and His Pals
  37. Sugar Ray Leonard Vs Dick Eklund
  38. Earnie Shavers Interview
  39. Wilbert "the vampire" Johnson
  41. Do You Think Tyson Was Guilty?
  42. Who knows the most about boxing around here???
  43. New Best Case for Boxing
  44. Era Misconceptions
  45. Who's better
  46. Is Wlad an All Time Great Heavyweight?
  47. Lionel Rose in L.A.
  48. Jobs before they became boxers?
  49. Dempsey article
  50. quintessential other sport boxers
  51. What age did Gene Tunney start boxing???
  52. Name Thomas Hearns' top 5 wins
  53. carmen basilio & gene fullmer
  54. Should Marciano's record have been 48-1?
  55. Al "The Savage Slav" Hostak?
  56. Jirov-Gomez, ever close to happening?
  57. 1987-1988 Tyson Vs. Wlad Klitchko
  58. Boxings governing bodies. Some history on the alphabet boys.
  59. best boxing book you've ever read????
  60. Which of the current HWs stands the best chance against a prime Tyson?
  61. Joe Bugner
  62. Happy 58th Roberto Duran
  63. Better WW fighter Ike Quartey or Joshua Clottey?
  64. Hal Bagwell
  65. Interesting footage of Gene Tunney, Gentleman Jim Corbett and Jack Dempsey
  66. dick tiger vs joe calzaghe who takes this at 168?
  67. 10: Greatest European heavyweights by Ring Magazine
  68. Best SRR highlight ever!!!!!!
  69. Check this out
  70. The 3 Key Factors In Becoming a World Champion and a Elite fighter in Boxing?
  71. Dick Tiger vs Chad Dawson at 175?
  72. myung woo yuh vs ricardo lopez
  73. Should Donald Curry be inducted into the IBHOF?
  74. who had the better carrer/story? B-hop or Jones?
  75. What Year Do You Think Archie Moore Was Born?
  76. Question
  77. Ray Robinson against boxers.
  78. I visited Joe Louis' grave yesterday
  79. Whomever Nicknamed Chagaev "The White Tyson" Seriously Needs His Head Examined
  80. Michael Spinks accomplishments
  81. Muhammad Ali; Amazing Interview
  82. did Marvin hagler have the longest reach to height ratio?
  83. Fighters who trained fighters after they fought them
  84. The Time is Now: Who Could Handle Wlad in the Historical Pantheon?
  85. robinson in leonard's era & vice versa
  86. Zarate-Pintor Scorecard
  87. Put these 6 fighters in YOUR order of greatness!
  88. Can anyone explain WHY Gerry Cooney never used his right hand??
  89. Stanley Ketchel: The Irresistible Assassin
  90. Fights of middleweight and light heavyweight champion Dick Tiger
  91. Can someone send me this aaron pryor fight?
  92. James Tillis.
  93. delete thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. Ezzard Charles Training (Rare Footage)
  95. Charley Burley
  96. Footage Of A 1948 Ray Robinson (Rare Film)
  97. Do you think there has ever been one fighter who never got dropped amature, sparring
  98. Why Tyson is #1
  99. Jack Dempsey videos
  100. Does anyone have any LaMotta vids???
  101. who is britains youngest world champ?
  102. Inside The Life Of Carlos Monzon
  103. A Prime Joe Louis vs Rocky Marcaino
  104. Who Do You Rank In Terms Of ATG-Archie Moore Or Mickey Walker????
  105. Does anyone know what age Harold Johnson started Boxing?
  106. ATG Fighters Who had terrible starts to there careers?
  107. David Tua vs Max Bear
  108. How Good Was Sam Langford
  109. Robinson Or Ali Who Shall Be Remebered As The Greater Fighter?
  110. What Fighter Past Or Present Would Have the Best Chance At Stopping Bernrad Hopkins?
  111. Bert Sugar Top 100 Fighters-THOUGHTS???
  112. How high do you rate jim flyn?
  113. The Most Overrated ''Old School Fighter''?
  114. BOXING - Past VS Modern
  115. 7th March 87.. Hearns Vs Andries.. WBC L/H Title..
  116. Who Shall Be Remembered As The Better Fighter Tony Zale Or Juan Manuel Marquez?
  117. Former boxing champ Rocky Lockridge living on streets of Camden
  118. Who is the best fighter to become champion with the most losses?
  119. Max Baer, What If He Didnt Clown Around?
  120. Muhammed Ali Vs. Wladimir Klitschko Computer Matchup
  121. Muhammad Ali dodging punches in the corner.
  122. Vitali Klitschko vs Muhammad Ali
  123. Harder puncher at 135.....Arguello or Edwin Rosario ?
  124. Favorite Boxing Quote's
  125. is there footage of the great Bantamweight Manuel Ortiz?
  126. Les Darcy "The Maitland Wonder"
  127. My coach says i remind him of mike twin sulivan, zora folley and denny moyer
  128. something just occured to me about roy jones
  129. Rankings tourny - top 64: Heavyeight
  130. Alexis Arguello appreciation thread.
  131. Remembering Alexis Arguello
  132. wladimir klitschko
  133. Floyd Patterson vs Willie Troy
  134. Is it me or did Chuvalo fight like Marciano??
  135. Jack Johnson and Harry Wills The Sparring Encouter
  136. 6 Degrees of separation
  137. Who Is Boxings Best Role-Model?
  138. Why does Bert Sugar still say Willie Pep won around without throwing a punch???
  139. Stribling vs Tarver
  140. Poll: Les Darcy Vs Harry Greb
  141. Was it suicide or murder?
  142. Alexis Arguello Tribute Show
  143. Heart or chin, which is more important?
  144. Joe Louis vs Ali, prime for prime
  145. Sugar Ray Robinsons greatest performance
  146. LaMotta vs. Dauthuille MW Title Match (15th Round Stoppage)
  147. Good Old Days Returns To Australia
  148. Who Is Boxings WORST Role Model?
  149. Who is the greatest of the 2nd tier heavyweights?
  150. George Foreman Vs Joe Louis
  151. Joe Louis vs any great heavyweight
  152. Measurements Of Heavyweight Champions.
  153. Marciano would be ashamed
  154. Recent Meldrick Taylor interview about his book(well kinda)
  155. New Knockout Compilation
  156. Marciano Fans Click Here
  157. Marciano Documentry I Made
  158. Manuel Ortiz Footage (Rare Film)
  159. Haugen vs Pazienza 1
  160. George Foreman On Larry King The Night Before Holyfield Fight
  161. If You Could Choose 1 Fighter To Fight in Todays Era
  162. Is there any case for Foreman>Ali?
  163. Computer Tournaments - The Flyweights
  164. Computer Tournament - The Bantamweights
  165. Is Sam Peter the most technical fighter ever?
  166. Ghanaians have found great success in boxing
  167. The single greatest accomplishment in boxing history
  168. Computer Tournament - The Featherweights
  169. Computer Tournament - The Lightweights
  170. Italian American Fighters..
  171. Benny 'Kid' Paret vs Don Jordan
  172. If Rumble In The Jungle Happened In A Cage
  173. Sonny Liston Fighting As a Amature (Rare Film)
  174. Quartey vs Jose Luis Lopez who won
  175. I've Lost Some Respect For Ali..
  176. Computer Tournament - The Welterweights
  177. Computer Tournament - The Middleweights
  178. (POLL)Who Do You Think Should Be Rated Higher In A ATG List? Floyd Mayweather Or.....
  179. Jorge Paez Vs Calvin Grove IBF FW Title
  180. Comeback George Foreman = GOAT
  181. John L. Sullivan
  182. Top 5 Most Brutal Fights
  183. Computer Tournament - The Light-Heavyweights
  184. Computer Tournament - The Heavyweights
  185. History's Greatest Body Punchers?
  186. Is Arturo Gatti a HOF?
  187. Underrated poor decision"s the get overlooked
  188. Pay Your Respects To Arturo Gatti
  189. Compubox stats from old fights
  190. Do you think Jack Dempsey is overrated?
  191. Quick question on Joe Louis
  192. Mike McCallum does not get his props imo
  193. your fav Philly fighter????
  194. George Chuvalo Training for First Muhammad Ali Fight
  195. Prime Tyson Vs Comeback Foreman
  196. Roy Jones Jr vs Joe Louis At HW
  197. It's been a sad year for boxing
  198. So i just watched Bones Adams vs Kevin Kelley but what are the most boring fights....
  199. Is there footageof Billy Conn besides the louis fights?
  200. Roy Jone's STYLE vs Ali's STYLE
  201. Whats the International Boxing Hall of Fame like?
  202. Henry Armstrong tribute
  203. What Do You Think Of This Top 20 P4P List? PLZ READ
  204. Ray Robinson Question
  205. worst heavyweight champion of all time
  206. Did Ray Leonard Get Fighters At The Right Time?
  207. Sonny Liston vs. Joe Frazier
  208. George Foreman "Mike Tyson Is DUCKING Me"
  209. 10 best Heavies NOT to win the title...
  210. Do you belive Jack Johnson is overrated?
  211. The Underrated Resume Of Fritzie Zivic
  212. espns whos #1 boxers....
  213. What Do You Think Is The Hardest Fanatsy Fight To Pick A Winner Out Of?
  214. Les Darcy Video Tribute I Just Made
  215. Poll.. More knowledgeable? Mickey Malone or the Alts?
  216. Roughly what number would you rate Dick Tiger In Your ATG List?
  217. Muhammed Ali And Joe Louis: Who's The Greatest Heavyweight?
  218. Rocky Marcaino vs Larry Holmes
  219. Charles Burley vs Roy Jones JR
  220. I Have Found A Harry Greb Fight (OMFG) Video Here
  221. Rocky Marciano With Jerry Lewis
  222. The No Troll Joe Louis And Ray Robinson Appreciation Thread
  223. Is Respect In Boxing Fading Away?
  224. Laszlo Papp vs Joey Giardello
  225. Iwao Hakamada
  226. How would Bowe do against the great HW?
  227. Freddie Mills
  228. Mando Ramos
  229. Michael Carbajal highlight
  230. Boxers who committed suicide
  231. The best left jabs in Heavyweight History
  232. who has the best jab out of all the weights ?
  233. Sonny Liston vs Joe Louis
  234. Dumbest fight plans ever!!
  235. Stanley Ketchel vs Sam Langford(New York Times Report)
  236. Has Anyone on here read battling nelson's book?
  237. I need to educate myself on the Big Four...
  238. Interesting Facts About Boxing
  239. Wilfredo Benitez vs Carmen Basillio
  240. Lennox Lewis vs Michael Spinks
  241. Sonny Liston vs George Forman
  242. Ruben "El Puas" Olivares
  243. Herbert (Cotter) Brogan - 1910 Ireland
  244. Jack Johnson vs Luis Angel Firpo (The Sparring Encouter)
  245. The Disrespect shown to Lennox Lewis
  246. Rare Tyson And Foreman News Story
  247. Punching Power: Ernie Shavers Or George Foreman?
  248. No Decisions?
  249. ring magazine's 80 greatest fighters of the last 80 years
  250. Rocky Marciano vs Wladimir Klitschko