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  1. Charlie Zelenoff Paul gardner DOcumentary with rocky music lol!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Zelenoff, I'll knock you out.
  3. charlie Z ready to destroy Pimp Right now!!!!!!!!!! New video
  4. Did Zelenoff accept Versatile's boxing challenge?
  5. OMG I would KO Versatile2k9
  6. Big Z clowns Hillbilly Pimp and Dj Claudio
  7. TPS Area
  8. Zelenoff is a queer, his dad raped him and he liked it
  9. NOOOOOO all the charlie z threads have vanished
  10. Rap dis charlie z here
  11. Charlie Z *****
  12. Charlie Z = Male Pattern Baldness
  13. fUNNY ZELENOFFs videos!!
  14. how many hats does charlie z own
  15. How many exhibition fights Charlie Z has 3 or 14??
  16. The Raging Bull....Staring Charlie
  17. IS Charlie Z BLOOD member???
  18. please do me a tiny favour ppl
  19. When Charlie goes to prison.....
  20. charlie zelenoff : Die Hard
  21. Is this Charlie Zelenoff ?
  22. Thank you Boxing Scene for moving Charlie Z to the lounge
  23. This video makes me think of TPS
  24. Where the **** is zelenoff
  25. Zelenoff - You'll be sipping through a straw
  26. Unban Charlie
  27. The Charlie Zelenoff appreciation thread
  28. Charlie Z showing some great hand speed........ Ready to kill pimp
  29. Zelenoff back in the house
  30. I want to fight charlie zelenoff !!
  31. Will Mayweather Return To Fight Zelenoff?
  32. Charlie Z speaks RUSSIAN
  33. TPS prefight FIGHT!
  34. Zelenoff goes crazy On Paul Gardner
  35. Charlie whats up with ACUMA?
  36. Charlie Z rematch heavybag!
  37. Charlie Z couldn't **** his way out of a paper bag
  38. Zelenoff's Ring Name
  39. Charlie Z goes wild!
  40. Im sorry..I had to post it..lol..Charlie Z new vid!!
  41. Stephen Hawking Vs Charlie Zelenoff - who wins?
  42. Charlie Z tried to rip PUMA t-shirt but he couldnt do it!
  43. No One can Stop ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Charlie going nuts again!
  45. Real Talk
  46. Zelenoff Rapping
  47. Zelenoff Fails To Rip His Shirt Off
  48. Is Steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs worth it?
  49. Zelenoff's friend
  50. NEW Zelenoff Video!!!!!! Training, Versatile Bring it Bittchh
  51. Zelenoff vs This choir...in a battle rap
  52. Versatile lets go Mutha****er me and You On Friday 6 PM
  53. Bored of zelenoff
  54. Zelenoff dominates again On the Court!!!!!!!
  55. Game 2, Charlie Zelenoff Wins again...... Big comeback!!!!!!!!!
  56. Zelenoff all the way!!!!!!!! Sick beat
  57. guys you Have to Admit
  58. charlie has gotten what he wanted..attention
  59. I had the worst dream ever last night
  60. ****KK BOXINGscene.com Mutha****ekkkers
  61. Charlie Zero's Flaws
  62. Give charlie Z's gym a call sometime
  63. Charlie Z show!!!!!!!!!! Listen
  64. ZELENOFF ranking was 1235 / 1234
  65. Charlie Z wants to show you his new clock!
  66. Charlie Z hits on girl...and fails
  67. the best charile z name so far
  68. I am gonna Break this ***gggit Danny Nolan
  69. Charlie zelenoff soundboard!!!!
  70. Zellenoff = Prison ***** ...yes or no ???
  71. Is this Charlie Zelenoff?
  72. Zelenoff of a herion addiction ?
  73. Zelenoff hits himself in face by 750 punch
  74. Is Zelenoff a Russian ******?
  75. Charlie Z burns HBP s picture!
  76. Proof that Charlie Z was knocked out cold by Mario Lopez!
  77. Zelenoffs mum in the 80`s glory days
  78. Versatile , Danny Nolan A bunch of ****ccking PUSSSSYYYYYS!!!!!!!
  79. NEWW Charlie Video!!!!! Nolan Versatile eat these 1-2's
  80. Charlie I'll Pay For Your FuKing Flight You ***** Assed ****** Lovin Crack Head !!!!
  81. Zelenoff in Russian Power?
  82. Zelenoff give me attention thread...
  83. Specialy for charlie z a Rap dis bout ur family hope u like it
  84. Zelenoffs dad after a session down the trailer park
  85. Amir K Shareef and zelenoff brothers and lovers ?
  86. I hope Danny Nolan Dies
  87. Danny Nolan is an illiterate ****...
  88. Zelenoff and his dad (who's also his brother)
  89. Is Charlie just playin...
  90. Whats wrong charlie mad cos i rapped about ur dad
  91. Danny Nolan I WILL CUT YOUR throat Bittch!!!!!!!!!
  92. Charlie Suck-em-off
  93. TBH Danny Nolan has no taste or class
  94. Charlie Zelenoff Freestyles!!!!!!!!!!!
  95. Charlie Zelenoff Is NOT a Comedian !!!
  96. Charlie Zelenoff is NOT Black.
  97. We should start a betting pool
  98. charlie,you can't rap,play ball or fight
  99. Insanity
  100. Why does Charlie always take his videos down so fast??
  101. What are youre favortie Charlie z quotes??
  102. Charlie couldn't beat Hillbilly Pimp...
  103. Whats the best Z thread made so far ??
  104. Zelenoff cant speak russian its all lies
  105. Post a picture of someone or something that resembles charles zelenoff
  106. I never been this aggravated before!!!!!!!
  107. Be honest...has Charlie made you tempted to turn pro?
  108. Hillbilly Pimp Paul Gardner training for Zelenoff
  109. I bet this Girl would Knock HIllbilly Pimp Out!!!!!! Click LINK
  110. Zelenoff Chugging Snapple
  111. Zelenoff goes off!!!!!! Busts crazy free style
  112. Daim Yall would this chick really KNOCK Someone out?????
  113. Hey Charlie Z
  114. StateSide Connection V The British Link Up! Nolan V Z'ee The Battle so far....
  115. How much punishment can zelenoff take
  116. Zelenoffs daddy pays the rent but how ??
  117. Zelenoff aint **** im the daddy
  118. Who wins the Nolan vs Zelenoff thread war
  119. It all ends tonight!!Zelenoff Vs Nolan..Who will it be??
  120. Charlie Z..Beyond the glory (new video)
  121. NEWWW Zelenoff Slideshow video!!!!!!!!
  122. Zelenoff vs Fight2beat fight thread !!!
  123. Fight2BEAT Listen BITTTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  124. Z's a fa.ggot?
  125. Shes sexy huh????
  126. R.I.P. Charlie Zelenoff....You will be missed
  127. Charlie Zelenoff new music video!!!!!!!!!!
  128. Hey Girly Zele*****
  129. in round 5 whos ahead ?
  130. The Contenders.....And future Opponents of the man they call Charles
  131. Charlies serious video (almost crying)
  132. All for 1 and 1 for all and NONE for paul!!!!!!!! NEW ZELENOFF VIDEO
  133. 3 videos of Hillbilly Wimp!!!!!!!!!!
  134. CHARLIE Zelenoff In Movie Die Hard !!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW LOOK
  135. Hillbilly wimp training video...lol
  136. I know you are sacre Zelenoff
  137. fIGHT2beat your ass is dead mutha****er!!!!!!!!!
  138. Lyrical Warfare! Kill or Be Killed The Settlement of All Arguements...FB/Z'ee
  139. NEWWW VIDEO!!!!!! charlies Best Punch, DEATH for Hillbilly pimp
  140. Live ppv of the Z Train fight !!!!
  141. Its over Zelenoff Ko`s fight2beat in 8
  142. The real deal vs Charlie z thread war
  143. Zelenoff snr
  144. Nolan calls out fight2beat and willing to put smack talk title on the line
  145. TPS Smack Talk P4P Rankings Thread
  146. this has nothing to do with tps but watch it anyway its funny as ****
  147. fight2beat your Dead
  148. If Charlie Zelenoff Steped In The Ring With Me, This Is What Would Happen
  149. Charlie Z and his Uncle !!!!!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  150. Zelenoff says Pimp is dead!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  151. Zelenoff Pwns himself
  152. Gangsta Till the Day I die!!!!!! Charlie ZELENOFF
  153. TPS Smack Talk Video
  154. Real deal vs zelenoff fight thread
  155. Nolan vs F2B (title fight)
  156. Latest NEWS
  157. we need new smack talk fighters
  158. The Real Deal vs The Russian Pride for the tps new interim title
  159. Countdown to Zelenoff-Gardner video
  160. Is ZELENOFF a RUSSIAN ******?
  161. Charlie ZELENOFF vs HillBillyPimp PREDICTIONS! Poll
  162. God daiiim CHECK this Female out yall!!!!!!!! 2 pics same girl
  163. How many girlfriends Charlie had in his life?
  164. Does Zelenoffs Dad have aids ?
  165. Zelenoffs STREET cred !!!!!!! NEW video 10:46 long
  166. BREAKING NEWS:- Zelenoffs dad is Josef fritzel
  167. Skilledboxer vs Zelenoff rap battle thread
  168. Zelenoff destroy Danny Nolan In VIDEO!!!!!!!! Take this BITTTCH
  169. Chazzi suckmenoff helps Nolan advertise
  170. Charlie Z's Homeboys 2 pictures!!!!!!!!!
  171. zelenoff pisses on his mum jermain said so
  172. another shocking family confession by jermaine CHECK IT OUT!!!!
  173. Hill Billy Pimp
  174. Death of Stuart Lubbock
  175. Charlie's momma's jokes...
  176. danny nolan i truly hope u die and burn In hell bitttch
  177. LA Badboy killer Nolan makes zelenoff look like a crackwhore
  178. Charlie Zelenoff I Made You a Video
  179. NEWW Padwork zelenoff video!!!!!!! Pimp is dead meat and I mean it
  180. TPS Smask Talk Jukebox
  181. Back Up in this Piece! Gullyside Promotions
  182. Latest News!!! Fight Hype and Buzz from the Gullyside Promotions press conference
  183. Charlie Z real name is CHARWY-Z VIDEO!
  184. Danny Nolan!! It is time........
  185. has anyone noticed how king09 has started suckin big Z`s balls recently
  186. Nolan accepts kings challenge and fires first with a rap dis
  187. Zelenoff-50 cent mix..... NEW video
  188. Is Charwy Zelenoff POLAND or RUSSIAN fresh of boat immigrant?POLL
  189. no sign of king he must be rimming his dog
  190. viva la fritzelnoff and king09 book a rape date this weekend
  191. another rap dis for king eat **** beastiality loving ****er
  192. Charlie Z LA BADBOY Video
  193. TPS smack talk rankings
  194. Danny Nolan is scared.
  195. rose west and graham norton are kings parents
  196. king is a jail bird
  197. Which TPS fighter has the widest ****?
  198. KING vs NOLAN who wins after 12 rounds
  199. The Clash V Rellik... Is this fight gonna happen?
  200. The Clash V Rellik... Is this fight gonna happen?
  201. Nolan announces retirement and moves into promotion
  202. Fans are shocked in hearing Nolan's retirement
  203. New smack talk rules
  205. So....z is Poland...
  206. Where is Me Ex??? **** You Charles!!
  207. 50k Zelenoff over Gardner
  208. what do I do to who comes my way????????
  209. Zelenoff DISSES pimp again!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  210. This Kid is really Smart VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!
  211. NEWW Zelenoff video made!!!! Clock Is Ticking Hillbilly
  212. Sherpakovski is Gay...... someone get rid of Him
  214. Rellik = *****
  215. Charwy Zelenoff do you have GREEN CARD?
  216. And Still the Underfeated Smack Talk Champion Danny Nolan!!!
  217. CHARWY ZELENOFF NEW video!!!!!
  218. Original Zelenoff rap CHECK THIS OUT ITS A CLASSIC !!!!
  219. Zelenoff on the news at ten never before seen footage
  220. Question for the Zelenhoff dude.
  221. Best Zelenoff video of 2009!!!!!!! Check this Muthafcukkkersss
  222. Why Hide ?
  223. danny nolan DIE PLEASE DIE
  224. "Undefeated" is a true ***ggiittt..I hope him and his mom die!!
  225. KING09 VS RELLIK who won
  226. The Clash vs Rellik who won
  227. I win, this lounge gets plug pulled out.
  228. ZELENOFF can you stop with BACKSTREETBOYS ****?
  229. Danny Nolan is getting Knocked out!!!!!!!
  230. RUSSIAN pride vs CROATIAN pride when its gonna happen ZELENOFF?
  231. Clash/Rellik After 12 rounds of action This fight is declared a Draw!!
  232. ZELENOFF gay?? POLL
  233. Zelenoffs fight Honest poll!!!!!!
  234. Zelenoff vs HBP whos gonna win real poll
  235. zelenoff is full of **** watch this
  236. zelenoff new rap
  237. Charlie NEWWW Freestyle!!!!!!!
  238. Charlie Z knuckle Pushups Mutha****kker!!!!!!!
  239. how dead is it in here tonight
  240. Zelenoff goes Vicious!!!!!!! Best bag work i ever done
  241. How I met Vitali Klitschko
  242. My homie interviewed me
  243. ACUMA talkin about CHARWY ZELENOFF new VIDEO!!!
  244. HILLBILLYPIMP is favor 10:1 by bookieS!!!
  245. What type of Music ....
  246. Picture of My Fiance
  247. Wrestlemania Tonight
  248. Simply put The Man They Call Charles!
  249. Charlie do you use LoveLube on ur Girl?
  250. NEWWW charlie video!!!! April 5th 2009