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  1. does anyone else think the don king boxing game is ****e
  2. the best wrestling move of all time
  3. Tyson the movie out monday on dvd
  4. Does anyone go back this far? Where did it go?
  5. Whats wrong with REDNECKS???
  6. Charlie Z Promotional Video
  7. Z-TRAIN tribute HL VIDEO!
  8. This forum should be renamed the Charlie Z forum.
  9. NEW Charwy ZELENOFF training VIDEO!!!
  11. New hillbillypimp hl!
  12. Damn !! danny N is toppled
  13. CHARLIE Z trainer is CHARLIE N!!!!!!
  14. katsidismichael & Nolan.....
  15. Clash=prison bit.ch!!
  16. Look at this ...
  17. New hillbillypimp hl!
  19. katsidismichael Has Me ....
  20. i was about to say yeah lets drop this
  21. Real Deal Pass me that Brandy son,Prop a chair up! This one's an all nighter
  22. End Of Days...
  23. Clash read this or any1 else for that matter
  24. Who is kats ?
  25. Charlie Zelenoff drops Sparring Partner!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  26. Round 1 of charlies sparring!!!!!!
  27. Zelenoff sparring FAKE or REAL?? POLL
  28. Worst basketball player ever CHARLIE ZELENOFF HIGHLIGHT!!
  29. Nolan announces retirement
  30. Tyson the Movie...
  31. Zelenoff called cops VIDEO!!!
  32. Bazooka from esb`s son vs Charlie Z, why were the police called we want to know
  35. Hillbilly Wimp is shook...He might cancel fight.
  36. can some one do me a fave please i need a video ??
  37. Lets All Unite On This One...
  40. New Zelenoff VIDEO!!!!!! April 8
  41. Katsidismichael is gay !!!!!!!!
  42. Zelenoffs radio show listen!!!!!!!
  43. charlie says andrew is dead meat!!!!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  44. We love Tyson and he would smash that ***** Ali !!!!!
  45. JOSEPH FRITZL message to his son DANNY NOLAN!!!!
  46. How many friends does cats have here??
  47. Breaking news:KATS is back on Z-train !!!!
  48. Is it just me or do women wind u up like ****
  49. OFFICIAL Charlie Zelenoff vs Hillbilly Pimp POLL WHO WINS AND HOW????
  50. Can someone do me this favor??? Bout a Movie
  51. Andrew KID THUNDER Hartley HIGHLIGHT!!!
  52. Boxing Scene's Very Own Katsidismichael In Shocking Pictures...
  53. Whos On the Z train over here?????
  54. NEWWW ZELENOFF video April 9 2009
  55. Charlie ZELENOFF in 8 MILE HIGHLIGHT!!!
  56. Z block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  57. Another tragic truth in "TheRealDeal" familly.HIS MOTHER IS Wolfgang Priklopil!
  58. FAO of the fallen.........
  59. Movie Trailer - THE RAGING ZELENOFF
  60. New charlie video april 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  61. Welcome to Zelenoffs "hood"
  62. POLL Z Train Members????
  63. Whats Charlie Z's Best Attributes???? NEWWW POLL
  64. Versatile WATCH THIS LINK
  65. How should I KO Hillbilly????
  66. anyone want a 2009 New charlie z interview?????
  67. New Hillbilly pimp vid
  68. Z Poster Exclusive
  69. Ring walk in
  70. NEWWW video Charlie trains with pro Cruiserweight!!!!!!!!!
  71. 1 good Shot for hillbilly NEWWW CHARLIE VIDEO
  72. Zelenoff Punks Hillbilly On the PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! april 11 video
  73. Zelenoff vs. "Its that Boi!!" Haskins
  74. dont smoke crack !!!
  75. **** skids
  76. truth about tampons
  77. xmas at kats`s house
  78. Charlie Zelenoff MTV Cribs NEWWWWWWWWWW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  79. How the Fuk does Khan get a title shot before Prescott
  80. Boring day so I made another cartoon
  81. HAHA no uk tv company wants Froch vs Taylor
  82. they need a new series of red dwarf
  83. Hillbilly Pimps 2nd sparring FOOTAGE!!!!!!!!!! what U guys think????
  84. "This is My Job" Homie NEWWWWW Charlie Z video !!!!!!!! april 14
  85. Will Ocar press conference be televised?
  86. ahh Man ****kk ESB, those guys are snitches man
  87. hOME team???? For Zelenoff?
  88. Footage of the fighters
  89. Fu#k the train ,lets get on the boat
  90. B Striggy gettin jiggy......on the floor?
  91. Where art thou Charles Z?
  92. Charlie Z punks Mark Messer
  93. Im BACK Boxingscene!!!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  94. Scarface Documentary
  95. Charlie Makes New uppercut bag VIDEO!!!!!!!
  96. New Heavy BAG video APRIL17 Charlie Z!!!!!!!!!
  97. Hillbilly Pimp Running from the Z-man
  98. NEWW video Charlie Zelenoff talks about peter Manfredo and Pimp
  99. Charlie Z and his K9 dog NEWW video!!!!
  100. lets not give zelenoff the attention he craves
  101. Charlie Zelenoff's Ring Walk - Music Suggestions
  102. Charlie Z WANKING!!NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!
  103. Max molynueexxx Im gonna KILL u and ure whole family
  104. Charlie Combo's.
  105. This is the girl Im trying to go out with!!!!!!!
  106. neww charlie video!!!!!! Shadow Boxing april 18
  107. Don't go to sleep!
  108. what makes me such a Big Internet Draw????
  109. Sherpakovski
  110. NEWW Hillbilly *****h video!!!!! WOW Im a destroy this chump
  111. Who?
  112. Hillbilly Pimp video 2!!!!!! Im a KO HIm
  113. Charlie Comeback video for Pimp!!!!!!
  114. Zelenoff with Russian power Homeboy Big Mike!!!!!! new video
  115. HOETTISH ****S(The Clash and The RealDeal)!!!!!
  116. Hillbilly Pimp: From Kid Rock to Bruce Willis
  117. Judging Zelenoff.
  118. HOETTISH SeX OFFENDERS(Clash and RealDeal)pls stop crying!
  119. New Zelenoff Mit work!!!!!! Good right hands
  120. What's Zelenoff going to do when Pimp knocks him out?
  121. 59 days Until Hillbilly gets KTFO!!!!! Announcment
  122. Check this Out guys Hillbilly's Getting KTFO and a hair CUT!!! NEW VIDEO
  123. Charlie Z and Big Mike video 2!!!!!! NEW VID
  124. The TPS Random Video's Thread
  125. Charlie Z show today starts in 28 minutes
  126. Breaking NEWS!!! Zelenoff will be TPS champ NEW VIDEO
  127. charlie Z bout to drive Out !!!!!!!!! New vid
  128. Official Charlie Zelenoff Shirts!!!!!!!!!!!
  129. Charlie Z cold world Hustler!!!!!!!!!!
  130. yaya!!!!!! Cory Spinks beats Deandre Latimore
  131. froch vs taylor
  132. New charlie Zelenoff Video!!!!!April25th
  133. whats next for carl "the ****y ****" froch
  134. Ricky Hatton Vs. Manny Pacquiao
  135. Who wins Zelenoff or this guy? VIDEO
  136. froch has herpies
  137. Z train is suspicious
  138. Neww Charlie Video!!!! new HL Yall check this out
  139. Zelenoff explains all the Drama!!!!!! Great video
  140. Charlie Zelenoff answers Danny Nolans Interview!!!!!!!!
  141. The Biggest Build up 2 a fight Eva!! But are we actually gonna see this Classic?
  142. Tps general chat thread
  143. The Zelenoff interview is now online check it out !!!
  144. Rate charlie Z's right hand Power NEW VIDEO!!!!!!
  145. Mayweather vs Pacquio who U got????
  146. New Sig haye v clit
  147. CHarlie Zelenoff Full contact sparring tommorow morning!!!!!! NEWW VIDEO
  148. Charlie Z SHOW April 29 2009!!!!!!!!!!
  149. Charlie Makes boxing poem About June 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  150. Be Honest who wins In 51 days CHARLIE or HILLBILLY??????
  151. Charlie Z hitting speed bag NEW VIDEO
  152. I got 99 problems and a hater aint 1!!!!!!!
  153. What Other sports You into ...
  154. Pacster and Fatster! Last and Final say (Predictions)
  155. If Pacquio win......... then whos next?????
  156. NEW ZELENOFF VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! Explains bout the hate
  157. Pacquio will beat mayweather also!!!!
  158. Zelenoff busts ACCAPELA Freestyle RAP!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  159. Zelenoff shows Dazzling speed!!!!!!!! NEW VIDEO BAG WORK
  160. Zelenoff does 3 full rounds CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Will Charlie Zelenoff retire if he loses?
  162. Zelenoff Drops ESB!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  163. youtube
  164. Spar or not to Spar....
  165. Zelenoff vs Hillbilly in 6 weeks
  166. Charlie Z makes Big comeback wins 13-9!!!!!!!!!!!
  167. Katsisdismichael aka Sherpakovski aka LA Badboy
  168. Good Luck Hillbilly taking these Punches!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  169. After I Destroy Pimp Im on to a Basketball tour
  170. Micro tyson
  171. Zelenoff vs Pimp is OFF!!!!!!!!!!!
  172. Charlie Zelenoff Vs Rob Crawley June 20
  173. Zelenoffs New opponent!!!!! New video bout June 20
  174. Does anyone actually care anymore?
  175. Bring it On Versatile
  176. Stacey 'Goodnight' Goodson
  177. Zelenoff Hitting Bag without Looking!!!!!
  178. Charlie Z doing the mayweather Sprints!!!!!!! NEW VIDEO
  179. AND THE NEWWWWWWW TPS CHAMP???? WHO is it?????
  180. Boooo zelenoff!!!!
  181. Charlie Zelenoff..This is a E-point robbery!!!!!!!!!!
  182. ZAKMAN Stfu Seriously !!!!!!!!!
  183. Charlie Zelenoff getting Owned by Boxing Girl LIVE on the radio!
  184. The fight is cancel
  185. Truth About Zelenoff Ducking Hillbilly Pimp Revealed
  186. Charkie Z ducks hillbilly ???!
  187. BoxingGirl Jenna is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  188. 1 More time JENNA 1 More ****kin time
  189. Charlie talks about Haters!!!!!!! MAY 15 NEWWWWWWWWWW VIDEO
  190. Goodson Saves Zelenoff from his beating
  191. When I get a Win then what?????
  192. NO esb'rs to come to this site
  193. Just Watched the Vid of Charlie PLaying Ball
  194. I should get More credit for Ko'ng Rob Crawley
  195. Goodson giving Zelenoff a fixed fight....
  196. charlie zelenoff is gonna pay
  197. Hillbilly Pimp OWNS Zelenoff on the radio!!!
  198. Aright thats it Bring it On Versatile Im serious
  199. Stacey Goodson ANd Zelenoff !!!!!!!! STATE OF BOXING
  200. Hey zele*****
  201. Looking for the next Trailer Park Phenom
  202. JT Wallstreet vs Jason McClure
  203. Ill beat Peter Manfredo After june 20
  204. Zelenoff Backs down from Floydjoys challenge!!!
  205. Charlie Smellin****..Don't you realize your "internet fame" is over with now???
  206. It`s been quiet....Did Zelenoff get his ass kicked?
  207. Zelenoff turns down $1000 bet!!!
  208. Zelenoff calls slugout "A bunch of redknecks!"
  209. Z-train highlight!!!!
  210. Charlie ill fight you
  211. wake up charlie i want to talk to you!
  212. read this
  213. Charlie Z makes statement VIDEO!!!!!! May 16
  214. A recent Charlie Classic video.......
  215. ayoooo charlie........
  216. Zelenoff blasts Goodson........
  217. Charlie Z...Lifestyle FLASHY!!! (pictures)
  218. +447704182967 Is that You floydjoy?????
  219. NEWW Zelenoff Interview MAY17 BEST interview of 2009
  220. I just called U floydjoy U Bitttch U clicked On ME!!!!!!!!
  221. Floyd Joy Meet me tommorow 4 pm
  222. COme On u ******tt..... Ill show U how russians ROll
  223. 4 PM today Floyd joy TODAY
  224. TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or else another slavery video
  225. who wants to Pay for FloydJoys Funeral???? Anyone?
  226. Ill Paul Spadafora Your ass Floyd Joy
  227. Im a Prospect
  228. Esb please die please
  229. The real reason why charlie hates ESB`ers....
  230. That went too far
  231. That went too far
  232. That went too far
  233. I talked to brad hill
  234. This song is partially dedicated to Charlie. Only part cause I'm not gay.Haha
  235. Floydjoy and Zelenoff,confirm your presence here
  236. Goodson pusses out on June 20th card!!!
  237. Charlie, read this - no insults I promise....
  238. Charlies family picture
  239. Who annoys you the most Zakman or Zelenoff?
  240. July 11 I should be fighting
  241. Reason June 20 TPS Show was Called OFF
  242. i will be there tommorow 4 pm tigers gym everything recorded!!!!
  243. Will Floyd Joy vs Zelenoff happen today??
  244. I wanna put 100k on Zelenoff for his upcoming fight.
  245. im leaving in 15 minutes to tigers gym
  246. Floyd JOY Ducks Charlie Z, VIDEO evidence!!!!!!!
  247. Floyd Joy Doesnt Show Up!!!! video Evidence
  248. Proof I waited for 20 Minutes
  249. For those of You guys that missed this video
  250. Zelenoff vs Crawley in July!!!!! Vote