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  1. The Australian's Lead The Way In Soap Totty
  2. Come on CALZAGHE!
  3. Does Stella turn you into a maniac!?
  4. One sure way of telling if a British fighter is going to lose...
  5. Offensive Jokes
  6. I don't have Setanta.
  7. Boxing Mechendize Gone Mad?
  8. Soccer am - Kelly Kelly
  9. Blackpool V Shef Wed
  10. You just know you are reading a high class newspaper when...
  11. The Peter Ebdon Appreciation Thread
  12. Just signed up to Setanta...
  13. Joe Calzaghe, Cardiff City shirt at the weigh in.
  14. Cardiff City vs Portsmouth FA Cup Final
  15. who feels let down by joe??
  16. 5-1 im happy as a pig in ****
  17. jsut so you know
  18. Villa fan killed
  19. amir khan.... plays footy like a ****ing girl
  20. Audley Harrison
  21. Joe Calzaghe's options
  22. This teachers strike on Thursday...
  23. Center Parcs soon!!!!!!
  24. England V New Zealand Test Series May/Jun 08
  25. Got me driving test tommorow any advice?
  26. I'd rather cut my eyes out..
  27. Bye Bye Liverpool
  28. Man I hate Drogba
  29. Drugs
  30. Barcelona V United
  31. Come Fooking On Lads
  32. The Two ****ing Ronnies
  33. The Hayley Cropper Appreciation Thread
  34. The build my points up thread
  35. Good Luck To The Rangers!
  36. wtf Steve '****ing 'Mclaren to be a commentator for bbc at 2008
  37. Lampards mum died
  38. Tribute to your favourite British footballers
  39. Getting the new COD4 maps for PS3 today
  40. Little Dame Ellen McArthur
  41. Anyone Watch Heroes Last Night?
  42. Haye in talks with Klitschko
  43. Football Bets Any1?
  44. FHM 100 sexiest women 2008
  45. Stephen Hendry 33-1 odds you get for him to win world title
  46. Blues sink United
  47. What the hell happened between United players and Chelsea staff???
  48. Emma Watson
  49. Guess who..
  50. Fern Briton Upskirt lol.
  51. Who will you back at Euro 2008??
  52. Sir Alex eats off the floor
  53. Tuggers, bless me son, for I shall be gambling...
  54. How do i build up my karma score??
  55. Dirt e gomez's dad in his prime vs my mum in her prime
  56. Anyone in here a smoker?
  57. Ronnie O'Sullivan
  58. ****ing unbelievable
  59. Ronnie O Sullivan
  60. **** you
  61. A mission troops...
  62. Thinking about going some of these places can anyone help out?
  63. Guzman/arthur Bet
  64. THe Verve last night at MSG
  65. The legend that is...............
  66. Premiership here we come!
  67. Sven for the chop
  68. Manchester United v Barcelona
  69. Yet another Crucible 147!!!
  70. Just had a phone conversation with hurricane.....
  71. Ronaldo = Legend ten fold now.
  72. Khan Hires Dean Powell!
  73. Hi, I'm new.
  74. Transfer rules in football
  75. Voted today?!?
  76. Euro championship points game
  77. Scott Harrison ****s up again.
  78. Well done the Gers
  79. Hendry suffers first session whitwash
  80. Boris is the new Mayor Of London....
  81. The Hoffy was bang on form tonight
  82. Naseem Hamed
  83. What dya call a scouser in Moscow?
  85. Right, nearly time for bed
  86. All You Limeys Enter Here!!!!
  87. Which one of you ****s wants to go on a protest
  88. Where are the Rugby League fans?
  89. I've just come..
  90. 2k that Crystal Palace win play-offs.
  91. i hate it when Footbsll players names are pronounced wrong or changed game to game
  92. Boxing Or Football
  93. Streaker at the snooker
  94. Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
  95. 1k and still going strong
  96. Sauce etiquette?
  97. I'm Baaaack!
  98. Are you a Northerner or a Southerner?
  99. Our favourite sportin loon?
  100. Amy Winehouse - Love her or hate her?
  101. what should i do?
  102. anxious for the euro draw
  103. Pete Doherty - Biscuits
  104. I think I take the piss too much
  105. Hi Poms ;)
  106. The Football Gossip Thread
  107. You just can't stop our Tuggers
  108. if you won the lottery what would you do?
  109. Attention Limey Perverts...
  110. What you think?
  111. Aston Villa / Crouch valued at 15m?
  112. Superfights - Nuts TV
  113. yeah baby!!!
  114. Overrated and Underrated Limey Bands?
  115. Disbanding the United Kingdom.
  116. I played at Old Trafford this morning!!
  117. The Football Bets Thread
  118. who wants to bet Arsenal finish in the top 4 next year
  119. Which team has the most dilusional/worst fans
  120. Micky Adams back at Brighton
  121. Weathers been wicked hasn't it?!!
  122. Top talents u have spotted home and abroad
  123. Last Day Of The Season!!!
  124. Watching the boxing last night, I..
  125. met michael bisping last night
  126. Which game are you watching?
  127. Where is the Premier League trphy?
  128. Champions once again.
  129. Steve Bruce takes one right up the arse
  130. whats your Goal of the season huh
  131. Junior Lost.....LOL!
  132. Team limey bum boys
  133. Passion and football
  134. Ryan Giggs
  135. Best football buy of the season.
  136. www.freewebs.com/knockoutdvds
  137. As levels
  138. Attention Limey Bum Boys
  139. Whats The Biggest Rivalry In England
  140. Kevin Keegan's comments....
  141. Premiership team of the season
  142. Fao Gamblers, The Bookies Are Giving Away Free Money
  143. Funny Postman Pat voice over
  144. So, did ayone watch Gladiators on Sunday?
  145. put these teams in order in terms of "Big Clubs"
  146. Whats you poison?
  147. [LMAO!] Best ref EVER!!
  148. Shirts
  149. I'm sorry, but Liverpool aren't one of the big four
  150. A distant relative of mine has died...
  151. Good Luck Rangers
  152. This place is going to the ****ing dogs.
  153. Not slept in 38 hours.
  154. Best of British boxing KO's video
  155. English football transfers Summer 2008
  156. Girl Ignoring me
  157. Venables back at Barcelona?
  158. A sig for team limey bum boys
  159. This country is f##ked
  160. This is why..
  161. Let me in Team Classic now ya ****s.
  162. Simon Cowell appreciation thread.
  163. Scotands Shame
  164. 30K on Hull City to beat Bristol City in the Play-Off Final.
  165. R.I.P Tommy Burns
  166. Anyone Fancy A Flutter? (Champions League Final)
  167. Broken my nose for a fifth time...
  168. Aussie straps in beer, but not child! Legend!
  169. Not ashamed to say I danced with Bananarama last night.
  170. your top 3 favourite players ever ,that played for your club
  171. So Who's The Biggest Clowns This Season (Football)
  172. Limey Bum Boys a favour please for a new user
  173. Who you all supporting in the Cup Final
  174. I'm feeling left out
  175. What you all up to today?
  176. [HOLY S**T!] 3000 Posts
  177. Pro Evolution PC Game
  178. Bowling
  179. Picture of Mozza In Manchester
  180. Rats Piss.
  181. 15K on Doncaster to beat Dirty Leeds in the Play Off Final.
  182. The Fabregas TV show
  183. FA Cup Final: Cardiff v Portsmouth
  184. In 49 Hours
  185. Yuriorkis Gamboa fight
  186. [HOLY S**T!] Look what i bought this afternoon!!
  187. Malta
  188. [HOLY S**T!] This serb **** has gone too far....
  189. Amateur boxing on the BBC
  190. i want to cry
  191. If you're staying in tonight..
  192. What are the most stupid statements you have seen on this site?
  193. Euro 2008 fantasy leauge
  194. What was Haye talking about???
  195. "Personally our kid i think the ****ing Italians were a ****ing disgrace"...
  196. Is anyone watchin' reverand death??
  197. Man City fans
  198. Champions League Final predictions
  199. Whos Going To Win The SPL
  200. New boy in town, the facts.
  201. A Great Britain & NI Olympic team starting XI.....
  202. Badboy Barton gets 6 months
  203. Bum boys, let us commence drinking
  204. If dildos hadn't been invented
  205. Any of you slags....
  206. [LMAO!] Check out my new Avvy
  207. I have given up Drinking
  208. Football commentary VS Soccer commentary, Christ no wonder the Yanks don't get it...
  209. Hellos,
  210. Who Is Alt?
  211. Dimmela lads what shall i do?
  212. First scorer tonight ?
  213. I wanna fist Didier.
  214. I need mini chedders.
  215. Come on you Manc ****s
  216. Go on Bobby Charlton
  217. ITV1 or Sky Sports?
  218. Everyone bow down in my presence.
  219. John Terry
  220. What makes me sick about last nights Final
  221. Rivky Hatton fights on Nuts TV this week
  222. How good was last nights final?
  223. Lookalikes??
  224. [LMAO!] Lads check this out
  225. For anyone interested: Mijares-Munoz has just started on Fight Network...
  226. I was Stella'd out of my eyeballs last night.
  227. Well done Celtic.
  228. Help with C.V's
  229. [LMAO!] My missus said PWNed out loud the other day
  230. Euo 2008 girl thread - pick your winner
  231. name 3 players that played for yor club that left u most bitter & why
  232. Euro 2008 Top scorer
  233. If you played for Brazil .....
  234. does RIZOOM overate his beloved Newcastle /Toon
  235. Funny Chelsea fan..........yeah.
  236. Peep Show
  237. 2000th Thead! Long Live team Limey
  238. Joe Cole in the final
  239. Play-off final!
  240. Just about to crack open the first bottle a stellar.
  241. [HOLY S**T!] Avram Grant Sacked!
  242. The guy singing land of hope and glory just pwned himself.
  243. Hattons Ring Entrance.
  244. Ban $1N?
  245. My first 1k you slags......
  246. hatton - lazcano
  247. Avram Grant to join Man City
  248. Dirty Leeds
  249. Too much chat about stella....
  250. Toothpast that lasts forever.