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  1. [PLEASE HELP] Why has my electric gone from £48pm to £82pm?
  2. Michael Schumacher signs up for F1 return with Mercedes
  3. Amanda Holden
  4. The Crew
  5. [LMAO!] Lets face it guys:SOCCER
  6. Speeding Ticket/ Court Summons?!!
  7. So whats all this now......?
  8. Most stupid laws in England
  9. happy boxing day..... sinde this is a boxing forum
  10. Cheryl Tweedy
  11. Do you think that we need these new Aircraft Carriers?
  12. 5k Liverpool over Aston Villa
  13. [LMAO!] Escaped British convict taunts police on Facebook
  14. Liverpool 1 - 1 Reading
  15. FAO Rich loc
  16. Limey Wank Bank
  17. Christian Bale Is ****e!
  18. Do yout think Viera is a good buy for Man City?
  19. Driving on Ice fail!
  20. Big brother homo, gay ****.
  21. Jeremy Kyle
  22. Whats the snow like where you are?
  23. Liverpool SUCK!
  24. FAO: Limeys
  25. Liverpool 1 -2 Reading
  26. Team Sweaty Armpits chat
  27. Asbestos
  28. [PLEASE HELP] If your sister looked like this, would you have sex with her?
  29. You sissies are asking for it
  30. Greetings fellow Limeys
  31. Cheryl Cole lookalike
  32. LYNx
  33. Anyone watching the Tennis?
  34. Bellamy's People
  35. What do you like more boxing or football?
  36. What does Limey Lang Mean??
  37. What the **** is this ****?
  38. I Believe In UFOs by Danny Dyer
  39. Man Unt Fans
  40. [PLEASE HELP] Taking a piss
  41. Top 10 Underappreciated Limey Posters: Appreciation Thread
  42. Roasting fаggots
  43. someone lend me 1mil e-points so........
  44. Amanda Holden ....
  45. Royal regiment of scotland 1 scots afghan october 2009 fire fight
  46. Come wimbeldon someone needs to throw federer in the thames
  47. Portsmouth FC are now doing FINANCIAL SERVICES lol
  48. Capello Has Phoned Bridge To Tell Him Terry Has Lost The Captain's Armband
  49. Anyone seen this ???
  50. [LMAO!] Darts anyone ...
  51. Carl froch not interested in herning
  52. Jamie Oliver has his own ****ing magazine so he bastard does!
  53. the best church raving video ever!
  54. Monk, Murray is doing it to wind you up son
  55. [HOLY S**T!] Leeds vs Spurs
  56. [LMAO!] Avram Grant was the Prem boss getting massages.
  57. ***Lyle & Scott polo shirts 50% off!!!***
  58. John Terry dropped as England captain.
  59. Rachel Riley - The Finest Piece Of Arse On TV
  60. When does the new Nazi zombies map come out on the iPod?
  61. The Overrated Yank Landon Donovan Has British Fans Now?
  62. football hooligans
  63. The Official Premier League Darts Thread.
  64. Anyone see De Gales ring entrance last night?
  65. What sites do you use to buy your clobber?
  66. The Drink
  67. Does anyone ere enjoy the occasional pint of mild?
  68. [HOLY S**T!] Cricket Fans: Afghanistan Qualified For the 20/20 World Cup
  69. MAN CiTY =CHEATs!!!
  70. Noel Or Liam
  71. Cheryl Cole surely will get rid of A.Cole now
  72. Who killed Archie Mitchell???
  73. Hayden After Haye KO's Wladimir
  74. Gordon brown Local.
  75. [HOLY S**T!] If only our goverment were like the Aussies
  76. Simply 80's Music Thread
  77. Soo...Limey Lounge Is Yank Slang For Us Brits??
  78. Tiger Got Wood
  79. Anyone noticed that new girl they have on BBC weather
  80. Trish Stratus (and other WWE women) appreciation thread
  81. Winter Olympics
  82. SkySports Prizefighter Tournament This Friday
  83. [PLEASE HELP] I need your input in this thread
  84. Anyone using Facebook here?
  85. Limey Lounge Sober Thread
  86. Katie Price And Alex Reid Have Split Up
  87. TV Programmes Coming Soon To The Immigrant Channel
  88. Watching Shaun Of The Dead While Drinking Bell's And Eating Doughnuts Lang
  89. Do Other U.K. Posters Hold Similar Views?
  90. Come on city!!!
  91. Why is Bridge so pissed?
  92. Mephedrone
  93. Crouch!!
  94. Who for you Lampard or Carrick?
  95. 97 days until the Fat Yanks stomp out the Limeys
  96. Geert Wilders Speech to the House of Lords, 5th of March
  97. Sequels That Were ****
  98. [PLEASE HELP] Name Your Active Favouraite British Boxers?
  99. Your view on the Jon Venables situation?
  100. I'm Joseph Fritzel...........
  101. [HOLY S**T!] Nadine Coyle
  102. [HOLY S**T!] Shalke before derby with dortmund,AWESOME
  103. Anyone into indie bands?
  104. One Cool Jew Thread
  105. One Cool Mormon Thread
  106. Skinny ,lonely and scared?
  107. The best British albums of the 2000s
  108. Mclaren need to sort their ****ing motor out sharpish!
  109. [PLEASE HELP] Anyone Here Going To David Haye Vs John Ruiz Fight In Manchester?
  110. Name The Football Team You Support..
  111. [HOLY S**T!] The Special one sticks it to Chelski!
  112. any cheltenham tips
  113. Ian Dowie doesn't get any better looking does he
  114. Why do we ignore St Georges day?
  115. Does anyone here ever get the "British Dishes" at the chinese takeaway?
  116. General Election - Your Vote Is?
  117. [PLEASE HELP] Cancer Research; Race For Life 5k run donate...
  118. Anyone know Bristol?
  119. RIP Harry Carpenter
  120. Whos gonna come 4th in the league?
  121. Up skirt business
  122. Ugly Footballers
  123. Handsome Footballers
  124. Clocks go forward tonight
  125. Arsenal will not be able to live with Messi
  126. Although Anthony Hopkins is Welsh, he's never been accused of sheep shagging.......
  128. Irish Lang
  129. The Official British Boxing Thread
  130. Best Uk Movie ?
  131. Froch will be too fit for kessler
  132. *Ruiz over Haye* Want Sportsb...
  133. What do you think of airguns anyone?
  134. Big Ass Beezies
  135. Is Mr Potato Head out of the world cup?
  136. To All The David Haye Fans Here...
  137. Mr. Locke, Lost is **** now aint it
  138. Poster calls Britain "a joke"...
  139. Bayern München VS Manchester United 2
  140. Some of the brits on this forum are a disgrace
  141. The upcoming Election really highlights just how ****ed we are!
  142. Fight night round 4 tournament entry
  143. [HOLY S**T!] Jailbait Beezies
  144. What are the chances that Haye fights another old guy next?
  145. Happy Birthday Oasis_Lad!
  146. If America doesn't stomp England on June 12th, it'll be because of the refs
  147. Which donkeys are you betting on for the Grand National?
  148. Any you ****s watching the masters?
  149. Celtic 0-2 Ross County
  150. Made In Britain - BOLLOCKS!
  151. [HOLY S**T!] Jagielka for England.
  152. Anyone remember this Scottish related cartoon
  153. [HOLY S**T!] Doctor Who's Bezzie
  154. Knob eds
  155. OJ Borg?
  156. [LMAO!] Ricky hatton on the new Churchill advert
  157. Ash Starting To Appear Over Glasgow
  158. What a fight!!!
  159. The Guy from Shameless On Have I got News for You
  160. Rest In Peace S A M U R A I
  161. Any brit fans going to Froch-Kessler?
  162. Which girls give the best ****?
  163. Has anyone seen the film: The Limey
  164. Election Debate Round 2
  165. St Georges Day
  166. War froch!!!
  167. Oh well, at least an Englishman won tonight
  168. Why do you guys always dive? You even take a dive after a headbutt
  169. Villa 1 - 0 Blues
  170. [PLEASE HELP] I'm sick of how Boxing has declined in the UK press.
  171. Current Top 10 Super Middleweights
  172. I would shag the living daylights out of Helen Mirren
  173. Good football movies?
  174. MC Introduces Steve Davis as ''Dennis Taylor''
  175. Hillsborough
  176. The Final Straight: WHO WINS THE ELECTION
  177. [HOLY S**T!] John Higgins Is A Dirty Cheating Bastard
  178. Lady Gaga
  179. Terry Tibbs
  180. [HOLY S**T!] The official WIZBIT appreciation thread
  181. Much respect to you Limeys
  182. Election tomorrow...
  183. [HOLY S**T!] Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur
  184. You Voted For?
  185. Officia: Election night live discussion
  186. A Video All Limeys Should Watch!
  187. English keepers don't hold a candle to American keepers
  188. [LMAO!] BNP Candidate Bob Bailey in Punch Up while Canvassing for Votes...
  189. BNP promotes wifebeating
  190. Any Poms On Here Wanna Bet?? Katsidis >>>>>> Mitchell
  191. Tory-Lib Coalition
  192. Drum and Bass
  193. Must see, Camerons plans revealed
  194. Young brit lad ripping **** out of the police
  195. A Very British Gangster (Documentary) [MEGAUPLOAD]
  196. Fulham v Atl Madrid - Penalties!!!
  197. Danny retiring on Saturday, let's spread some Danny love...
  198. Limey Friday Fight Night Thread
  199. Is it sad to stay in and drink alone?...
  200. Russell Crowe walks out on BBC Radio
  201. I fostered a little black kid today...
  202. Nathan Clerverly's entrance song vs Brancalion?
  203. Best man in July
  204. Khan's fans at the weigh in
  205. I'm Making A British Prospects Highlights Video
  206. Omfg how this **** legal.
  207. British accents
  208. England Vs. Mexico On May 24
  209. Inter Milan V.S. Bayen Munich For The Champions League Cup...
  210. Which Of These Should I Get Tattoed On My Back?
  211. My Peoples Got Pwned By Englishmen
  212. [LMAO!] Glasgow State of Mind
  213. Just Spent Four Hours Downloading A Movie Titled "Jordan's Dribbling ****"
  214. Anyone else had this problem in their town or city
  215. So What Happen To TRAVI$ ?
  216. E-Mail Nick Clegg In Support of Gaza Flotilla
  217. I just hope when we get our hands around your necks
  218. It's coming home, It's coming home, its coming!
  219. Cumbria Shootings
  220. Buying frieeends
  221. Why Can't The British & Irish Just Get Along?
  222. [HOLY S**T!] poker addicts!
  223. How has this lass gone unoticed for so long...?
  224. Anyone else sick of British women?
  225. Should London be Carpet Bombed?
  226. Greatest/most talented England players ever...
  227. [LMAO!] Black!!!! Black!!!! Blaaaaaack!!!!!!
  228. Do you like Margret Thatcher?
  229. [PLEASE HELP] Skegness!
  230. When U.S. postmen and miners humbled England
  231. brits whats your take on loccy
  232. Seedorf, Vieira and Adebayor on BBC's coverage of the World Cup
  233. England vs Algeria
  234. War England!!!!
  235. Why are Fat Yanks and Green Teefs such good artists?
  236. N. Ireland Mexico Supporters Video
  237. Anthony Small becomes MUSLIM EXTREMIST LOL
  238. England Vs Slovenia
  239. Breaking/blagging your way in Glastonbury.....
  240. 10 German Bombers!!!!!
  241. What is Haye playing at?
  242. James Corden sucks
  243. [LMAO!] Fabio Capello
  244. Best song EVER ....
  245. It's coming home, it's coming home - COME ON OUR BOYS!!!!! FOR ENGURLUND!!!!
  246. My engalnd team
  247. National Geographic: Britains Underworld - Glasgow
  248. England squad must change hugely for the future
  249. Mike Tyson will be appearing at The London Film and Comic Con!
  250. Wank Lang