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  1. Cub Swanson is a monster!!
  2. ****kkin hahahahaha
  3. Silva ktfo!!!!!!
  4. Silva took a dive
  5. the silva fight looked completely fixed
  6. UFC 162 post fight presser
  7. LMAO @ ppl that think the punch was a jab. GIF
  8. GIF: This was a dive/fixed??? LMFAO......
  9. Chris Weidman: American Hero
  10. Anderson Silva appreciation thread!
  11. ufc fans say they are done watching ufc after silva fight
  12. ESPN decides they are not going to show highlights of ufc event
  13. Silva-Weidman II.
  14. fedor and st pierre>>>>>silva
  15. Weidman didn't beat Silva...Silva beat himself...Yeah right!!
  16. [LMAO!] UFC in denial that Weidman is the new champion
  17. Silva doesn't want to fight for a title now so..
  18. The REAL reason why Anderson could not dodge Weidman's punch (PIC inside!)
  19. Video: MMA fighter Maiquel Falcao gets almost killed by random people in the street
  20. Miesha Tate Espn body issue
  21. dream boxing match: rigonduex vs anderson silva
  22. Bellator top 20 knockouts tonight on ****e
  23. Joe rogan salary
  24. So The New Middleweight Champ Only Got Paid 48k?
  25. Video - Anderson Silva after the loss.
  26. [HOLY S**T!] Silva-Weidman II Confirmed for Dec.28th
  27. Mark Munoz VS Michael Bisping Set for Oct. 26 in Manchester
  28. Bellator signs Aussie kickboxing icon Peter Graham
  29. Fight Master discussion
  30. Ken+Frank Shamrock working on secretive mma project
  31. Mma union article
  32. MMA Fighting for Vets w. PTSD
  33. Anybody else want Holly Holm vs tranny Fallen and Cyborg?
  34. Where do you rank the pioneers/earlier MMA Fighters
  35. UFC paying $20,000 for title shot (chan sung Jung aka Korean zombie)
  36. Jung Vs Aldo
  37. Sonnen and Iron Sheik fighting to get wrestling back in the summer Olympics
  38. Biatch boy Anderson Silva announces retirement
  39. Bellator on July 31
  40. Ronda Rousey Topless in Maxim September Issue
  41. If Hendo beat Rampage or Anderson would he be ATG #1?
  42. Tate Says Rousey disrespects her
  43. Unified Rules could change to include some knees, kicks to grounded opponent
  44. Bellator preview video
  45. True or False "Title changes effect how "stacked" or "weak" a division is....
  46. Bellator fighters working with Jeff mayweather
  47. Expect the sickest ground war or the worst kickboxing fight ever!
  48. Bellator prelims stream link
  49. Rampage vs Tito is on for Nov. 2nd on Bellator PPV
  50. Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey
  51. Is the UFC even serious about it's lighter weight divisions?
  52. Next Level Combat #1 MMA and Boxing Gym Near Eagan and Burnsville Minnesota
  53. UFC 163 Talk!
  54. Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall (UFC Fighter) - No One's Scared Of You..
  55. Conor Mcgregor Next MMA superstar!!??
  56. MMA fighter King MO- I am a bigger fan of boxing than mma
  57. Anybody see that Newell kid on WSOF 4?
  58. War machine gets bodied by 4chan...
  59. Eddie Alvarez vs Michael Chandler 2 set for PPV!
  60. Fox sports 1 legal stream?
  61. Machida vs Vitor or Diaz?
  62. Reem Weigh In Pic
  63. UFC on FoxSports1 Bets
  64. Chael Sonnen = The Pride killer
  65. Shogun Appreciation thread
  66. MMA Legends - Fedor vs Cro Cop
  67. Wandy loses his ****... Chael wins again
  68. Favorite Old School/Early MMA Fighter?
  69. Which fight deserved Fight Of The Night last night?
  70. Dana White: Wand doesn't want to fight Sonnen
  71. i like cung le
  72. Global-MMA Rankings (Outside UFC) - September 2013
  73. Alexsander Gustafsson Vrs Jon Jones
  74. Pettis Dad would be proud
  75. Anyone here suspects Hendo's not 100percent...
  76. Frank Mir was getting mauled.
  77. Sean Sherk Officially Retires Today
  78. Will anybody be watching tuf tomorrow night...
  79. Mark Hunt Vs Bigfoot Silva Headling Oz Event
  80. What I tell yall bout Jacare!!!!
  81. Mir vs Overeem confirmed for UFC 167
  82. The Truth Behind Evan Tanner's Death (Documentary
  83. The Bad Guy Chael Sonnen vs Sugar Rashad added to Super Card
  84. Diaz vs Maynard 3 at TUF Finale
  85. How does Ben Askren do if he comes to the UFC?
  86. Wrestling back in the Summer Olympics
  87. BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar III at 145lbs!!!
  88. TUF Rousey vs tate - after watching episode 2 of tuf (spoiler alert)
  89. No fake boobed women fighting in Louisiana
  90. Am i the only who feels Tate is being sold short...
  91. Does DREAM still exist?
  92. Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne Set For UFC 168
  93. UFC on Fox 9 looking SICK!
  94. The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 Episode 3 "Biscuits For Breakfast"
  95. Ufc 165
  96. WORD! Gustuffson aint going down without a fight!
  97. Jones would be destroyed at HW
  98. lol @ Cries about robberies
  99. What Happens When You Fight Guys Your Size?
  100. Jones and Gustafsson Hospital Picture
  101. Bellator or World Series of Fighting?
  102. (49-46) Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson (right?)
  103. New UFC talent Aleksandra Albu
  104. [HOLY S**T!] This Tito vs. Rampage TV Spot is amazing
  105. [LMAO!] Jones vs Glover is next, no rematch for Alex
  106. The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 Episode 4 (Jessica Rakoczy Thunder-Punch) review
  107. Okami cut from the UFC
  108. Wanderlei gets in Chael's face at Olympia Expo
  109. Any of you guys hear about the Motown Phenom?
  110. Sara McMann is the best 135'r signed to the UFC
  111. Jim Ross Commentating In The UFC
  112. MMA Fighter Quits Mid-Match, Jumps out of Cage to Flee His Opponent
  113. Mah gaw this Dong Hung King KO
  114. Kickboxing - Glory
  115. Rousimar Palhares banned from the UFC
  116. Tranny Fallen Fox gets stopped in the 3rd!
  117. GSP Retiring after UFC 167 Fight vs. Hendricks?
  118. Undefeated MMA Fighters
  119. Ufc 166 who ya got?!!!!!
  120. Ok, Cain won but Im still pissed
  121. Throw in the towel?
  122. I'm so hyped for GSP-Hendricks, biggest fight of the year imo.
  123. [Poll] Best MMA trilogy?
  124. (GIF) Cormier putting in the work on Nelson
  125. (GIF) Cain drops JDS
  126. Giant Silva Vs Todays HWS
  127. JDS remembers nothing after the knockdown in the third
  128. JDS: "What Remains Is Respect"
  129. ONE FC 11: Total Domination (Video)
  130. Sanchez/Melendez was awesome!
  131. Wandy & Chael to coach TUF Brazil 3!!!
  132. Fantasy Match
  133. Tito Ortiz suffers a neck injury; Bellator 106 is no longer on PPV
  134. Warchida's crazy KO kick of Munoz
  135. Dana White Likes Lyoto Machida vs. Vitor Belfort At Middleweight
  136. MMA Co-Promotion. Would this ever happen?
  137. MMA Needs a Hall of Fame, Agree or Disagree?
  138. naturalacn
  139. JDS: Cain Velasquez didn't prove he's the better fighter
  140. Ultimate Fighter Season into the semi-final round
  141. Stacked bellator card tonight free on sp1ke tv
  142. [PLEASE HELP] Tinea Versicolor Disease, Symptoms, Treatment
  143. Prediction: The Great Fire Of Montreal!
  144. Hendo vs Vitor 2 who you got?!!!
  145. OMG Vitor is an ANIMAL!
  146. Krav Maga class
  147. Rampage is back baby!
  148. When the cat isn't looking...
  149. Ufc 167
  150. Should Hendricks gotten the Decision ????????
  151. UFC 167 Pro's Tweets!
  152. Dana White: I gave GSP 1 round
  153. Tmz: Unplanned pregnancy, family illness
  154. Vitor Belfort
  155. Dana White Producing Boxing Reality Show
  156. UFC 167 Jaw Smashing Slo-Mo Video Highlight
  157. RIP Shane Del Rosario
  158. TUF Finale. Nate FN Diaz!
  159. HYPED for UFC on FOX 9 !!
  160. Hot Babes Battle at Invicta 7: Felice Herrig vs Tecia Torres
  161. Will Anyone Be Watching The Fighters?
  162. Hunt vs Bigfoot + Shogun etc.
  163. Bruce lee vs gracies
  164. I'd love to see Hunt pull this shlt in the UFC..
  165. [HOLY S**T!] Breaking News: GSP Vacating the belt and taking indefinite leave from MMA
  166. Meanwhile in Germany
  167. Is GSP a coward for not re-matching hendricks before he retires?
  168. Ufc on fox 9
  169. Buffer and goldberg must go
  170. Carlos Condit vs Tyron Woodley
  171. Royce gracie is the greatest ufc fighter ever
  172. UFC 168 Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman II (Video Preview)
  173. Mayweather who???? _ Anderson Silva
  174. Dana: Barnett/Browne winner will fight Werdum
  175. UFC 168 weigh ins coming up
  176. Red, White and Blue!
  177. Reem back from Thailand
  178. [HOLY S**T!] Brawk lezner is back???
  179. who else is watching ufc tonight?
  180. Silva over Weidman
  181. Silva snaps his leg Literally in half loses fight against weidman
  182. Silva had nothing for Weidman..
  183. Somewhere out there..
  184. Can we say enough with Meisha Tate already?
  185. If we learned one thing tonight.
  186. Anderson is yelling at the top of his lungs on the stretcher backstage
  187. Video of Anderson Silva Breaking Leg **SLOW MOTION**
  188. UFC 168 Gifs
  189. Post Fight Presser Highlights.
  190. Where does UFC go from here?
  191. Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann.
  192. Fedor vs Bob Sapp...Arm Wrestling tournament
  193. Anderson Smiling with family and cast!
  194. Head movement and knees
  195. Nick Diaz = UFC's #1 PPV Draw 2014
  196. [HOLY S**T!] Cruz vacates title(injury) Barao becomes actual UFC champion
  197. Anderson vs GSP comeback fight?
  198. Vitor TRT Belfort VS Chris Weidman
  199. Do round kicks transfer bodyweight like a boxing punch does?
  200. silva says weidman did not mean to check kick and was on his way to a win....
  201. Watch UFC 4 again
  202. UFC fighter *****s himself
  203. Weight cutting should be banned?
  204. Royce named in 50 greatest athletes ever
  205. UFC is officially a joke
  206. What is a casting punch and what does Fedor and Igor throw?
  207. So, where are these "tough guys" now?
  208. George Foreman VS MMA
  209. Mike Tyson VS Mirko Cro Cop K1 rules
  210. Kickboxers get no respect
  211. UFC on fox 10 Thread.
  212. Silva vs Weidman 2 Dana vlog *MUST WATCH*
  213. Andy Anderson was Great
  214. Frank Mir VS Overeem Predictions, what are yours?
  215. UFC 169 thread - starts out with a BANG
  216. Has Jose Aldo ever faced a southpaw?
  217. Anthony Pettis VS Jose Aldo. Who wins n how?
  218. Anthony Johnson returns to the UFC at 172! Vs Davis!
  219. Cain looks way ahead of the pack does he really have anyone that can threaten him?
  220. Thiago Silva threatens people inside jiujitsu school at gunpoint
  221. Sakuraba(prime)vs Anderson Silva(prime)
  222. Anyone here practice Jiu Jitsu?
  223. Machida or Mousasi?
  224. Jon "Bones" Jones vs. Prime Bas Rutten @ 205lbs. Who wins? Vote!
  225. UFC Suing Fans
  226. Jon Jones at HW.
  227. Cyborg plans to challenge Rousey at 135 by the end of 2014
  228. [LMAO!] UFC stops fights faster then UK refs
  229. UFC dying
  230. DC At 205
  231. Rousey vs Cyborg
  232. [LMAO!] Overeem scared of Dos Santos
  233. [HOLY S**T!] Nevada has officially banned TRT!
  234. Belfort drops out of fight. Machida steps in.
  235. Machida VS Weidman, does Weidman stand a chance?
  236. Southpaw combos in muay thai?
  237. Pettis vs. Melendez for next TUF but what happened to Pettis vs. Aldo?
  238. Gus vs Manuwa
  239. The wheel kick/Rolling Thunder
  240. Brock lesnar is back in mma!!!
  241. Hendricks missed weight.
  242. Hendricks vs Lawler, who yall got?
  243. Does Hendricks still think visible damage matters?
  244. Texas Judges are on drugs?
  246. Lawler won that fight
  247. Shogun VS Hendo 2. GFOAT! Coming soon!
  248. Popped in to ATT in Coconut Creek
  249. Worst late stoppage ever?
  250. Barao/ Dillashaw replaces Weidman/Machida? WTF?!