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  1. This Was Incredible
  2. Interesting read on Hendo. RE: GOAT...
  3. Mark Hunt getting into shape!
  4. Penn Declined fight with Melendez. Will return at WW
  5. UFC on FOX 3 [Bets]
  6. Where the Haters at?!
  7. BJJ Boston Trifecta - Located in Quincy,MA
  8. UFC on FOX 3 bombs badly
  9. [VIDEO] Interview with a MAD Pat Barry.
  10. Brendan Schuab wants a HUG
  11. Cruz Injured....Faber fight OFF
  12. Super Fight League 3 (Videos)
  13. M-1 took part in the Victory Day parade in St. Petersburg (photographic)
  14. Nate Diaz selling some very stylish tee shirts.
  15. Dana White: Soccer is the worst sport, UFC is bigger
  16. Ronda Rousey's Trip to the 209
  17. 'Cowboy' Cerrone: "I'll fight anyone, team mates included."
  18. Nate Diaz: "Gil is #1 at lightweight."
  19. Lucky she didn't break his arm.
  20. Bellator 68 (Videos)
  21. anybody got links for the diaz fight?
  22. I've defended Nick for too long.
  23. Strikeforce bets: Cormier to beat Barnett
  24. Dana White talks about UFC on Fox 3 ratings.
  25. UFC on Fuel TV 3 [Bets]
  26. [HOLY S**T!] Korean Zombie
  27. Fedor Emelianenko was elected president of the Union of mixed martial arts MMA Russia
  28. UFC to announce uriah fabers new bantamweight title opponent on tuf live
  29. Mark Hunt out of UFC 146
  30. MMA Fighter Fedor Emelianenko says he did not want to work with the org of UFC
  31. Epic Budweiser Commercial
  32. The End of the Greatest - FEDOR
  33. UFC Fighter Jon 'i love jesus' Jones slams into pole arrested for DUI
  34. Strikeforce: Barnett vs Cormier [Bets]
  35. Bellator 69 (Videos)
  36. [HOLY S**T!] Barnett vs Cormier undercard
  37. I told you guys..
  38. [HOLY S**T!] Jon Jones arrested for Suspicion of DUI
  39. trikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Finals (Videos)
  40. Nick Diaz banned 12 months
  41. Jones vs Hendo Promo *Nicktheface
  42. JDS To Mir ''Your Not a Man'' Vid
  43. Bob Sapp on the MMA Hour!
  44. UFC 146 bets
  45. UFC 146 [Bets]
  46. The Reem Season 2 episode 11!
  47. JDS makes a young boy's dream come true
  48. Dos Santos: I want to fight in Boxing
  49. UFC Makes 1st Offer To Khalidov - He Says No Go, I make more in KSW
  50. Dana talks UFC 146, illness, Diaz, Reem, Jones & more.
  51. Bellator: 70 on now!
  52. [LMAO!] The biggest mismatch as heavyweight title fight since Lesnar Cotoure
  53. **vid**Nick Diaz vs NSAC hearing
  54. [LMAO!] Arianny Celeste got arrested for Domestic Violence
  55. OFFICIAL Dos Santos vs Mir & Undercard Fight Discussion
  56. Big Country is the ****
  57. K-1 Rising
  58. Braaaaaawk Lesnar back to the ufc
  59. K-1 Rising 2012 (Videos)
  60. MMA fighter permanently banned from UFC on Dana White's whim
  61. greatest thai boxing technicians
  62. Referee: Do u have any Questions?? Yes, Dan Severn has a question
  63. Fedor still the GOAT even in commercials
  64. Belfort out, Franklin in vs Wanderlie Silva...
  65. Pele calls Anderson Silva pathetic, scumbag, liar.
  66. KenFlo retires...
  67. 1billy on kampman over ellenberger
  68. Ultimate Fighter finale BETS
  69. Frank Mir was on TRT for JDS fight...
  70. [HOLY S**T!] Kapmann is a true warrior!!
  71. Scumbag Promoter
  72. UFC has bush league level ring girls
  73. Who do you rank higher on the ATG list, Couture or Dan Henderson ?
  74. A 5 second synopsis of every monoroCountry thread.
  75. UFC on Fox this friday
  76. Does anyone have the schedule of a full training camp of an elite mma fighter?
  77. Dream is no more
  78. Why Sakuraba is the greatest fighter of all time.
  79. [HOLY S**T!] EA Sports gonna make UFC video game
  80. Shogun ducks.. And 2 major injuries..
  81. McCall vs Johnson
  82. Weight advantage
  83. Titlemma!!
  84. Here are the UK TV ratings for UFC
  85. THQ sold UFC to EA because it failed to break even
  86. Fedor not retiring?
  87. M-1 Challenge 33: Emelianenko vs Magomedov 2 (Videos)
  88. Tito Ortiz to be inducted into UFC HOF...
  89. "UFC Hall Of Fame not credible" Frank Shamrock
  90. "UFC Hall Of Fame not credible" Frank Shamrock
  91. Erick Silva - UFC Champion in the next 12 months?
  92. How would John Cena do in MMA?
  93. What Is The UFC Doing To Make Sure Chael Sonnen Isn't On Drugs In The Silva Rematch?
  94. No MMA fighter in the Forbes top 100 paid list
  95. Conan O'Brien mma/ufc Sexual Tension
  96. Fedor vs Rizzo (SpoileR)
  97. M-1 Global: Fedor vs Rizzo (Videos)
  98. Fedor Emelianenko announces his retirement
  99. Maynard Over Guida, Taking bets...
  100. New M-1 Global ring girl - the Fertitta mafia sisters would be so angry
  101. Anybody watching Ufc on fox 4?
  102. Photos of Fedor in his last fight
  103. Fedor versus Rizzo - the walkout entertainment
  104. Bellator 71 (Videos)
  105. ONE FC 4: Destiny of Warriors (Videos)
  106. Tonight's broadcast?
  107. Time for Silva to retire??
  108. UFC 147: Brazil Nuts
  109. Comments Thread For: Franklin Able To Outlast Wanderlei Silva on Hostile Soil
  110. Its on Anderson spits fire back at Sonnen
  111. Does UFC commentating and media annoy you in how they sell a fight?
  112. UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Receives Black Belt in BJJ.
  113. how many ppv buys does silva-sonnen 2 do?
  114. Here are all the salaries for ufc fighters 2011
  115. Silva/Sonnen II and the Jones/Tarver II Potential Parallels
  116. Comments Thread For: UFC Plans To Stage Event in China on November 10th
  117. Silva-Sonnen II
  118. UFC 148 Press Conference Highlight- Best of Chael Sonnen
  119. Different camera angles of Fedor KOing Rizzo
  120. Silva over Sonnen
  121. Why Aint There Silva-Sonnen Primetime Ep 2?
  122. Sonnen On Testosterone
  123. UFC 148 Discussion
  124. Any UFC 148 working links?
  125. 300 mil for a UFC 148 stream!
  126. Wasted $55 Bucks Damn It!
  127. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits Tiiiiiiiiiiiiime, for How NOT to do a spinning back Fist
  128. Chael Sonnen imitating Arthur Guseinov and FAILING MISERABLY
  129. [HOLY S**T!] Hector Lombard signed with the UFC!!?!!
  130. Second round was proof that Silva wasn't 100% in the 1st fight
  131. Hopefully this is the future of Mixed Martial Arts
  132. Comments Thread For: Anderson Silva, Forrest Griffin Win Grudge Matches
  133. Better run: Fedor or Anderson?
  134. Warning- asking for or providing live streams here will get you banned.
  135. Chael's spinning elbow wasn't that far off...
  136. The UFC is killing boxing!
  137. John Jones Versus Gegard Mousassi
  138. Chael Sonnenís Camp is Appealing the Outcome of the Anderson Silva Fight
  139. Sonnen-Silva = Silva-GSP
  140. New Cro Cop Highlight
  141. Ronda Rousey pics from ESPN Body Issue..
  142. mark munoz just got handled
  143. Was Anderson v Sonnen a worked fight copying a pro wrestling format?
  144. Anderson Silva a natural HW hiding in MW
  145. Video: Chael Sonnen talks about UFC 148, his future, Jon Jones and more...
  146. Strikeforce Rockhold vs Kennedy
  147. Anybody watching strikeforce?
  148. Damn, Marquardt put a number on Woodley. Didn't see that coming
  149. Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Kennedy (Videos)
  150. Ford and Vidonic reign supreme at CageSport XX!
  151. [HOLY S**T!] Soccer kick KO of Roger Huerta....
  152. Fabers butt chin
  153. Tim Sylvia vs. Daniel Cormier Confirmed...
  154. Bellator 72 (Videos)
  155. How did you score Lombard vs Boetsch?
  156. Comments Thread For: Renan Barao Eyes Cruz Title Shot After Faber Victory
  157. Black Fedor Vs Frank Mir Confirmed
  158. Invicta FC 2: Baszler vs McMann (Videos)
  159. Nick Diaz calls out Anderson Silva
  160. The Golden Age of MMA
  161. Krav Maga
  162. Sergei Kharitonov Tribute
  163. OFFICIAL UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera + Undercard Fight Discussion
  164. UFC 150 Bets
  165. Anderson Silva Never Fought A Real Threat
  166. Shoguns cardio?
  167. How would prime Roy Jones have done in MMA?
  168. UFC 150 Discussion Thread
  169. If Edgar didn't win that fight, then it was a draw.
  170. Comments Thread For: Benson Henderson Edges Frankie Edgar Via Split Nod
  171. Dana White now uses the "Art of showing fake Punch Stats" in the UFC...
  172. Fight Metric for Bendo vs. Edgar 2.
  173. Sonnen vs. Griffin 2 confirmed for UFC 155 night of rematches
  174. Strikeforce: Rousey vs Kaufman Discussion Thread
  175. Rousy VS Carano
  176. Should Anderson Silva Go For the LHW Title?
  177. Lauzon vs Maynard set for UFC 155.
  178. Rousey: "Cyborg has been cheating her whole career."
  179. K-1 Coming to sp ikeTV
  180. Dana finally gets his way. Edgar to 145.
  181. Hendricks vs. Kampmann set for UFC 154
  182. Dana: "Silva probably next for GSP if he beats Condit"
  183. Bendo over Nate Diaz Bet
  184. [HOLY S**T!] Henderson may be out of UFC 151 bout with injury
  185. UFC 151 Cancelled.
  186. Strip Jones he doesnt deserve the title
  187. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 152 now headlined by Vitor Belfort vs Jon Jones! Machida turns down fight!
  188. New Bones Jones Nike campaign...
  189. Jones' tweet from May 2010
  190. Vitor Belfort stands as good a chance as anyone!
  191. UFC 151 was cancelled thanks to Dan Henderson.
  192. Igor Vovchanchyn - Brutal Striker
  193. [LMAO!] Jones asked Dana to call off Chael....
  194. OneFC Pride of a Nation is tonight, links inside (*official and legal links*)
  195. [HOLY S**T!] Koch out of UFC 153 with injury. Edgar vs. Aldo is on!
  196. Chael Sonnen rips Jon Jones on ESPN
  197. Why did Pride go under?
  198. Aldo vs Edgar
  199. Was Babalu in the wrong for chocking out David Heath?
  200. Renzo gracie beats up 2 muggers !!
  201. Penn vs Henderson @ LW
  202. [HOLY S**T!] Nate Diaz was Andre Wards sparring partner for the Chad Dawson fight.
  203. Rampage Jackson and Jose Aldo out of 153 with injuries
  204. [LMAO!] Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar now UFC 153 Main event
  205. Dana White: "Now you're fighting Dan Henderson" to Lyoto Machida.
  206. Road FC 9: Beatdown (Videos)
  207. Frank Mir out of fight with Cormier
  208. How many arms did Shinya Aoki break/dislocate??
  209. Screw Chris Weidman & UFC 153 haters!
  210. Is Mma Dying
  211. So people really accepted this fight?
  212. Tell the truth, you wanted Vitor to break it...
  213. UFC 152 Post press conference...
  214. Demetrious Johnson vs Joseph Benavidez was a robbery.
  215. Somebody help me out
  216. Fedaniel Emelianegro Interview
  217. Strikeforce: Melendez vs Healy Cancelled
  218. Six fights to make after UFC 152.
  219. Chael Sonnen has a conversation with Stone Cold
  220. Jones' sidekick to the leg should be illegal
  221. Bellator 74 (Videos)
  222. When Will Nick Diaz Return?
  223. Nate Diaz vs Benson Henderson Dec. 8 Free on Fox
  224. Jones asked Dana to not talk about Greg Jackson.
  225. Is Steven Seagal the biggest phony ever ??
  226. UFC 152 does estimated 450k ppv buys..
  227. ESPN "Anderson Won't Fight Jon Jones".
  228. [HOLY S**T!] Tim Bradley's coach rips boxing, praises MMA could train with Bones Jones
  229. Batista MMA debut
  230. Kotetsu Boku One FC LW Champ
  231. Hybrid Martial Arts
  232. Wrestled with a blue belt ju-jitsu pro
  233. Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar: Ufc 153 Tonight
  234. Chuck's Camp Always Best Walk Out Song !!
  235. Happy Belated Birthday Matt Hughes
  236. [HOLY S**T!] That was the perfect display of skill and badassery rolled all into one...
  237. Dana: Jones vs Silva needs to happen.
  238. Fitch v Diaz Would Be A War
  239. Nogueira vs Herman (UFC 153) looked fixed to me. TOTALLY fake
  240. If GSP vs Silva ever happened, GSP would win via 5 round LnP
  241. [LMAO!] Shane Carwin Ducks VADA Testing
  242. Jones vs. Sonnen set for April
  243. Why Chael Sonnen has NO CHANCE against Jon Jones.
  244. Anderson Silva brutally KOed in training!
  245. Sonnen-Rampage feud
  246. Helwani's Jason 'Mayhem' 1 hour Central Park interview
  247. Chritchfield's Top 10 Matches That Never Happened
  248. Dana White: 'Brock Lesnar Is Never Coming Back, Fedor Is Done Too'
  249. diaz brothers
  250. Rich franklin vs cung le