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  1. Video: Jason ”Mayhem” Miller – Teh Early Years
  2. Video: Carlos Condit Rising The UFC Ranks (ESPN Interview)
  3. BITETTI COMBAT 9 – Teh Vids
  4. Video: Sneak Peak of Ed O’Neill(Al Bundy) and Rorian Gracie on Inside MMA
  5. Rick Story v. Nate Marquardt
  6. Video: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson – Teh Early Years
  7. Video: Fedor & Hoost Talk About Training in Holland (New & Subtitled!)
  8. Video: K-1 WORLD MAX 2011 FIGHT FOR JAPAN: Weigh-Ins
  9. James Toney vs Ken Shamrock!!!!!!!
  10. Ufc on versus this sunday!!!!!!!!!
  11. Video: Luke Rockhold Sits Down with IFI & Talks Jacare Souza
  12. Video: Ed O’Neill’s (Al Bundy) Black belt Ceremony Plus More!
  13. Videos: Paul Daley – Teh Early Years
  14. Video: Complete 13 Minute Fedor Emelianenko Seminar
  15. Rematches you would like to see or never got to see?
  16. USGov vs MMA's Fertittas: NV's Biggest Unfair Labor Practice Case
  17. Video: The Voice VS Badr Hari
  18. Strikeforce - Challengers 16 - Teh Vids
  19. Gomi-Diaz HOLY ***** UFC 135 IS STACKED!!!
  20. [HOLY S**T!] K-1 MAX Live Free.
  21. K-1 WORLD MAX 2011 F4J - Teh Vids
  22. Bloodstain Lane: R.I.P. Haters Of Fedor Emelianenko
  23. It’s Showtime 51 – Teh Vids
  24. [HOLY S**T!] Marquardt off UFC on Versus 4 and cut from UFC.
  25. UFC on Versus weigh in photos!
  26. Anybody else think Marquardt out makes this card more exciting?
  27. Bellator Fighting Championships 46 – Teh Gifs
  28. Cyborg out, Daley vs Woodley at Strikeforce: Fedor vs Hendo
  29. Video: UFC Live 4 Kongo vs Barry Weigh-Ins
  30. [LMAO!] *New Vid Toney vs Shamrock Press Conference!
  31. Bellator 46 (Videos)
  32. Dont do juijitsu at Miguel Torres gym
  34. Video: Dana White Comments on Nate Marquardt
  35. UFC Live: Kongo vs Barry live stream
  36. **** charlie brenneman!
  37. HOLY ****!!!! KONG VS BERRY! wow...
  38. HOLY ****! 250MILLY for a gif of...
  39. UFC Live 4 - Teh Gifs
  40. LOL at Barry's wiki
  41. Video: UFC LIVE 4 Post Fight Press Conference
  42. Video: Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo Highlights
  43. Video: Bellator 46 Highlights
  44. What was michael johnsons entrance song in ufc kongo vs barry?
  45. Video: Mike Swick vs A Monkey
  46. Marquardt blames hormone replacement theropy
  47. Jake Shields vs Jake Ellenberger possible for fall
  48. Cruz vs faber
  49. What made you a fan of your fav. fighter?
  50. 25 Mil on Wanderlei over Leben
  51. Strikeforce Heavyweight Brett Rogers Charged With 3rd Degree Assault
  52. The return of ProElite.
  53. For Tito Fans and haters pretty good read
  54. Wandy returns tomorrow night! - Legendary Highlights
  55. Besides if a robbery happened, Dos Anjos gonna **** George up!
  56. Wandy doesn't look like an axe murderer anymore.
  57. UFC 132 live stream
  58. Ufc 132
  59. Melvin will be UFC champ in 2012.
  60. Faber won that fight....
  61. [HOLY S**T!] Are you kidding me?! UFC 132
  62. [PLEASE HELP] Missing: Wanderlie Silva's Chin
  63. [HOLY S**T!] Prediction, Govt. Shutsdown UFC in 2 Years!
  64. Give dem boyz Melvin & Carlos Condit SOME TITLE SHOTS!
  65. Bader "I woke up in a guillotine"
  66. Scoring MMA matches (No Criteria for Take-Downs)
  67. Do judges in MMA give more credit for a takedown or a knockdown ?
  68. [HOLY S**T!] St Pierre vs. Diaz Trailer
  69. Chael back to 205 VS MACHIDA!!! ufc 136 hOUSTON
  70. Melvin Guillard feels hes already the divisions best fighter!
  71. Tito Ortiz used Bader as a "stepping stone" for his comeback!
  72. How is Machida is a bad matchup for Jones?
  73. [LMAO!] Chael goes in on Wand and Brazil again
  74. Miami Hustle
  75. Chael vs Brian Stann at UFC 136 in Houston!
  76. Dana White vs Bloodstain Lane Twitter War
  77. Cahel Interview with Ariel Helwani (Mega LOLZ)
  78. Which Fights are you guys most looking foward to?
  79. Just saw the tito fight i need a gif
  80. M-1 Challenge 26 (Videos)
  81. UFC 132 Results, Bonuses, And Payouts--- Urijah Faber . Still needs a Agent ??
  82. [HOLY S**T!] M-1 delivered bigtime.
  83. Kenny Garner - BANG BANG in the ring and outside the ring
  84. Lombard: "Marquardt Can Take All The Drugs He Wants Against Me"
  85. When is TOO YOUNG to train in combat sports?
  86. Siyar Bahadurzada: "Michael Bisping Sucks"
  87. [HOLY S**T!] Davis out, Machida vs Evans II set
  88. Evans Vs Ortiz Aug 6th.
  89. Machida's camp: "We'll take the fight if you pay us A. Silva money"
  90. Crocop: Chael Sonnen's IQ Isn't Higher Than The Size Of His Shoes
  91. Danas mom talks about Danas transformation
  92. Tito and chuck fromy 4th of july
  93. Shark Fights 17 (Videos)
  94. MMA in the olympics
  95. Jones on Rampage: "I'm not gonna lose to a half-passionate fighter."
  96. Lyoto Machida explains why he asked for "Anderson Silva money"
  97. Aldo vs KenFlo @ UFC 136....
  98. Lil Nog pulls out of Franklin fight
  99. [HOLY S**T!] Lorenzo "Super Hulk" Fertitta
  100. I am raping another site
  101. Alistair Overeem Says Zuffa Threatened to Remove Him From Strikeforce GP
  102. Card featuring MMA, Boxing & theFirst legitimate bare knuckle boxing event since 1889
  103. [LMAO!] All balls brawl
  104. GSP "Diaz isn't better than Sheilds"
  105. Overeem out of Strikeforce GP. Silva fights Cormier on September 10
  106. Transcript of the UFC 135 Press Conference (Quinton Jackson vs Jon Jones)
  107. Possibility of HBO and UFC deal?
  108. [LMAO!] Rampage and Jones staredown
  109. How Does Rashad Deal With Road Rage?
  110. Rashad evans
  111. Dana White on GSP: He's in big [Expletive] trouble!!!
  112. Alistair Overeem Explains Why He Was Removed From Strikeforce GP
  113. DREAM 17 (Videos)
  114. Poll: Fedor vs Henerson
  115. What if Ortiz pulls out of fight with Rashad w/ injury?
  116. Strikeforce Challengers: Bowling vs Voelker 3 (Videos)
  117. Dana White talks UFC 133, Overeem, Boxing, & WWE
  118. Marquardt On Lombard, Askren, Daley And Penn: "They're All Jerks"
  119. Question: How would...
  120. Bellator 47 (Videos)
  121. Who's the Weakest UFC champ?
  122. Dana White: "Overeem wasn't pushed out of SWGP he quit"
  123. Fedor is overrated
  124. Old Globalmma Nog Highlight
  125. Dana White is a fuсking fаggot.
  126. Do you guys train?
  127. Shooto: Shootor’s Legacy 3 (Video)
  128. UFC Connected: Chael Sonnen exclusive sitdown
  129. If Rampage had spent his entire career in the UFC...
  130. SAKURABA, Is he the greatest to watch
  131. Training at Wand fight team
  132. GSP wrestling and technique with Marquartd
  133. THE LAST STAND OF FEDOR - By Kenny "Zuffa Noob" Rice
  134. Chris Leben vs mark munoz
  135. Dan Henderson: I'm Better In Most Areas Than Fedor
  136. Rampage Jackson the Molestor
  137. Chael Sonnen Highlight
  138. Rashad-Tito trash talking (short and sweet)
  139. What do you think when Chael Sonnen says the MMA matches in Japan were fixed?
  140. [VIDEO] UFC CONNECTED: UFC Fighters Predict Fedor/Hendo Fight
  141. Fedor looks in excellent shape FINALLY!
  142. Report: Overeem Released by Strikeforce
  143. Stefan Struve vs Pat Barry
  144. The Reem Episode 5 Season 2!
  145. Shogun looks like hes pretty fit!
  146. Fedor will never lose to an American
  147. Strke force stream?
  148. Strikeforce Fedor vs. Hendo live discussion thread..
  149. Fedor is the Roy Jones of MMA
  150. Fedor is shot to pieces
  151. All Respect To Dan Henderson But
  152. Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson (Videos)
  153. Meisha Tate vs Gina Carano
  154. Comments Thread For: Dan Henderson Stops Fedor Emelianenko in a Blaze
  155. Hendo v Fedor K.O gif inside
  156. WTF Herb Dean ruined a good fight !
  157. What the hell is with all this BS STOPPAGE bull crap?
  158. dan henderson vs anderson silva
  159. [HOLY S**T!] I am Committing Suicide
  160. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson fight: early stoppage or not?
  161. There Needs To Be A New Rule In MMA
  162. Anderson Silva is greater than Fedor.
  163. GREAT stoppage by HERB DEAN ! But...
  164. MMA should have doubles matches like tennis
  165. UFC 133: Evans vs Ortiz II
  166. Can Anyone get a gif of....
  167. Chael Sonnen teaches BJJ (no, seriously)
  168. REQ: Friday Chael Sonnen on UFC Q&A!
  169. Tito's gonna whoop rashads ass!
  170. One Fighting Championship Set To Revisit the Glory Days of Japanese MMA
  171. Sergei Kharitonov: "Prison Is The Best Place For Aleks Emelianenko"
  172. Fedor wasnt knocked out-Herb Dean's premature stoppage robbery-Dana compliments Heb
  173. [HOLY S**T!] Coenen, Einemo, Overeem Released by Zuffa
  174. Brock would destroy Fedor
  175. [HOLY S**T!] Cris Angel punches harder than GSP
  176. Why I Will Always Be A Fan Of Melvin Manhoef
  177. [LMAO!] New Video: MMA fighter talks about using WWE moves in cage
  178. Nick Diaz submits Kaps
  179. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 133: Verbal Warfare Part
  180. Fedor released from Strikeforce
  181. Scott Coker: Recent Strikeforce Cuts Were Done 'In Fairness To The Athletes'
  182. Tyrone Spong UFC 133 Interview(Training Rashad)
  183. B-Hop Giving Rashad Evans tips for his Ortiz fight
  184. Never understood hype around Fedor
  185. anyone have that boxing vs mma striking comparison gif?
  186. Dana White Is A Filthy Liar, According To Marloes Coenen’s Check-Stub
  187. Bernard Hopkins puts Rashad Evans on Game!
  188. Punk Payback With Bas Rutten – FUEL TV Teaser
  189. 200 million on Ortiz over Evans
  190. I need a stream for tonight cant find anything
  191. Anyone taping ufc 133 and then uploading it
  192. Evans over Ortiz...
  193. Alistair Overeem Reacts to Being Cut(VIDEO)
  194. Round by Round Discussion: UFC 133 Tito Ortiz vs Rashad Evans
  195. Evans vs Machida rematch
  196. King of excuses: Tito Ortiz - What will he use now?
  197. Here it is incase you missed it he's back !!!
  198. Machida a challenge to Jones than Evans
  199. I am proud of Tito
  200. [LMAO!] Following Hallman's UFC 133 banana hammock, White serious about short-shorts ban
  201. Should any shot to the chest be illegal?
  202. Shouldn't this be ruled a No Contest result?
  203. MMA rule changes...
  204. Whats with all the dam rabbit shots in MMA?
  205. I shouldn't have laughed
  206. Matt Hamill retires
  207. Sure GSP can pick on small guys like BJ Penn and Sean Sherk but not Anderson Silva???
  208. For Rampage fans....
  209. Sure Dana White can crap on boxing for no Pac/May fight but what about GSP/Silva?
  210. UFC 133 Backstage interviews
  211. Kimbo's boxing debut this Saturday
  212. "Kid" Yamamoto Highlight
  213. Short and Amazing film on Vitor Belfort
  214. [HOLY S**T!] Rad Martinez - The Promise (Must watch video)
  215. Diaz Brothers team up with Andre Ward...
  216. Strikeforce Challengers 18: Gurgel vs Duarte (Videos)
  217. [HOLY S**T!] Chris Lyttle announced retirement...
  218. UFC on Versus BETS!
  219. R.I.P Shawn Tompkins.
  220. Sadolla is amde for Duane.
  221. "Okami, greatest japanese fighter of all-time" - Dana & Rogan
  222. UFC on Versus stream
  223. Chris Lytle goes out on top!
  224. Who are the top 5 best Mixed Martial Artists ever?
  225. Combat sports fans heaven aug 27th-dec 10th
  226. Video: What's your opinion on this?
  227. I like how all the Fedor fans now say Fedor is just not prime thats why he loseing
  228. [HOLY S**T!] Video: The Spider's car.
  229. Conan Stevens
  230. UFC 137 Best card this Year
  231. Overeem Vs Lesnar Rumoured for UFC 140
  232. Hm... UFC headed for FOX.
  233. Krzysztof Soszynski: "85 Percent of Fighters 'Definitely Using' PEDs"
  234. Comments Thread For: UFC, Fox Sports Announce Major Television Deal
  235. Brock Lesnar is back
  236. Chael Sonnen destroys Crocop
  237. GSP say's He is Nervous/Scared to fight Nick Diaz
  238. Shooto: Gig Tokyo 7 (Videos)
  239. Any Streams For Bellator 48?
  240. Bellator 48 (Videos)
  241. Curran is the Real Deal at 145.
  242. Are Any Of You Ranked In BJJ Belts?
  243. Brock Lesnar on Steve Mazzagatti: Man I hate that guy
  244. "Decision" Quinton Jackson
  245. M-1 Challenge 27 - 3 Titlefights!
  246. To all the Jon Jones haters....
  247. Marcus Aurelio Flying switch kick KO!
  248. National Geographic - Deadly Brazilian Spider.
  249. [LMAO!] Cro Cop participates in a pro wrestling match.
  250. Anderson Silva the True P4P KING...GSP overrated but great