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  1. Dana White On Rampage vs Rashad Rematch: "Who Wants To See That Crap Again?"
  2. Jorge Rivera's apology to Michael Bisping!! Wow
  3. Are We Being Ripped Off? - UFC 127
  4. Josh Barnett On Dana White: "If He Wants I Can Come Pee In His Mouth"
  5. Predictions For Penn vs Fitch?
  6. A MMA Boxrec like website?
  7. Melvin "Marvelous" Manhoef Highlight
  8. Anderson Silva vs. Machida
  9. [HOLY S**T!] TUF is just ridiculous compared with this:
  10. UFC 127 Stream
  11. Quit Watching UFC!
  12. Dan Gable vs Sam Langford MMA Fantasy Fight
  14. UFC 127 - who's tuning in?
  15. I got Penn over Fitch tomorrow!! who wants to bet??
  16. [HOLY S**T!] *New Vid Hot Arianna Clowning Reporter
  17. Team Takeover Meets Overeem, Team Golden Glory & More
  18. [LMAO!] BJ PENN training with master Floyd mayweather sr in Vegas
  19. The Spider sparring with The Dragon
  20. BAMMA 5 (Videos)
  21. 1 million for a direct ufc 127 stream
  22. Bisping-Rivera-*Spoiler*
  23. BJ showed skill, Fitch used size and brute force.
  24. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 128: Shogun vs. Jones Official Trailer
  25. Comments Thread For: UFC 127: BJ Penn, Jon Fitch Battle To a Majority Draw
  26. Is Bones Jones...........
  27. Could any of the UFC contenders beat Hector Lombard?
  28. UFC judging sucks !
  29. Team Takeover Radio -March 1 Episode
  30. WWE Batista MMA fight details
  31. Team Takeover Talks Rankings In MMA Media
  32. Sonnen vs Bisping
  33. [PLEASE HELP] Sometimes I Wonder Why I Even Watch Anymore
  34. Question for MMA fans...
  35. Gina Carona can come out of hiding
  36. *New Vid Strikeforce Weigh In "Feijao vs Henderson"
  37. Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Faijao Stream
  38. Henderson vs Faijao
  39. M-1 Challenge 23 (Videos)
  40. Strikeforce: Feijao vs Henderson (Videos)
  41. Bellator 35 (Videos)
  42. [HOLY S**T!] Brock Lesnars hunting trip gone wrong!
  43. It’s Showtime 2011 (Videos)
  44. Paul Daley On Nick Diaz: "There’s No Way He’ll Stand Up With Me"
  45. Bas Rutten's Top 10 MMA Lightweights
  46. Will Dan Henderson KO Another Legend?
  47. Most Intimidating Fighters?
  48. How Hyped Are You For Shogun vs Jones?
  49. Bloodstain Lane... Love Him Or Hate Him?
  50. I love the city of Japan - Kimbo Slice
  51. Where is kimbo???
  52. Hendo Says Knocking Out Bisping Was Something The Whole World Was Hoping For
  53. [HOLY S**T!] The Official trailer for THE STRIKING TRUTH
  54. Comments Thread For: UFC Purchases Strikeforce in a Major MMA Shakeup
  55. Jacare will dethrone Anderson...
  56. I got Cro Cop KOing Brenden, who wanna bet 1 Million?
  57. [HOLY S**T!] King Kimbo's Warning To The Sport Of MMA
  58. The Reem Season 2 Episode 1!
  59. Who was Nick Diaz cussing at in his last fight ?
  60. TapouT Radio: Bloodstain Lane On Strikeforce/UFC Merger
  61. Bellator 36 (Videos)
  62. Shogun over Jones...
  63. Brendan Schaub: If You're Not In The UFC, You Can't Claim To Be No. 1
  64. PIC: Shogun vs Jones... staredown?!?
  65. Team Takeover: No Love for Shogun?
  66. [HOLY S**T!] *New Vid Shoguns Kick Power!
  67. [HOLY S**T!] "Shogun" Rua vs "Bones" Jones Thread!
  68. [HOLY S**T!] I Have $50M on Shogun.
  69. 2 Million Anthony Johnson over Dan Hardy!
  70. Jones over Shogun 5 mil min 1 billion max
  71. Jones by slam or elbows to Shoguns head!
  72. Jon Jones: I'm Alistair Overeem with better wrestling, better jiu-jitsu
  73. MMA's "forgotten" to stardom?(Modern day Rocky Balboas in MMA???)
  74. Whatever you want Jones over Shogun
  75. [LMAO!] Jon "Excuse for Broken Bones" Jones catches a criminal!
  76. Looking for a private link to ufc 128
  77. [HOLY S**T!] *Breaking News Jon Jones Just Kicked Robber's Ass In Park!
  78. I've got 10K on Bones Jones..
  79. UFC 128 Predictions/RBR/Discussion
  80. Poor Cro Cop
  81. Dana White: "UFC PPV's will start airing at 9 PM EST"
  82. SHOGUN VS JONES! Main event..
  83. [HOLY S**T!] Are Shogun's Day's Numbered?
  84. Prime Fedor vs. Prime Jon Jones, WHO R U PICKING?
  85. John Jones NEW LW CHAMP
  86. [LMAO!] hahahahahahahahaha! WHERE THE HATERS AT NOW!!!!!
  87. Jones VS Silva Please
  88. Jones proves them wrong and even left question
  89. did shogun even and a strike?
  90. The Light Heavyweight division sucks now..
  91. "Welcome The Machida Era"
  92. Mirko CroCop Cut By The UFC(GIF INSIDE)
  93. Lorenzo Fertitta: Who Wants Bones Vs Silva?
  94. Sergei KHARITONOV wins in boxing
  95. Shogun vs jones fight replay
  96. Comments Thread For: Jon Jones' Knockout of Shogun Creates New UFC Star
  97. [HOLY S**T!] Nice Trailer For UFC 129: St Pierre vs Shields
  98. Not only did Jones KO Rua, he also made him tap!
  99. Ultimate Fight Night bets
  100. (VIDEO) Rashad Evans Says He's Done With Greg Jackson's Gym
  101. Shogun-Jones GIFS
  102. ESPN UK to show Strikeforce events?
  103. SHOTS FIRED: Rashad Evans to Greg Jackson: It's your fault
  104. steve mazagatti should be fired
  105. Rashad Evans To Greg Jackson: "You F*#kin' Spilled The Milk, Clean It Up"
  106. Top 5 best retired MMA fighters?
  107. [HOLY S**T!] Before there was Anderson........
  108. Phil Davis vs Big Nog???? Who you got?
  109. I was wrong
  110. Dana White Video Blog(Shogun footage, Phil Davis and more)
  111. Comments Thread For: Papazian vs Hyatt Tops Mixed Martial Arts Card in Tarzana
  112. Cain Velasquez On Losing: "It's Going To Happen"
  113. [HOLY S**T!] GSP vs Shields promo
  114. Jon Jones on the Jay Leno Show tonight
  115. Jake Shields sparing with Omar Henry
  116. anderson silva dancing to jacko music
  117. M1 Challenge: Is Magomed "White Wolf" Sultanakhmedov the new CroCop?
  118. mma fighters who would be serious contenders in boxing
  119. Ufc fight night march 26th
  120. After the last 2 UFC events IM ****IN PISSED UFC BOUGHT STRIKEFORCE!!!
  121. The UFC 129 trailer is SO ****IN STUPID!!!!
  122. Comments Thread For: Phil Davis Decisions Veteran Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
  123. Nogueira vs davis fight replay
  124. Sonnen calls out GSP
  125. The Korean Zombie Is Back!
  126. Floyd could not "MMA box"
  127. Shogun Appreciation thread...
  128. Shields is gonna TAP GSP!!!
  129. I hate Zuffa...
  130. UFC 129 New Start time
  131. Seriously? Nobody's talking about the Macdonald/Figueroa fight?
  132. Zuffa now doing Strikeforce press credentials
  133. Shamil Zavurov: The Rising Star of Russia
  134. The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos Thread
  135. Thiago Silva submitted non-human Urine...
  136. Favorite MMA Entrances.
  137. Kermit Cintron MMA??
  138. Zuffa Refuses to renew Fedor's contract...
  139. [HOLY S**T!] *New Vid Fedor Movie Scene
  140. The Voice Vs Wanderlei Silva
  141. The Reem Part 2 - Episode 2 - The Tournament Begins
  142. GSP: I will brawl with Jake Shields, Go back to my old karate style pre serra'
  143. Top Ten Staph Infections in MMA History (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
  144. Gegard Mousasi and Boxing
  145. Eddie Alvarez: "They're Only Important Names Because They Fight In The UFC"
  146. [HOLY S**T!] I Am Second - Vitor Belfort
  147. Can Keith Jardine upset Mousasi???
  148. is there any mma fighter, in pac's weight division
  149. Anderson Silva Fighter Impersonations (Kimbo, Machida, Liddell, Couture, etc)
  150. Anybody watch the Bellator event last night?
  151. M1-Global ring girls versus UFC ring girls
  152. [PLEASE HELP] Big Country vs. BIGFOOT Silva?
  153. Wanderlei Silva and Chris Leben Agree to Meet at UFC 132
  154. Mir vs. Nelson @ Grapplers quest 2003
  155. MMA fighter and supplements!
  157. Mma fighter killed monday morning
  158. Nick Diaz Would Make GSP Tap!!!
  159. Nick Diaz "I'm really not that impressed with with Daley"
  160. Who will fight Penn?
  161. Fedor thinking about move to 205 lbs
  162. yushin okami deserves a title shot at silva
  163. Examples of fighters who are great strikers, but have weak ground games?
  164. TUF Episode 2 RECAP
  165. Cain Velasquez: " I will fight the winner of Lesner and Dos Santos"
  166. Mma rick thoughts on tuf ep.2
  167. I am impressed by Lesnars coaching
  168. Thiago Silva suspended for 1 year
  169. [HOLY S**T!] 55 and 60 year old men fight
  170. Penn Withdraws from UFC 123 with shoulder injury
  171. Jake Shields Beats Okami & Condit At The Same Night
  172. *New Vid Jake Shields Talks!
  173. Bellator 37, 38, 39 Videos
  174. Frank Mir "If guys are smart, they'll stop training with guys in their own weight"
  175. Is brock still brock, that's the question and the answer
  176. [HOLY S**T!] Most awkward interview ever: Nick Diaz vs Arial Helwani
  177. Business As Usual: Sherdog & Loretta Hunt denied credentials for "Diaz vs. Daley"
  178. Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami set for UFC Rio!
  179. Watch live mma action
  180. MMA Analyst: very important announcement
  181. SOPCAST Stream For Daley vs Diaz!
  182. Fedor Emelianenko VS Dan Henderson
  183. Strikeforce Diaz vs Daley
  184. [HOLY S**T!] Diaz Vs Daley what a fu$$$$$ fight!!!!!!!!!
  185. Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley (Videos)
  186. Strikeforce card post-discussion
  187. Business As Usual: Zuffa Judges now at Strikefarce
  188. Biased ref and judging from the Cecil Peoples mob robbed Gegard of a win
  189. Bellator 40 (Videos)
  190. Watch live ufc workouts right now
  191. Mmasocialist forum answer your post fight questions
  192. mma socialist announcement
  193. Ben Askren is a ****in pussay...1st MMA champion homosexual
  194. Chael Sonnen Compliments Jon Jones, Rips 205 Division and Predicts GSP Loss.
  195. Cro Cop wants to go out with a win
  196. 新加的空白文章2
  197. Martin Kampman vs John Howard at Versus's 4!!!
  198. Anthony "Rumble" Johnson vs Nate "The Great" Marquardt at Versus 4!!
  199. Diaz VS St. Pierre OR Melendez VS Edgar
  200. Hendo would fight Fedor at heavyweight
  201. Melendez even money vs. anyone
  202. Nick diaz wants anderson silva
  203. Anderson Silva: "I would never fight Jon Jones"
  204. Did anybody catch UFC primetime?
  205. Shogun vs Forrest 2!!!!!!! OFFICAL!!!
  206. Eddie Alvarez beats Melendez !!
  207. Georges St-Pierre idolizes Marco Antonio Barrera
  208. Alistair Overeem Wants To Fight Cain Velasquez Then JDS For His Steroid Comments
  209. Bellator 41 (Videos)
  210. [B]Anderson Is Jones Favorite Fighter..Why Fight Him ?[/B]
  211. Lesnar not getting used to eating punches
  212. Jones' manager doesn't see Machida as threat
  213. Rua backs 'Dragon' Machida to down Jones
  214. Cro Cop vs. Alberto Del Rio
  215. Randy Couture eyeing final fight
  216. Fate in balance for MMA's Chael Sonnen
  217. Mauricio Shogun Excited To Rematch With Forrest Griffin
  218. Most Anticipated Fights?
  219. From Wrestling To MMA: Style, Technique And Success
  220. [HOLY S**T!] Brock Richest MMA Athelete at 5.3 million!!!!
  221. Royce Gracie possibly fighting at UFC Rio.
  222. Sweet Science Project
  223. Shields mulling move up to middleweight
  224. Marquardt's move to 170 was St. Pierre's idea
  225. Never axe kick The Axe Murderer
  226. Mayhem signs with the UFC...
  227. Mayhem's first ufc opponent names...
  228. Rich Franklin vs Lil Nog at UFC 133 in Philly
  229. Jones out Phil Davis in
  230. Nick Diaz sparring like a beast against Omar Henry
  231. Silva insists St. Pierre fight 'must happen'
  232. [LMAO!] Chuck Liddell's first day on the job.
  233. New Alistair Overeem Interview - Talks UFC/CroCop Beef and more.
  234. Gracie: St. Pierre can't keep Shields down
  235. Are you superstitious?
  236. GSP Fanboys, I bet 200k on Shields, wager inside..
  237. [HOLY S**T!] Epic Anderson Silva vid.
  238. Dana White plans to 'talk' with Nick Diaz
  239. Looking for a legit hd stream for the Ufc Saturday
  240. Hughes Sanchez
  241. New Nick Diaz Highlight
  242. St. Pierre aces Sports Science test
  243. M-1 Challenge XXV – Teh Vids
  244. Gilbert Melendez-Awesome highlight vid
  245. Anderon Silva and Jon Jones pic
  246. how big is the ufc 129 event in america?
  247. Create the GSP vs Silva card...
  248. 4M GSP > Shields
  249. 25 million Nate Diaz over Macdonald
  250. Anderson Silva is very overrated