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  1. Fitcheck or Kositch?
  2. [HOLY S**T!] Mac Danzig One-Punches Joe Stevenson!!
  3. Freddy Roach trained GSP in boxing
  4. [LMAO!] Matt Riddle: Worst Stand Up in MMA History?
  5. Mayhem Miller confronts Nick Diaz's homie LayzieTheSavage
  6. Fight Night 25 in Scotland
  7. is joe stevenson shot?
  8. With K-1 Victory, Alistair Overeem Is The Real Baddest Man On the Planet
  9. [PLEASE HELP] Could (Prime) Royce Gracie beat Brock Lesnar?
  10. UFC Fight Club Members HELP!!!
  11. Just a question for UFC.
  12. Koschecks eye today...
  13. The Voice Presents: Alistair Overeem
  14. GSP doesn't beleive in Strength and Conditioning...
  15. GSP is P4P #1 in MMA
  16. Mayhem Miller: “Stockton Is A Bunch Of Sissies”
  17. [PLEASE HELP] Video Request: GSP Vs. Koscheck
  18. Bloodstain Lane On K-1 WGP Finals, UFC 124, Dana White
  19. Fedor to UFC "When my career ends you will regret not signing me"
  20. I think it's safe to say Anderson has been surpassed...
  21. What Was Your Favorite MMA Event of 2010?
  22. Cain Velasquez: Fedor Is My Ideal Fight
  23. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 124 winner Pierson dumped by Toronto Police Department
  24. The Real Aim Of Lorenzo Fertitta, The Man Who Sealed PRIDE’s Fate
  25. Wec 53
  26. [HOLY S**T!] Henderson vs Pettis
  27. Rest in Peace, WEC. You Will Be Missed!
  28. [PLEASE HELP] Dominick Cruz
  29. Anthony Pettis, Starring in "The Kick"
  30. *video* Tito Ortiz talks potential UFC cut and lil Nog
  31. Peter Graham Beat Fedor's Brother?
  32. Strikeforce Is Planning A Heavyweight Grand Prix
  33. [PLEASE HELP] The Thing No One is Talking About...
  34. Future Hall Of Famers?
  35. Good mma live stream
  36. [HOLY S**T!] Duffee vs. Overeem!!!
  37. [PLEASE HELP] UFC Fight Night 13
  38. Nick Diaz vs. Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos Signed for Jan. 29 Strikeforce Event
  39. *video* Mark Munoz thinks he is close to a title shot
  40. GSP Canadian Athleate of the year for the 3rd time.
  41. *video* Shane Del Rosario "Fedor still Best Strikeforce Heavyweight, talks cain
  42. The Reem Episode 12.
  43. sick or what, MMA fighter with no arms and legs fights able bodied fighter
  44. Duffee Pulls Out Of Overeem Bout?
  45. How will the WEC lightweights do in the UFC Lightweight mix?
  46. "Fedor on the Milk Carton" by Jake Rossen
  47. Can Edgar beat Maynard?
  48. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 126 here I come!
  49. Good Article on Dong Hyun Kim
  50. Anyone fans of Travis browne?
  51. Brock done with UFC?
  52. 2010 Dynamite!! Pre-Show
  53. Dynamite!!! Here I come!
  54. Alistair Overeem vs Fedor Emelianenko on Dynamite 2010??
  55. 2010 Dynamite!! Pre-Fight Interviews
  56. Cain velasquez out 6-8 months with injury
  57. [HOLY S**T!] UFC President Dana White Announces Chuck Liddell’s Official Retirement
  58. Official Comments Thread For: Chuck Liddell Retires, Hired as VP For UFC Office
  59. 2010 Dynamite!! Press Conference
  60. I'm looking for guys who would like to be Mods/Admin on a forum
  61. Sengoku: “Soul Of Fight” (Videos)
  62. MMA Fans: Antonio Mckee "GSP needs to be compared to me"
  63. Dynamite!! Start Time
  64. Jason High talks DREAM fight w/Sakurai
  65. Overeem-Duffee for Dream Interim Title at ‘Dynamite’
  66. FIGHT! Magazine Heavyweight Rankings
  67. Dos Santos is pissed...
  68. Overeem/Duffee spoiler.
  69. [HOLY S**T!] Alistair Overeem vs Todd Duffee HD - Dream heavyweight title
  70. 2010 Dynamite!! (Videos)
  71. Good martial arts to combine?
  72. Who else is praying Gray Maynard doesnt win against Edgar
  73. Strikeforce HWs in other sports
  74. Tonights new years ufc ppv
  75. Ridiculous commentary with UFC lately
  76. Edgar vs Maynard ends in controversial draw
  77. So Gray Maynard finally had an exciting fight.
  78. UFC 125 Post fight press conferance...
  79. Couture vs Machida @ UFC 129
  80. [HOLY S**T!] Alistair Overeem and Pacquiao.
  81. [PLEASE HELP] Does anyone have
  82. UFC 125 Brandon Veras v Thiago Silva broken nose pics !!!
  83. Edgar vs. Maynard rematch
  84. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 126 Silva vs. Belfort Trailer
  85. Dana White Post UFC 125 interview...
  86. Bones Jones vs Thiago Silva
  87. Fedor vs. Bigfoot in Feb...
  88. UFC 125: Edgar vs Maynard Trilogy is Expected
  89. Chael Sonnen Pleads Guilty to Federal Money Laundering Charges
  90. [LMAO!] "Chuck Liddell is now the new Exec. VP of Business Dev."
  91. Overeem vs Werdum
  92. [HOLY S**T!] Fedor Signs Multi-Fight SF Deal!!
  93. Chael Sonnen Suspended by the UFC
  94. Alistair Overeem vs Cain Vasquez
  95. First trailer for Strikeforce HW-GRAND PRIX is on air!
  96. Dream Matchup: King Kimbo vs Overeem
  97. MMA fighter with the best stare down?
  98. Marcus Davis and Brandon Vera relased by the UFC
  99. [HOLY S**T!] Rampage responds to James Toney
  100. Ernesto Hoost Team And Mousasi To Help Fedor Prepare For Bigfoot Silva
  101. St. Pierre-Shields Official for UFC129
  102. B.J. Penn training with Floyd Mayweather Sr.
  103. Contract issues resolved, Roy Nelson vs. Frank Mir targeted for UFC 130
  104. PRIDE rules on wearing the gi?
  105. Strikeforce Challengers 13 (Videos)
  106. Rampage vs Thiago Silva @ UFC 130
  107. Strikeforce: Challengers 13
  108. Nick Diaz: “I Like Dealing With PRIDE Rules”
  109. MMA Want Be Around In 10 Years!!!
  110. Pat Barry On Alistair Overeem: “The Dude Is A Monster”
  111. Gilbert Melendez feels diaz and shields can beat St. Pierre. agree?
  112. Team Takeover Radio Jan. 10 Episode
  113. video of dana white gangsta rappin behind snoop dog
  114. Shogun Working Wrestling Game In Prep For Rashad Evans
  115. If the UFC did a tournament at 205...
  116. [HOLY S**T!] Lesnar And Junior Dos Santos TUF 13 Coaches!!
  117. The Spider "Even a parrot can talk"
  118. [LMAO!] UFC intro parody...
  119. UFC Plans Two Annual Events at MSG in New York
  120. Overeem's Title Not On The Line, Strikeforce Heavyweight GP Rules
  121. Most Loyal Fans?
  122. Honestly Do You Think Overeem Has Done Steriods?
  123. UFC refuse contract with Fighter because of disability !?
  124. Melvin Guillard says he’ll be a UFC Champion in 2011
  125. Fedor vs Bigfoot Silva: Strikeforce Conference Call
  126. *exclusive* New movie trailer for "The Reem" (Alistair Overeem Movie)
  127. King Mo On Zuffa Zombie Mentality
  128. Fedor over Bigfoot up to 100mil
  129. Please help ID fighter for me
  130. what are the actual weights of ufc fighters during the fight ?
  131. [HOLY S**T!] *New Vid Josh Barrnett Rapping
  132. UFC 130 the card of the year!
  133. Team Takeover Radio feat. DREAM Screaming Lady Lenne Hardt
  134. [VIDEO] Fedor trains for Silva fight.
  135. [HOLY S**T!] Mac Danzig just talked to me on Twitter!
  136. Voronov: "Fedor has injured all his sparring partners"
  137. Sergei Kharitonov Training For Andrei Arlovski
  138. Tito Ortiz-Antonio Nogueira: UFC Fight Night on 3/26
  139. Fedor vs Cain Punching Power?
  140. Strikeforce: Diaz vs Cyborg Conference Call
  141. [PLEASE HELP] Ali vs Inoki
  142. Clay Guida vs. Anthony Pettis Set to Headline TUF 13 Finale
  143. UFC's Roy Nelson: "I Think Brock Lesnar Is Done" - expects him to leave TUF
  144. Overeem vs Werdum Will Determine The No.1 HW In The World
  145. How should Strikeforce/M1 should promote their upcoming HW GP?
  146. UFC Cribs: Anderson Silva
  147. Mark Hominick vs Jose Aldo.
  148. Team Takeover Radio With King Mo
  149. Team Takeover: Bloodstain’s Twitter War With Dana & More
  150. Nick Diaz Is Open To A Welterweight Grand Prix
  151. Lesnar Interview. New
  152. Frank Shamrock
  153. Strikeforce and Dream Planning Lightweight Grand Prix in May
  154. Titan FC 16 (Videos)
  155. Frank Trigg vs Mayhem....
  156. Strikeforce: Diaz vs Cyborg (Videos)
  157. Supplements online!!!!!
  158. Tim Sylvia vs Abe Wagner
  159. UFC 126 predictions/bets
  160. Up to 2 Mil on Jones over Bader anyone?
  161. Eddie Bravo "MASTERING THE SYSTEM" Feat GSP, Joe Rogan
  162. Give Advice to Fighter
  163. Sakuraba
  164. Lesnar vs. Cain Japanese comic...
  165. Strikeforce: Diaz vs Cyborg Peaks With 853,000 Viewers
  166. Marloes Coenen: Strikeforce's Heavyweight Division Tops UFC's Big Time
  167. Jones over Bader Silva over Belfort 100m
  168. Bas Rutten says brock is not allowed to get hit in practice..and if he is, he should
  169. [HOLY S**T!] Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort vs Anderson "The Spider" Silva
  170. Anyone else think that Belfort will bring the best out of Silva?
  171. [HOLY S**T!] *New Pic Jones vs. Bader Staredown EPIC!!!!
  172. Silva vs Belfort - The Staredown!
  173. My boy Silva is going to Tap that Belfort @$$
  174. Latest Inside MMA Episode
  175. ***UFC 126 Streams***
  176. Need UFC Streams!!
  177. 6M Franklin over Griffin
  178. [HOLY S**T!] Master BADER by KO!
  179. UFC 126 Round by Round Discussion!
  180. [HOLY S**T!] Jones vs. Shogun Just Announced!!!!!
  181. Dana White: If GSP beats Shields, GSP/Silva is next!'
  182. Silva vs Belfort [The Gifs+Spoilers]
  183. Who exactly has Jones beatin to deserve a title shot?
  184. Anderson Silva Credits Steven Seagal With Win
  185. Can anybody here give me an in-depth explanation as to why...
  186. Comments Thread For: Anderson Silva Blasts Belfort For Victory Number 13
  187. Jon Jones Post Fight Interview
  188. Nick Diaz Beats Anderson Silva!!!
  189. Dana White Screws UFC Fans: The New Vince McMahon
  190. Why Not Jones Vs Silva Instead?
  191. I owe 2 million if you deceive me i will put a red k hit on ya
  192. Jon Jones opens as favorite vs. Shogun Rua at UFC 128
  193. First UFC 126 HL i could find...
  194. What is the actual kick Silva used?
  195. Chronicles Of Fedor
  196. UFC Champ Shogun Rua Claims Rampage Jackson Ducked Him
  197. 20M Shogun over Jones
  198. For all you guys in New York
  199. Sergei Kharitonov - The Beast Is Back
  200. Report: Strikeforce revenue reaches $30 million for 2010-11 fiscal year
  201. op 5 fighters ever
  202. What about Demian Maia
  203. Hulk Hogan Doing A Brock Lesnar on UFC
  204. Team Takeover Radio - Strikeforce: Fedor vs Bigfoot, UFC 126
  205. *New Vid Strikeforce HW Tourney Intros
  206. Chael Sonnen: why do people like this bum?
  207. Strikeforce: Fedor vs Silva Press Conference
  208. [LMAO!] Wtf chuck?!
  209. Cain and Anderson Silva vs Strikeforce HW's?
  210. UFC 129 sales 42000 Tickets on first day
  211. Andrei Arlovski: "[email protected] Russia"
  212. Oveerem vs Sefo
  213. [HOLY S**T!] *New Pic Strikeforce Babes
  214. Predictions: Fedor-Silva and Kharitonov-Arlovski
  215. Prediction Thread: Fedor-Silva and Kharitonov-Arlovski
  216. *New Vid Strikeforce HW Weigh Ins!!!
  217. Hamill vs Rampage at UFC 130
  218. Carwin vs Dos Santos?
  219. Comments Thread For: UFC 129: St-Pierre vs Shields Sells 55,000 Tickets
  220. Strikeforce - UK TV
  221. [PLEASE HELP] Many points to
  222. Strikeforce Fedor vs Silva
  223. Sergei Kharitonov vs Dos Santos
  224. Fedor Probably To Retire!!!
  225. Strikeforce: Fedor vs Bigfoot (Videos)
  226. Strikeforce Event: GIFS
  227. Comments Thread For: Antonio Silva Punishes Fedor; Kharitonov Batters Arlovski
  228. Anyone Know if Andrei Arlovski woke up yet?
  229. Like it or not, Anderson Silva has surpassed Fedor as the G.O.A.T
  230. Antonio Siva's domination of Fedor.
  231. [HOLY S**T!] Fedor suspended for 90 days in NJ
  232. Team Takeover On Dana White Following Fedor's Loss
  233. Alistair Overeem: "Jon Jones still a little INEXPERIENCED, Shogun will beat him"
  234. Alistair Overeem on Fedor Loss: 'It Was Not Really a Big Shock'
  235. Jim Rome Is A Zuffa Shill
  236. Fedor won 29 Straight, Anderson Didn't-End of Story
  237. [HOLY S**T!] Fedor to Participate in Sambo Tournament
  238. *Breaking Fedor News
  239. Michihiro Omigawa: The Fall and Rise
  240. [HOLY S**T!] **Mind Control Y Fedor Lost**
  241. UFC President Dana White's Fails
  242. [Video] Arlovski back at the GYM
  243. Mma : Marloes Coenen vs Miesha Tate - Poll
  244. Fedor's Coach Vladimir Voronov Denies Hypnosis Rumor
  245. Kenny is Hating On Fedor!!!
  246. Tito Ortiz is out, Phil Davis in vs Lil Nog...
  247. required ufc 127 countdown video
  248. Get This Guy On UFC TV ASAP!
  249. King Mo gets his teeth knocked out by Tyrone Spong
  250. Bibiano Fernandes Possible For DREAM Bantamweight GP